Despicable Accusations From Matt Hirschman Camp Turning Controversy Into Bitterly Nasty Escapade 

(The article below is a RaceDayCT column – The views expressed in this column are solely the opinion of the writer)

Matt Hirschman (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Matt Hirschman was upset Saturday night following the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series SBM 125 at Star Speedway. 

And that anger shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. 

With temperatures soaring in Epping, N.H. Saturday, Hirschman had a long and frustrating day that culminated with a pit area speeding penalty that essentially ended any hopes he had in salvaging a good day at a track where he’s quite used to having regular success. 

For Hirschman to be angry and express that anger was fully expected

But what has emanated from the Hirschman camp over the last two days has turned a controversial situation into a reprehensible display of downright foul accusations pointed toward the management of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series. 

Hirschman saying he didn’t think he was speeding is one thing. One would absolutely expect Hirschman to say he didn’t think what he did was wrong. 

Where it gets ugly is when you have individuals in Hirschman’s camp inferring that the penalty was part of a bigger conspiracy by officials, that it was planned to take place before it happened and that event outcomes are dictated by series management before the races take place. 

To out and out accuse series officials of fixing events or planning to call penalties before they happen is taking matters to a truly repugnant level. 

Hirschman was penalized during Saturday’s SBM 125 for speeding in the pit area under caution at lap 74 of the 125-lap race. 

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series punishment for speeding in the pit area is a one lap penalty with the driver being ineligible for the lucky dog free pass for the remainder of the event.

Hirschman said he didn’t think he was speeding. Hirschman said he was weaving through traffic in the pit area and wasn’t breaking his momentum for other cars that were slower or stopped. Series management said Hirschman was signaled by multiple officials to slow down in the pit area and was also witnessed to have jumped wheels with the No. 50 car of Dylan Izzo trying to get by him to get back out on the track faster. Hirschman went into the pits in 19th place and came out in 10th place before the penalty was assessed by series officials. 

Not surprising in any way, the penalty set off a volcanic reaction on social media late Saturday and most of Sunday from Hirschman’s always vocal fan base. 

Is Matt Hirschman under a microscope? Absolutely. When you win or are in contention to win in nearly every race you enter that’s going to happen. Is he scrutinized more than the average driver by officials at races he goes to? Sure he is, for exactly the reason we just mentioned. When you’re lambasting the bulk of your competitors in most events you enter then officials are naturally going to go looking deeper sometimes. 

And you know what, you can’t blame Hirschman himself for sometimes getting frustrated by that? But the frustration of Hirschman can’t be allowed to turn into fantasyland accusations by those who surround him at the track. 

And that was the case with what came from Hirschman’s spotter, Wayne “Muffy” Wildermuth on Facebook over the last two days. 

In one post on Facebook Wildermuth said of the penalty: “It was a planned and targeted penalty.” In another post he called the penalty: “A BS call from a hater.”

Pointedly saying that series officials conspire and plan beforehand to make certain penalty calls at targeted drivers is an accusation of colossal proportions. It’s basically saying the entire series is one big fraud just in business to cheat people. 

In another post he said of the series: “Keep trying to dictate the outcome of the race and keep making BS calls and the lowering car counts will continue to get lower until it is no more.” 

Let’s unpack this piece by piece. First off, spewing the idea that series officials are somehow entrenched in planning out the demise of Hirschman is beyond ridiculous.  

Hirschman is a six-time series champion who has been a dominant force with the series since its inception in 2014. If series officials wanted to burn him or just search out phantom reasons to penalize him wouldn’t they have done that multiple times before Sunday? If you’re around short track racing long enough you learn that with the subjective nature of officiating pretty much any series officials wanting to call a phantom penalty on anyone at any time can pull it off. So if the Tri-Track Series officials are so deeply transfixed with wanting to screw over Matt Hirschman, as so many people have said on social media following Saturday, why haven’t they done it previously? 

Secondly, making reference to car counts being down somehow because of officiating just sounds like a whining infant-man crying for attention. 

