Short Pitting: Firing Up The Feud, Boo Boo’s, Sweeps And The Clown Parade

Another edition of’s semi-regular concoction, brewed of the meatiest newsworthy items, opinions and meaningless meanderings down some paths that might not have anything to do with racing. Strap in for the ride.

Ted Christopher (Corey Sipkin/NASCAR)

— It seems the last lap of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour F.W. Webb 100 last Saturday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway has stoked the embers of one of the more bitter rivalries over the last decade in the division.

When Donny Lia made contact with Ted Christopher coming to the white flag of the event, sent Christopher hard into the outside wall and back for another hard hit with the inside wall. And it also set off the firestorm.

The contact knocked Christopher from a second place running position to a mangled pile of scrap metal plastered against the inside wall. Lia, who went on to finish second in the race, was apologetic in a press conference immediately following the event.

Though it was Christopher who erupted in a profanity laced diatribe aimed at Lia, in three instances calling Lia “dumb” and closing by saying “That’s what happens when you race with people that have money but don’t have brains.”

That harsh words from Christopher turned the apologetic Lia 180 degrees in the days following.

On his Facebook page Lia posted: “It’s actually embarrassing how many people think they are racers have no [expletive] clue what they are doing. I guess that’s why I have two rings and 98% of the racing population will never have one.”

Then responding to a comment made by Julie Stefanik, wife of nine-time NASCAR touring division champion Mike Stefanik, Lia said: “Julie, Mike is my hero. Mike Stefanik is what happens when an unreal talent has brains. Ted Christopher is what happens when an unreal talent is [expletive] brain dead. BIG difference there (about 8 championships different, and I ain’t talking about [expleteive] SK’s.)”

Lia later said: “No disrespect to anyone running an [SK]. Just putting some stuff in perspective.”

With two events left this season and neither driver fighting near the top of the points standings, it should be interesting to see what the rise in temperature could mean between the two former series champions.

— The phrase that pays is: “Puff-Puff Championship”

Suspend reality and it brings all new meaning to the term “clear high”.

— Here Comes Honey Boo Boo obviously is the sign we all need to know that the Mayan’s were right about this end of the world stuff.

There’s a higher power somewhere that has clearly thrust this monstrosity of television train wreck upon us to tell us to prepare for the end.

Now let me get this straight here, everybody on this show speaks English and yet we need subtitles for everybody on the show?


— Who would have predicted before this season that Doug Coby would have the chance to make Whelen Modified Tour history this weekend at Stafford Motor Speedway?

In the 27 years that the Whelen Modified Tour has run race at Stafford, no driver has completed a season sweep of the events.

— That said, pencil in Woody Pitkat as a darkhorse favorite to win Sunday’s Whelen Modified Tour CarQuest Fall Final 150 at Stafford. Don’t be surprised at all when it happens.

— Did Brian Vickers cut off Brian France one night leaving the racetrack or something?

How is it that nobody wants to put this guy in a full-time ride in the Sprint Cup Series?

In seven Sprint Cup Series starts this year Vickers has three top-five finishes and four top-10’s.

In 84 starts between them, Jamie McMurray, Aric Almirola and Juan Montoya have exactly zero top-fives and seven top-10’s total.

Something wrong with this picture?

— If you go to the circus enough times even the clowns can become unbearable.

Especially when the clowns turn into hateful hypocrites.

Guess the thought is, if you’re going to play a character at the racetrack to spice up your staling Pied Piper bravado show, at least have it be one based in some level of reality. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your Christian beliefs, or even constantly crowing about those beliefs whenever a microphone is directed at you, but it all looks very Jim Bakker-ish when you’re off leading profanity laced chants directed at your competitors.

Guess the membership ranks are rising over at Our Lady Of The F-Bomb.

— Write it down, it’s Denny Hamlin’s Sprint Cup Series title to win. And if it’s not Hamlin hoisting the big trophy after the final event of the year at Homestead-Miami Speedway, it will be five-time Jimmie Johnson becoming six-time.

Now if Hamlin can just not choke. When will Hamlin climb that mountain of getting the job done at crunch time?

This year is either going to be a repeat of 2010, when Hamlin lost the lead to Johnson in the final event of the year, or it’s going to be Hamlin finally slaying the demons.

Brad Keselowski? He’s not ready and it’s just hard to see Dodge walking away from the series as the champions (wink, wink). Tony Stewart? He’s not going to stay interested long enough to be a factor.

— Where have you gone Warren G?

Oh wait, nevermind, he’s still alive.

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