Tri-Track Open Modified Series Aiming For Seven Event Schedule For 2020 Season

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series will look to expand to a seven-event schedule for the 2020 racing season. 

Tri-Track Open Modified Racing Series operators Wayne Darling and Ed Bennett confirmed to RaceDayCT Wednesday that the series is currently committed to six events for 2020, with a seventh event to be announced. The series hosted six events in 2019.

The 2020 Tri-Track Open Modified Series season will open on May 2 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. with a 100-lap event. 

The series will visit Claremont (N.H.) Speedway for a 100-lap feature on May 24. 

The traditional Open Wheel Wednesday 100-lap event at Seekonk Speedway will take place on July 1. 

The series returns to Star Speedway for its traditional 125-lap feature on July 25. 

A return to Monadnock Speedway for a 100-lap feature is slated for Aug. 15. 

The series goes back to Seekonk Speedway to close out the 2020 season with the Haunted Hundred on Oct. 24. 

Series officials are still working on a commitment for a seventh event on Sunday Sept. 13. Darling said series management is still in negotiations with multiple venues for the date. 

Ronnie Williams clinched the 2019 Tri-Track Open Modified Series championship on Oct. 26 at Seekonk Speedway.

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  1. I’m quite shocked Oxford is off the schedule. The night before the Oxford 250 seemed like a home run. Sept 13th is the raindate for the Musket 200. They better be careful. I wouldn’t mess with that weekend regardless. Let modified fans enjoy the long weekend in Loudon. Star rescheduled Classic weekend due to the Musket 200. There is a reason why they did tnat Tri Track.

    TT is officially a series now. It’s a far cry from the Open shows of years ago when we would get a different cast of characters at each race. They pretty much get the same drivers at every show. It’s become what MRS use to be. Not sure today’s TT is how LI originally envisioned it. At least in my opinion. Not saying it’s good or bad. Just that it’s morphed into a regular series.

  2. I am surprised they are out of Oxford but that race kind of stuck out as an outlier. Way out of the geographical area of most teams, a bigger track then they typically run, and in the heart of full fender country on their biggest weekend. I am happy to see Monadnock is on the schedule again and in an expanded role. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee is added to the schedule. It is the same owner as Monadnock and they have run there in the past. We shall see where the last race ends up.

    All we need now is something from Valenti MRS. I am really curious to see what they come up with. It seems Tri track is encroaching in on MRS unofficial home track of Monadnock. There were 3 MRS races at Monadnock last year one in May, July, and August. Now tri track has a mod race at Monadnock in May and August. There is either going to be a lot of Mod tour racing at Monadnock or not as many MRS races at Monadnock. I am guessing the latter is more likely. MRS has their banquet end of November so we should hear something around then if not before.

  3. Fast eddie says

    Great tritrack schedule! Maybe the 9/13 date will change due to loudon. I wonder if oxford is in contention for 9/13. I don’t think we’ll see Lee on the schedule, the track is too tough on tires. That’s why vmrs went to twin 50s there.

  4. Fast eddie, You are probably right on Lee with the tire issues. I am actually thinking maybe Thompson. They run Sundays. The only thing that gives me hesitation is the tri track series has been run primarily on shorter tracks. Its fun to speculate and guess. I do think they should get off that date and let the NHIS 200 have the weekend.

  5. Stafford schedule is coming soon curious how many open shows?

    NH Mod tracks are all running a 604 Modified series between Monadnock-Clearmont-Hudson.

    Waterford nobody knows and Bemer was arrested recently for spitting on somebody, not good when you are already out on a bond and fighting a HIV test.

    MRS is losing tracks because of car counts, car counts are low because of purse and politics of past. MRS is done unless they find new tracks and boost the purse.

    Wheres the Bullring Bash or American Modified Tour?

    Tri Track is evolving into a off broadway series but its getting stale and losing some of its luster.