Car counts are down everywhere in 2022. The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series – even with average car counts lower than seen in recent years – still has the highest average car count of any Tour Type Modified series. Car counts are down or stagnant for the Whelen Modified Tour, the Modified Racing Series and Open shows at Stafford Speedway and Thompson. This is not a situation where Tri-Track car counts are lower than normal this year because of the way races are being officiated. This is an across the realm of Tour Type Modified racing deal. There were 29 cars at Star Speedway on Saturday. The Whelen Modified Tour has a 24-car entry list for an event at Claremont Speedway this coming Friday. So if you take the logic coming from the Hirschman camp that Tri-Track car counts are lower because series management is fixing events and pre-planning penalties, than damn what kind of shenanigans must the officials on the Whelen Modified Tour be doing to make their car counts struggle too? 

And finally, saying the series dictates the outcome of races is saying the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series is essentially professional wrestling. It’s saying series management is fixing the results. It’s an accusation that is beyond fathomable.

Though it is an ugliness created that also leads to some delicious irony when one examines the full history of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series. 

The series was founded in 2014 by James Schaefer and Dick Williams. Schaefer and Williams gave up operational control of the series after the 2016 season and left the series after the 2019 season. 

Schaefer was – while operating the series – an unabashed, unapologetic Matt Hirschman Superfan. And you had to wonder, how could any competitor in a series think they’re being treated equally or fairly when one of the individuals operating the series literally didn’t hide the fact that he had a rooting interest and favorite he wanted to win the events he was putting on?

That kids is what you call ultimate irony when you look now at the accusations coming from the Hirschman camp of targeted and planned harassment by Tri-Track series management. 

It all just really stinks an ugly stink in the end and doesn’t reflect well on Hirschman’s reputation. The reality is in today’s world of social media everything, you’ve got to control the animals in your zoo when it comes to operating a race team because those animals ultimately are representing you publicly as a driver. 

In the end the whole sullied situation has all taken away from from what was a really great story Saturday in seeing 19-year old Jake Johnson get his first series victory in just his fifth Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series start. 

Hey Jake, great job on Saturday but sorry to break this news to you: Matt Hirschman’s spotter doesn’t think what you did at Star really took any talent. He thinks the outcome was dictated. Fixed. All planned out beforehand by series management. A wild recipe stirred up as a part of a grand plan to ruin Hirschman. And really that’s the unfortunate slap in the face inadvertently offered to Johnson in the soiled remarks that have come out of the Hirschman camp since Saturday. 

We know Hirschman isn’t personally responsible for saying what’s been said, but in the end he needs to take responsibility for the members of his team and their wildly distorted and ugly accusations. Hirschman is better than being associated with that type of nonsense and garbage. 

RaceDayCT Rant – The Disturbing Fallout From The Matt Hirschman Controversy 


  1. Does tri track “set” pit road speed under pace laps like the tour? Did they have any sort of cameras watching over pit road? (they should for a multitude of reasons) if he was going at the rate they set and still “weaving through traffic” then that seems like a tri track issue to me. Sounds like they didn’t set up an adequate pit road for their competitors. And possibly people were outside their designated box, and should have been penalized too. Surely someone on that pit road has to have had an in car that showed some of this.

    If they left this as a pure judgement call and didn’t actually have a set pit road speed, seems like an awfully arbitrary way to do things.

  2. Hirschman has around a 40% win rate in Tri Track. That because the races were fixed? 🤡🤡

  3. Patrick Tetreault says

    Notice Shawn can’t just report the facts he has to interject his opinion I have no respect for anyone in journalism who tries to sway the opinion of the fans or readers! The simple truth here the series is not as good as it was from14-16 I have 4 or 5 guys I’m rooting for in that series at no time has his name been Matt I root for all the guys from Monadnock Speedway but I’ve never thought Matt was being helped by the founders if I did I wouldn’t go! It is very obvious Jim and Dick ran it like a fan would want and the new group is not running it that way! I respect Matt for his ability and I respect Woody for racing every lap like he stole his car but I’m rooting for the Swanzey Boys! Judgement on speed is bad radar gun every driver or don’t make the rule! Taking the competition caution away causes this drama and does not make the fans happy we want to see our driver beat the best we didn’t see that Saturday!

