Local Thompson Speedway Divisions Ready to Resume Seasons On Wednesday

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

New Names Added to Midsummer 75 Entry List

The Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park season gets back underway this Wednesday, August 11, with the Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer Midsummer 75. A six-division card is ready to do battle with big stars on hand and a great weather forecast.

The focus for many fans will be the 75-lap showdown for the Outlaw Open Modified Series. A stout field is expected that includes Tour-type Modified standouts Eric Goodale, Dave Sapienza, Chris Pasteryak, Matt Swanson, NASCAR Cup Series driver Ryan Preece and Mike Christopher Jr.

Several new Outlaw Open Modified entries have also come in over the last few days. NASCAR’s Preece, the winner of the Whelen Modified Tour event at Stafford Speedway this past Friday, has confirmed he will be at Thompson Speedway on Wednesday. Entries also have arrived from Tyler Barry, the grandson of legendary Modified car owner Art Barry, and Brett Meservey, whose family is well-known in the Northeast Modified ranks.

However, there is more to the show than just the main event. The Late Models, SK Light Modifieds, Vandi Auto Supply Limited Sportsman, and Mini Stocks have the latest round of their championship battles. A $1,000-to-win Street Stock Open completes the card, which should draw many of the Limited Sportsman cars. These local heroes have as big a passion for motorsports as anyone and will give it their all every lap around the 5/8-mile high banks. Names like Ryan Waterman, Larry Barnett and Icebreaker Open Street Stock winner Paul Newcomb are expected to be among the top contenders.

The Late Models are racing for a $1,200 top prize in their 25-lap main event. The man to beat so far in 2021 has been New Salem, MA’s Tom Carey III. He won the Icebreaker feature and followed that with a runner-up at the June 16 event. Carey also has a victory and four podium finishes on the ACT Late Model Tour, making him a contender for two different championships.

Oxford, MA’s Brian Tagg looks to ride the momentum of his flag-to-flag June 16 victory. North Franklin, MA’s Ryan Morgan sits second in points after a pair of top-three efforts. Other Late Model drivers to watch on Wednesday night include Woody Pitkat, Rick Gentes, Matthew Lowinski-Loh, and Nick Johnson.

The SK Light Modifieds are going 20 laps in their Midsummer shootout. Newtown, CT’s Anthony Bello and Woodstock, CT’s Buddy Charette have split the two features this year, both of which were up for grabs right until the end. Bello leads the overall standings after finishing second to Charette last time out.

Ellington, CT’s Albert Ouellette sits second in the standings, sandwiched between Ouellette and Charette, after a pair of top-five finishes. John O’Sullivan III, Josh Carey, Jason Paquette, and Nathan Pytko are other potential contenders for the win on Wednesday.

The Vandi Auto Supply Limited Sportsmen are expecting another strong field. They’re led by Moosup, CT’s “Leadfoot” Larry Barnett and Mapleville, RI’s Corey Fanning, the two feature winners in 2021. Barnett, one of the drivers planning double duty with the Street Stock Open, is among the winningest racers in Thompson Speedway history. Fanning is a 27-year-old up-and-comer with a new baby at home as a former champion at Seekonk Speedway.

Age doesn’t matter, though, when they get on the racetrack. Both wheelmen are on top of their games and could bring the championship chase down the wire. Brent Gleason, Ryan Waterman, Scott Sundeen, and Nicholas Hovey will try to play spoiler.

The Thompson Mini Stocks are bringing four-cylinder excitement for their fans. They had a great turnout at the July 7 event before rain halted the proceedings early. With all July 7 pit passes being honored on Wednesday, much of the field should return. This includes point leader Steven Michalski, Icebreaker winner Jared Roy, and veteran campaigners Dave Trudeau and Russell Barboza. With only 15 laps to get it done, the pressure is on for them to make moves and slash to the front.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park goes green with the Truly Hard Lemonade Midsummer 75 this Wednesday, August 11 at 6:00pm. The Outlaw Open Modified Series is joined by the Late Models, Vandi Auto Supply Limited Sportsmen, SK Light Modifieds, Mini Stocks, and a $1,000-to-win Street Stock Open. Admission is $30 for adults, $10 for kids ages 6-12, and free for ages 5 and under. A live pay-per-view will be available on Speed51.TV.

For more information about the American-Canadian Tour, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.acttour.com. You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour.

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions, and for media or marketing questions, please contact [email protected] or visit www.proallstarsseries.com. Don’t forget to “Like” the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PASSSLM14 to keep up with breaking news as it happens.

For general Thompson Speedway inquiries, call (860) 923-2280, email [email protected], or visit www.thompsonspeedway.com. You can follow Thompson Speedway on Facebook and Instagram at @ThompsonSpeedway or on Twitter at @ThompsonSpdwy.