    Lots of Tour Type shows once again in 2020 with majority of the same teams moonlighting between Tri Track, Stafford,and MRS. Good for teams not chasing points,plenty of options to pick from, bad for promoters as each pulls against the other.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    W A T E R F O R D…I hope.

  7. wmass01013 says

    Not unless you BUY THE TRACK

  8. This is great news. It takes care of the local home market while the NWMT is off galavanting in SoBo, Martinsville, Wall, Oswego, Jennerstown, and Iowa.

  9. Oxford runs a different touring series every year the night before the 250. They have had the MRS,ACT, and Granite State the last few years. Don’t believe Tri track not going there was anything to do with Tri track but all to do with oxford letting all the other major tours in the area a chance to run in front of the big crowd. Will say the only other series that could draw as big a crowd as Tri track did would be ISMA.

  10. Friday Night at Lee before the Musket 200 makes a little sense. However, if they are talking to multiple tracks about the date it’s obviously very much up in the air. I don’t know too many fans who are going to want to sit in the hot sun two days in a row. What if Loudon needs tho rain date? I just think TT can find an better weekend. Its counter productive to modified racing as a whole.

  11. “Tri Track is evolving into a off broadway series but its getting stale and losing some of its luster”.

    Don’t know if I can completely agree with that.

    Some of the best car counts, very good purse, great competition, exciting racing, better engine rule packages.

    Bullring, AMT both started, stumbled, farted and fell. MRS dieing a slow death, WMT holding its own and expanding to new venues which have yet to prove themselves. Very concerned to see two top tier teams shut down this season. Financial investment involved, family commitments, who is the next to fall? Stafford opens (limited to their engine rules), we will see what happens in 2020 but need and injection of $$$$$$$ in the purse to gain traction.

  12. Tri Track races I’ve been to have been a blast. Glad to see a non-NASCAR series with competitve purses continue to grow.

  13. Earl, good points. Looks like things are evolving towards the NWMT, TTOMS, and maybe MRS being the survivors. These three could fill the needs of the home market (New England) and travel leagues.

    It’s all relative. If/when Bullring, AMT, MRS fade or die off, TTOMS will look like a star ⭐️. TTOMS may have been the equivalent of an off-off-off-off Broadway series when it was a fledgling, and has moved up to off Broadway, with the NWMT being Broadway.

    NWMT will be the top echelon, it runs the big, horsepower tracks. It takes big bucks to run and be competitive on the big tracks. Those big tracks use up motors and require more frequent refreshes. TTOMS will cover the home market while focusing on the smaller tracks and bullrings. Looks like MRS will be sort of a club or open collection of dates. Look, the NWMT runs on the bigger tracks that need horsepower, and horsepower costs big bucks. That’s their segment of the market. Then the TTOMS that specializes on the smaller tracks, bullrings, that just about anybody can run without a huge bankroll. The bullrings are limited by sidebite, not horsepower. It’s been working. And the purses, payouts have been attractive. MRS will be for those that are local to a track, want seat time, etc. The champion for the MRS series pretty much goes to whoever runs the most races, and not too many run the entire schedule.

  14. I can agree with TTOMS being an off broadway series however it is certainly not getting stale and loosing some of its luster for all the reasons I stated. Frankly I consider it #2 in the pecking order. MRS does nothing for me at all and I still believe it is just a matter of time until it dies a natural death.

    And I won’t even comment about Waterford cause I have nothing positive to say.

  15. By stale I mean its the same race at all the tracks, same qualifying, same Teams,

    People leaving grandstand halfway in race is not a vote of confidence,

    How about twin 50s or segments like they did at Waterford a few years ago, mix it up

  16. So isn’t it the same race at all the tracks on the WMT? Same qualifying, same teams, same provisionals to the same teams that can’t qualify their way in and faster cars go home. TTOMS you race your way in or go home, watching heat race race are more exciting than watching time trials/batch qualifying. Twin 50’s good idea, best average finish determines the final finishing order and payout. How about 35/35/30? As an incentive, the top 7 or 8 from each 35 redraw for the final 30. Allow everyone 1 tire for the final 30 as well, Saturday night shootout! People are leaving the stands half way through the race at all TTOMS events? That may cause a fair amount of debate.