  4. Patrick,

    There’s a disclaimer at the top of this article that it’s a COLUMN. Do you know what a column is? Do you know the difference between a column and a straight news article? You obviously don’t. You should go educate yourself. There was a straight news story on this situation published here yesterday: Heated: Long Day At Star Speedway Leaves Matt Hirschman Perturbed With Officiating At SBM 125

  5. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Yet these cowards are afraid to wear their MAGA hats away from homogenized events!!!!!!

    A vast conspiracy????? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Look, if the officials wanted to stick it to him, they can do it in many other very expensive ways, in tech.

    Look for traction control. The list is long. Weight, % left, shocks, …

    MH brings this attention on to himself. Don’t go attacking the sanctioning body when they hold the power. MH needs a place to run to earn those paychecks. Does he really think he and his thugs are going to bully the sanctioning bodies? Quick, lock up the voting machines. The Italian satellite is passing over soon. Where’s Rudy Giuliani when you need him? When MH, or his minions like Muffy, attack the sanctioning bodies, he is begging for judgement calls to go against him. Just begging.

    I just read that Trump says he is the most persecuted person in history. Yeah, and he should be. duh 🤦

    This unabashed use of the victim card is unconscionable.

    Was Muffy threatening that MH is not going to show up anymore if rules violations are meted out to MH?

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    There are plenty that would welcome his absence. Plenty.

  6. Just by listening to the scanner Saturday, the entire night in the pits seemed like a cluster. First you had a Star official saying the Tri Track cars needed to get lined up for their heats followed by another Star official wondering why the Tri Track cars were starting to line up. Then you had a Star official saying the Tri Track officials\teams were either lining up in the wrong place or not leaving enough room for the Star weekly heats that were following them to lineup. With that followed by the Tri Track teams\officials not listening to the Star pit official telling them that, so a higher level person from the track had to get involved.

  7. Mark Andrews says

    I find it laughable that anyone would take what Wayne Wildermuff says seriously at all This guy is known as a Chronic Whiner and Wannabe Driver who walks around The Local Racing Scene draped in electronics and advertises on social media for Experienced Spotters as if he’s running a Camp for them.I don’t know if it’s the Long Term exposure to the Electronics causing his Delerium or if His Headband is on Too Tight.If Hirshman allows this to go uncheck and keeps him as his spitter,He’s a fool.I can’t tell you the amount of Drivers,Teams that has ruined thier reputations by allowing thier Minions or Crew Members to be involved in issues that are of No Concern to them.Yet here’s Muffy,Again inserting himself into a situation he has Zero Business Commenting on.Your a Spotter!!!!!!Wasn’t he a Short Lived One Time Race Director in a Touring Series? Shawn???? I could swear I remember that he was involved in something like that.Clear…..Ckear….Two Back

  8. When multiple sources report the erratic driving through the pits, along with jumping another competitors wheel, then it’s time to react by sending a clear message to the competitors in the series that this behavior won’t be tolerated no matter who you are. Safety of the drivers & crews should be paramount no matter what.

    Put your big boy pants on Matt, take responsibility for your actions and take the punishment like a man. Have some dam respect for your fellow competitors & crews. You’re a 6 time series champion and should set the example rather than be the example.


  9. Patrick Tetreault says

    Call it whatever you want but this forum is not your personal page it is a race reporting page I like to come on here find out who won where and how not hear you bash any driver or his team! Another words your opinion should not be on display here but we sure do know how you personally feel! I’ve seen it allot from you so I expect it the opinions should come from the readers not the writer your view is very skewed if you honestly think the founders were biased not to say I think the people running it today are out to get him I have no idea I wasn’t in the pits but what I do know is your opinions are way off the wall the series is not better today than it was 6 years ago! I like racing and from a fans perspective seeing the best driver not trying then claiming the race was great is ludicrous at best if one of my guys won it would bug me that he didn’t have to beat the best straight up! Not arguing the penalty i wasn’t in the pits and did not see why Hirschman ran over Izzo so I can’t say but what we all know is you don’t like Matt but you got more haters than him for sure so keep up the good work! Everyone hates Hirschman cause he wins not sure why you do you don’t race or crew a car! When this series fails it wont be anything to do with Jim and Dick they did it right they sat in the stands with the fans and talked to us listened to our opinions! the clown show running the series now has not improved it you thinking that kills any possible credibility only you think you have!