  1. This is going to be ANOTHER FANtastic event.

    Pretty good lineup.

    Doug, where you sitting?

  2. If you haven’t been to one of these yet, I highly recommend it. The last one I went to was FANtastic!!!!! The Mods entry list looks pretty good. 👍

    There is NOTHING like the Mighty Modifieds at THE Thompson Speedway. NOTHING!!!!!

  3. Hey Doug, c’mon out to Thompson. I’ll show you a SPEC engine and a built engine, so you’ll then know the differences.

    But wait… which engine was run last time at Thompson? 💭 🤔 🧐 Will both engines be there?


  4. Where is the entry list?

  5. TOP 5 PICK’EM POOL Get your picks in >>>> Thompson Outlaw Mod Show>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    3 points to pick the Winner
    2 points for most cars picked in top 5 , If their is a tie, 2 points each
    1 point for each car picked in top 5
    5 points for WILD CARD / FIRST TIME WINNER ..
    Tie Breaker is SK LIGHT WINNER…pick the winner , or whoever has highest finish if tied.
    second tiebreaker is how many cars in top 5 did you pick in the Exact order of finishing position.
    Example: you picked the Winner in 1st and 3rd place exactly , you would get – 2 points
    1 point for each pick in the Exact Order of Finish …
    Have Fun = Be Happy

  6. Hey Shawn, I believe Mike Christopher Jr won’t be racing because, per Tom Baldwin Jr’s Facebook post the other day, He mentioned his car won’t be at Thompson because, he is moving his kid into College or something. So, I don’t know if you already knew that note and Christopher Jr is racing another Tour-Type car, (which I hope he is still racing one of them) but, could you please specify? I wish the entry lists for these Tour-Type races would be posted by Thompson or something. Especially when it’s scheduled during the week and when you have to drive over an hour to get there. Thank you!

  7. 🌈🦄2020 says

    So what, no more sk mods at Thompson?

  8. Capt. Mike Qbvious says


    Got any tires they can use? The tire shortage was the official reason announced when the SKs were removed from the July event. Considering the shortage is still rampant, it’s really not surprising they aren’t back at Thompson yet.

  9. Unofficial entry list
    25 Williams
    12MA Richardi Jr
    46 Lutz
    79 McKennedy
    7NY Christopher Jr
    6NY Preece
    81X Zentek
    07 Emerling
    36 Sapienza
    75 Pasteryak
    3 Swanson
    31C Charron
    75 Pasteryak
    Tyler Barry
    Bret Meservey

    25, 57, 46, 3,75……………….6ny………….151

  10. Earls picks;


    WC – Lutz

    SKL – Bessette Jr

  11. My bad, gotta revise my picks, Lutz has won before. Please disregard my previous picks.

    Earls revised picks;


    WC – Swanson

    SKL – Bessette Jr

  12. Fast Eddie says

    Suitcase, thanks for the pool! And Doug, thanks for the Open list! Hopefully along with being unofficial, it’s only a partial list, as in even more teams racing! My picks… Swanson, McKennedy, Preece, Pasteryak, Emerling. Wildcard… Sapienza. SKL Winner… Steven Chapman.

  13. Earl…….79,6ny,57,25,46…………3…………….39
    Doug……25, 57, 46, 3,75….….6ny………..151
    Suitcase Jake, Bobf ?

    To this that may not know Bert Oulette’s number the 151 is an homage to the greatest Northeast stock car driver of all time Chick Stockwell. (LOL)
    The entry list may be a little sketchy and the tire situation a real wild card but aren’t these opens a little more challenging and interesting to make selections?

  14. 1. McKennedy
    2. Rocco
    3. Preece
    4. Emerling
    5. Swanson
    wild card – Williams
    SKLight – Buddy Charette
    Come on board Goodfella and Rob , Csg, Liz, Wmass, Atomic Punk, Crudbus and everyone else Make your PICK”S .>>>>>><<<<<>>>
    Have Fun = Be Happy

  15. Maybe I’ll be better with this with a shorter field. Nah. Probably not, but,

    Goodale if he is there, if not, lutz

    Gotta go with my wife’s 3rd cousin 12ma as wild card.
    I have not seen an skl entry list.
    I’ll go with west if she is there.
    Thanks all.

  16. 6ny

  17. THOMPSON 8/11

    Doug….25, 57, 46, 3,75—3+4+2+0=9
    Bobf…..6ny,79,07,58,3–0+2+0+0=2 (WINNER)

    Bobf the winner for being at the race with the most enthusiasm, appreciating the track and race atmosphere that is the whole point in the first place.
    Suitcase Jake honorable mention for being the first in 6 Pick-ems to win the Wild Card 5 point bounty.