  17. Trapper Dave says

    After reading all of the comments in this thread, it becomes clearer to me how lucky we are to live in a region where there is so much great asphalt racing. My family and I attended three of the Tri-Track races this year and really enjoyed them — especially the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk! We are still talking about it! It was a great season all the way around! I appreciate all of the knowledgeable fans who post on RaceDayCT. Very informative.

  18. Bob Horn Racing 11/2
    “A year has passed since my bitter disappointment at Seekonk when we lost the championship to our competitor. It was well documented that β€œno rules were broken”, he just played the game while we raced the race. He won, we finished second. So be it. We learn our lessons well. 2019 would be different…we will play the game and race the race. The β€œchess master” set the game board last year stacking his side with a few extra pawns. This year rules were changed so the pieces would be divided equally as the game began.
    We raced our race to perfection, using a well thought out strategy. We pitted for new rubber just before the halfway distance while our competitor gambled and didn’t pit at all. It was a brilliant race as our player masterfully made his moves, sacrificing a piece here, taking a piece there, sticking to our plan right to the end. And then the master slipped… right in front of the entire arena. He exposed himself to a certain check-mate move, one that he could not recover from. But just as our player was making that final move our opponent kicked the game board, again ruining the game, and left the pieces in a crumpled heap.
    I wonder…how do you play a competitor that plays that way? I’m not real sure, but I can see only two options. Either quit playing the game or find someone new to play the game with.
    I’ve made my choice….I’m enjoying a hot cup of coffee this morning on my patio.

  19. TTOMS appears to be managed very carefully. It is growing in a very measured way. This new schedule looks pretty good, and as some said earlier, TTOMS is a series now. And what is important is that it complements the NWMT, doesn’t really compete. NWMT runs mostly the bigger tracks, the TTOMS runs the smaller tracks. Perfect. As the NWMT tries to attract new markets and fans with the traveling, the TTOMS takes care of the home market. Pretty good synergy.

    I think we are in good shape.

  20. 9/ 13 beach ridge maine ?

  21. Doug posts an interesting quote. It didn’t register the other day when I first read it. Did Bob Horn racing just fire MH??

  22. Crazy in NY wrote, “W A T E R F O R D…I hope.”

    Is he dumb, nuts or both?

    Hey Crazy, there are some good reasons why the ‘bowl has gone silent. The owner has much bigger problems than making sure your boy MH has another itty bitty bullring to run at. Have someone read it and explain it to you.

  23. Jd, Bob Horn Racing either fired MH or chose to go full dark side.

  24. WMT and TTOMS are like Super Dirt Series and Short Track Super Series or a few years back, NHRA and IHRA. The first one of each being the top level of that form of racing, and the second being an option for teams that maybe don’t have the budget to run the top series. A chance for the many “middle of the road” teams to race in a very competitive environment and shine in their own right. Each option a little different from each other but ultimately great racing and more variety for the fan. In each instance we need both, not to compete against each other but to compliment each other and give more than one option for racing to grow and prosper.

  25. “Each option a little different from each other but ultimately great racing and more variety for the fan”.
    Beautifully expressed.

    They’re not bumping against each other horizontally they’re building on each other vertically.
    My order of status combining tours with multi race events is NWMT, New Smyrna World Series, TTOMS, Stafford Opens, MRS.
    For others depending on location the ROC is way up there and maybe Bowman Gray. The order is different but I should think the NWMT is at the top in most cases.

    “In each instance we need both (or all the choices), not to compete against each other but to compliment each other and give more than one option for racing to grow and prosper.”
    Well said!

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