  10. Unbiased says

    It seems like in the first article where Matt is quoted extensively he was more frustrated by how the entire day unfolded, including timing glitches, inverts and procedures. He seemed unhappy with the penalty but more unhappy with what led up to it. Also interesting that Ed Bennett seemed to emphasize it was Greg Felton who made the call he kind of let his head official hang out there. If they had simply made the call as reckless actions and not made it a debatable unprovable call probably less debate. Matt is always very frank and honest in his interviews, he was frustrated and obviously feels scrutinized by officials, true or not it is his perspective. Speeding on pit road with no real concrete speed or rule in place does sound like a bit of a stretch to many.

  11. Rafter fan says

    There’s nothing like a DQ to get the juices flowing at RaceDayCT. Has any driver or team ever admitted to a disqualifying infraction immediately after an event? I recall that TC admitted to illegal heads when DQ’d after the final SK race at the Bowl in 2016. However, he did so only after track GM Shawn Monahan had sent the heads out for testing. Note – it sounds like the Gibbs organization has, more or less, admitted to the fascia infraction which triggered yesterday’s DQs at Pocono.

  12. Patrick Tetreault,
    This forum is not my personal page? What exactly is it if it’s not that? I’m the publisher and producer of this website. You don’t decide what’s on this site. You don’t just decide that I’m not allowed to write a column to share my opinion on a subject. I pay the bills to operate this business. And I get help in doing that thanks to some really amazing marketing partners that are part of supporting this website. I don’t see you being one of those. I also have a RaceDayCT Insiders Patreon page where people can support the site and get some added bonuses. I don’t see you on there either. So yeah, you certainly have some walnuts coming on here and telling me what I can and can’t do with my business that you don’t support. Did I miss the memo where you were declared the Intergalactic Web Police?

  13. stuart k bean says

    most race tracks that i have raced over the last 50 seasons have all the same policy in effect,, they tell us in pit meeting that if the driver or anyone on the crew or spotting puts any derogatory statements pointing out the race track or another competitor on social media will be removed from the track and or series for the remainder of the season and fined accordingly !! matt is the new generaton richie evans but neither him or his crew is above the rules, thank you sk bean

  14. Rafter fan says

    Sorry – of course, the Hirschman penalty was not a DQ.

  15. Unbiased,
    And I absolutely respect Matt for his constant willingness to stand up and share his opinion about subjects, during good times and bad times. I’ve often remarked to people that Matt is one of the greatest Modified drivers to ask a question to because he gives you a thorough and well thought out answer. Matt never babbles just babble, there is always meaning in his words, whether it’s when he’s happy about winning, angry about something that happened or just generally talking about a subject matter in racing. That all said, this column has nothing to do with that fact or what Matt had to say after the event.
    Sadly, what seems lost on a lot of people is that this column isn’t bashing Matt in any way or anything about how Matt handled what took place. It’s critical of a member of Matt’s team using socal media to make some amazingly bad accusations about the management and officials of the Tri-Track Series. Accusations that no driver or team owner should ever condone one of their team members making. It’s sad that people turn a pretty clearly pointed and written column on a specfic matter into something that it’s not.