  18. Well done Doug, another Win on the Belt…. The Points System seems to be working quite well with staggered points eliminating a lot of ties…. I was hoping for a tie though with Buddy Charette coming through for me as the SKL Winner… Oh Well next time…. LOL .. Thanks for tallying up the Points Doug We all appreciate that…… McKennedy seems snake-bit in the PITS lately . Comes in second leaves 5th. Right Rear Tire didn’t size up the same as the tire that came off, it was smaller circumference thus the car pushed . Too Bad , He was the FASTEST car on the Track and came from the back of the field & was just passed Rocco and Catching Preece very quickly and would have Won without the Yellow Flag. Same thing happened this year, Was leading when yellow came out and came out like 7th…. It’s seems like the pit road has been a THORN in His SEAT at Thompson this year…. He’s a joy to Watch at Thompson and His LFR car STICKS LIKE GLUE in bottom groove and Top Groove equally well.,, He really sails it in their like only a FEW CAN….and Holds HIS LINE … Many sail it in over their ABILITY to hold the LINE and end up Using up the Outside GUY bouncing off his nerf bars with contact sending him up the track towards the MARBLES and the WALL. Jon sails it in and WITHOUT CONTACT makes it stick which is SUPER HARD to pull off at 145 mph.. Wow He has talent along with Daring … Williams did a great job once they tightened up his HORSE, I could see he was LOOSE most of the first 51 laps., The CASELLA crew really stepped up in the pits and did an amazing job to adjust the car and put him back out in 6th place…. He really drove it to the front and passed McKennedy and just WALKED AWAY from the FIELD… Good race !!!!!

  19. Well thanks Doug!
    But, I’ve always been honest and numbers don’t lie. I clearly got smoked, no excuses.
    As for enthusiasm, it was easy on a picture perfect night!
    My only downer is that I thought, at least in the heats anyway, that 12ma might have something. He was getting in great, just needed something for the middle to get off the corner better. As you can tell, I have a lot of interest in Rob. Great young man, terrific supporting family. And, he really has the pro 4 entries he does dialed in. On his Facebook page this morning, he said he was run over in the left front on lap 2, developed a huge vibration that ended his night at lap 25. A personal interest from me, and I hope good things happen. But you all know the story, underfunded, volunteer team, running a Spafco against these guys. He gave a great shoutout to Russ Hersy who helps a lot, as well as the cassella team for help.
    IMO (which nobody asked for) grassroots teams like these built racing, and I hope this grassroots team gets some recognition and luck!
    Ok. I’m off my soap box now. Sorry!

  20. As you may recall Suitcase Jake I had my own version of the Pick-em and ran it in parallel to yours for a few races. It came to the same winner as yours except in one case and in that one case yours did a better job rewarding the higher quality pick.
    There were some growing pains but it’s a proven winner so to speak and whatever flaws it may have having it be established and excepted in more important then trying to fine tune it to death. I’ve accumulated the results for every race separately and with 6 in the record books it’s kind of a thing now. Getting us to do anything constructive 6 times when we tend to act like a herd of cats is a credit to you Jake so a big thanks for that.
    I accumulate the picks as they come in and they’re a part of my race night experience keeping an eyeball on them to see how everyone is doing. If I’m stepping on your toes publishing the tabulations just say you want to do it yourself, no harm not foul. Otherwise I’ll continue to do it. Your the brains, I’m the book keeper and happy just to be a team player and contribute to what I think is a boat load of fun making great races better.

  21. I agree , It’s great fun, And I hope it just continues to grow to keep the RDConn posters happy and together doing something fun, People seem to enjoy it. No you are not stepping on my toes at all, Frankly we all appreciate you keeping the points straight, I am turning wrench’s learning the new set ups [ you never stop learning in this technical sport we LOVE ] So I am quite busy learning and in the PITS, So you doing the points is Fantastic for the Pick’em Top 5 Pool… Thanks Doug.. OK on to TRI- TRACK race get your picks in …

  22. oh man I missed this one. I wouldnt have picked Williams anyway. It is really tough to pick Thompson when you are not sure who is going to be there. I know I picked for Staffords last open and one guy no showed even though he was on the entry list. Are we doing one for Tritrack and then Stafford? I will keep an eye out for it.

  23. Fast Eddie says

    Thanks to both of you,suitcase and doug for tagteaming on this, and to shawn for letting it hapen as well. The only problem i hsve is with my picks!! 😀 great job guys!!

  24. I provided some entry list information and made my picks under Woody Pitkatss smiling face in that bright orange fire suit.

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