  16. I think pit roads and mostly stalls are too short to begin with, even at Stafford. Hirshman I believe went over McKennedy’s wheel at Stafford during the Sizzler (McKennedy pulled out right when he was going by). When everybody pits it is chaos. Backing up to get out, driving into people, people pulling out when they are done(not when there is a lane). No give and take. Drivers speeding to catch up before the drivers take the green flag, even if it just means distance on the track and not a lap. Remember when cars could come down pit lane as fast as they want? It was a fact. Now it isn’t. Maybe racing would be better if they could all address their car in an orderly fashion and not worry about losing or gaining spots on pitting. And not possibly injuring anyone. Just 2 cents from a simpleton.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    Shawn, thanks for offering your opinion on the incident above. Things like this have been a huge problem in racing; people jumping on the computer and making wild and crazy and false accusations about an incident and derogatory remarks about the people running the races and/or tracks. There have actually been tracks in the Midwest that have closed rather than constantly battle with the ‘keyboard critics! As for “the call”, running over another car in the pits might not be speeding, but it is certainly a safety issue. That may have been the primary reason for the call. Matt has won more on the TriTrack series than ANYONE! I don’t think there are any attempts by the series to be ‘”out to get him” going on. He Won $17K at this race alone last year! Matt Hirschman is one of the few if not the only one in the series that races for a living and is smart enough and calculating enough to make decisions not thought of by others to maximize his winnings. And he’s very VERY good at it! I say this out of respect for him and his abilities and not because I’m a huge fan. Frankly I like seeing different winners rather than the same team most of the time, but you have to respect the skills and talent. I have been in the background in the pits and heard a few Q & A’s with media and completely agree with your assessment of Matt’s comments during those interviews. However, I think Matt needs to reign in his team members at the very least. There is absolutely no justification for the incident above to be happening.

  18. Just to keep going on this topic, how many times do drivers pit outside their pit box? Quite a bit! Three tires I think need to be in a pit box. I could be wrong. But these are not Cup pit boxes. And Modifieds are significantly wider. So if you don’t have the room, how do you pit safely.
    Bottom line, cautions should not count and every modified series should give a 2 lap warning when they are going green.
    It will help the “sandbagging” as some have said and make the racing better.

  19. And you should keep your spot!

  20. Are helmets mandatory for tri track pit stops? Doesn’t mention it in the driver meeting sheet or rules. Any pictures I’ve found make it seem like they are optional.

    Seems odd to make it a point to talk about speeding in the pits and all of that, but not making one of the simplest safety items a rule.

    Really think they are going to have to make some tough choices if the live pit stops really add enough to the shows to be worth having. And if they decide they are, they need to work on their system.

    I still tend to lean towards tri track side, but they really put themselves in a bad situation that was bound to cause drama at some point. Lucky its just keyboard drama and not someone getting hurt.

  21. heartbreaking situation , the pits are as crowded as an ant trap says

    hey Mark Andrews ! perhaps Muffin gave Hirshman bad advice or direction while he was on down pit road LOL. “its the spotters fault”. bottom line is the pits were a joke ! agree to freeze the field in the interest of safety depending on the track…however Hirshman has a hard time admitting when he makes an error and he was plain wrong ! He shot himself in the foot by being impatient at the wrong time . Waterford will be disaster if they have the pit stalls along the turn 3 fence for the series….it doesnt work ….

  22. This was over Saturday and now the column comes out

  23. How would caution laps not counting, a 2 lap warning before going back to green and not forfeiting your spot help the sandbagging and make for better racing?

    That makes no sense unless I’m missing something.

  24. Racer,
    The comments the column was about were made on Sunday. The column was published on Monday.

  25. steve jesus says

    Excellent piece Shawn, you are a terrific writer and do a great job with the website.
    Sadly, very sadly, the responses to the issue at hand reflect the widespread decline in civility that is rampant in our current society. Too many people these days have no idea, or maybe ability, to express themselves when it comes to an emotional issue such as what happened Saturday night at Star. Once the name calling starts the writer has lost all credibility and should not be taken seriously.
    Having the ability to intellectually discuss an issue the mark of a intelligent individual.
    Alas and alack some folks lack this ability, to their own detriment and to the detriment of society in general.
    As my Father used to say, they’re showing their ass.

  26. “Call it whatever you want but this forum is not your personal page it is a race reporting page I like to come on here find out who won where and how not hear you bash any driver or his team! ”

    I think I may have actually cracked a rib laughing at that. Then I’m thinking please Shawn, don’t over react. Trust the majority of the fan base will grasp the absurdity of it.
    Schwew, what a relief. Measured response, thanks to marketing partners and supporters and the reference to walnuts…well done young man!

  27. Too many soft boiled eggs in the racing industry these days. “Muffy” doesn’t deserve to have his low IQ comments be scrutinized on this site. Wasn’t he a race director at some point? So he should know that being a moron in the pits and driving unsafely SHOULD result in a penalty. It has nothing to do with the “speed” he was going, but the mere fact he was operating his racecar unsafely in the tight confines of the paddock.

    Also, this isn’t NASCAR with 200 officials scrutinizing everything down to the shadows being cast off a billboard in turn 4. Tri-Track has a group of around 8 to 10 officials managing the entire show and then they’re supplemented by local track officials where needed. Now… since Bennett took over it’s been a bit more his-way or the highway in regards to how things are done in the back. I’ve seen it first hand. Haulers parked where he decides, cars being told to lineup when he wants where he wants (comment above mentioned that) etc. If the local tracks “help” isn’t on the ball, short staffed or just not used to change it makes for a long night of head scratching for the undercard.

    Could that have played into the 60’s now forever debated frantic drive down pit road? Perhaps, but I do not see a comment from those who were directly affected backing that theory up. Sounds to me like the classic case of racer who thinks they were wronged rather than just admitting they made a mistake and dragging the officiating staff through the mud.

  28. This should be mandatory reading for every guy that works with a race team. Spot on in every way. If I was the owner or driver of a team the first thing I would tell anyone helping my team is that they don’t ever post anything on social media representing the team. Can’t even believe anyone thinks what was posted is acceptable. Saying your driver got a bad call is one thing, but saying officials planned a penalty or that they fix the outcome of races is disgusting. It’s interesting that Matt keeps such a low profile on social media but also allows some guys on his team to run their mouths like idiots on Facebook.

  29. What’s the difference between MH and Trump?

    MH actually wins.


    Time to break this one out again…

    When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

    Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    And for all the Bible folks out there, whether devout, casual, or opportunistic, remember this: “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Just one of those ten commandments that goes ignored along with the other nine that are ignored. If you are going to use the Bible at all to get your way, or attempt to substantiate playing a victim card, you MUST live up to all its contents all the time. All its contents. All the time. And you must accept when it is imposed upon you without question or objection, just as you expect to use it without question or objection.

    This relentless playing of the victim card is unconscionable and absurd. Bearing false witness is a sin.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    The Ten Commandments are the rules for those that choose to use them.

    The Constitution are the rules.

    Law and order.

    Where else have we been hearing that the contest was rigged? 🤔 🤨 Recently, every GOP election, primary, etc. that was lost by a GOP candidate.

    If a sanctioning body was to ever systematically “go after” a contestant, it would be obvious and relentless. That’s not happening here at all. But after attacking a sanctioning body, MH, Muffmaster, et al., had better be absolutely pristine after this. No sanctioning body will put up with this 💩. They brought it on to themselves.

    There’s no crying in racing. Still.

    Didn’t MH march up to a control tower after a race a couple years ago to contest a race result? Played the victim card, attacked the sanctioning body.

    Some people keep a low profile on social media for good reason… to keep from getting themselves in trouble by saying stupid 💩. And then there are others that are idiots. Some people stay quiet for good reason, others like to expose that they are idiots.

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Only the truth can set you free.

    Have nice day.

    👍 😊

  30. “Call it whatever you want but this forum is not your personal page it is a race reporting page I like to come on here find out who won where and how not hear you bash any driver or his team! ”

    I think I may have actually cracked a rib laughing at that.”

    Same here… Definitely the comment of the year!

  31. Great piece.
    Shawn, you know you will always have my (and a ton of others) support. Whether people here agree or not, there is really no other outlet where anyone can write a response and voice their opinion, right or wrong. And its published. I applaud your patience, and sometimes wonder what keeps you going, when it would probably be a lot easier just to shut it down, which I for one, hope never is considered.
    Opinions are like, well, you know, and everyone has one. And the majority of those opinions provoke thought and most of the time I know I usually learn something that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for the great work, thanks for you allowing people to agree or disagree, with you, and or other commentators.
    And, like countless others have stated, Matt is smart, articulate, and sees the big picture. He did not pack up and go home after the call. He salvaged what he could for points without hurting his stuff, to live to fight another day. Big picture thinking. But, he may have to have a chat regarding some policies with his team. And, Whether he thinks the “call” was bogus or not, I suspect thats what he will do. He has too much invested. And I for one, love watching everyone else try to beat him. It would be a shame if he walked from the series, which I hope he does not. But, Safety first, if in fact thats what happened, as I was not there. Just another opinion.

  32. knuckles mahoney says

    How about that Ryan Doucette kid? Right there battling at the end. Good for him.

  33. Jimmy King says

    Just my opinion:
    1. “Muffy” should never have posted such ridiculous accusations on social media. Completely unjustifiable.
    2. Race teams thinking they were screwed over intentionally has been around for a long as I
    remember. They just didn’t have Facebook to post on.
    3. “Muffy” should be “straightened out” by the 60 team. They don’t need controversy.
    4. A disgruntled spotter posted something completely ridiculous on Facebook, was this all blown out of proportion? He’s a volunteer spotter. Way fewer people would have even been aware of his posts if not for rants and incendiary headlines.
    “Muffy” was given much too much credit for his role. Does he warrant this much attention?
    5. The 60 will be at Waterford, Stafford, and Seekonk. For the 60 and the series it will be business as usual.
    Again, just my opinion.

  34. I agree with one of the previous writers, where he stated that in the original “article”, Matt certainly sounded upset with the “Entire Format” as it pertains to the qualifying and starting positions. And I respect his opinion, and probably agree with him on that. As to his being upset, again, show me a racer who is not upset, and I will show you a loser. Winner’s hate losing, and in the heat of the battle, they sometimes bitch a little or even a lot.

    Now as far as Mr. “Muffy”, we see these out of control Crew Members all the time. They have to learn to keep their mouth’s shut, and let the driver and owner talk for the TEAM. He’s TOTALLY off base here, and I hope Matt does the right thing, and apologize to the Tri-Track team, who in my opinion, are putting out THE ABSOLUTE BEST TOURING SERIES for Modifieds in the Northeast.

  35. Hi Earl,
    Putting all teams in the same position and letting them have no team members in harms way is a good thing. Letting someone save tires and win(believed by many) is a bad thing. Giving everyone a heads up would be a good. It would negate the saving of tires and put everyone on the same page. Earl, have you seen cars doing what I said on pit road?

  36. Oh man just reading up on Star Speedways issues. The SBM11 supposed to be one of the highlights of the season and turns out to be a nightmare. Problems already brewing as they were losing money and clearly the MMTTS didn’t turn anything around. Getting inundated with calls about the Hirschman penalty that they had nothing to do with it. Police called early the following morning of the race to the camping area for a disturbance.
    Predictably the outpouring of support after the announcement was made about regrouping but it’s probably too late.
    Taking a break at the best time of the year for racing….not good.

  37. Hillary 2024 says

    Dafella- TrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpHirshman

  38. James H Osterhoudt says

    Since the Tri-Track is now run by a group from Connecticut and not the original group and having heard some ridiculous statements by fans from that state about Matt, I have a tendancy to believe him.

  39. James H Osterhoudt,
    The Tri-Track is not run by “a group from Connecticut”.

  40. James H Osterhoudt wrote,

    “Since the Tri-Track is now run by a group from Connecticut and not the original group and having heard some ridiculous statements by fans from that state about Matt, I have a tendancy to believe him.”

    Who is the “him” you are saying you have a tendency to believe?

  41. Suitcase Jake says

    A fool speaks all his mind .. A Wise man holds his tongue…

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