Howard Stern Show Personalities Make The Rounds Thursday At The Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – The Waterford Speedbowl became the backdrop for a pair of said to be “feuding” Howard Stern Show personalities Thursday afternoon.

The Howard Stern Show’s Ronnie Mund, also known as Ronnie the Limo Driver, takes fellow Stern Show personality Jon Leiberman around the Waterford Speedbowl in his pace car Thursday

On site at the Speedbowl Thursday were Howard Stern Show Emmy winning investigative correspondent Jon Leiberman and Stern’s limousine driver, bodyguard and head of security, Ronald Mund, more commonly known as “Ronnie The Limo Driver”.

Also at the track were about 40 fans cheering on everything going on.

At the center of the “controversy” was Ronnie The Limo Driver’s flashy Indianapolis Motor Speedway Chevy Corvette pace car. Mund wanted to get Leiberman in the passenger seat to open the car up for a few laps around the .375-mile Speedbowl oval.

It meant a cadre of production folks taping all the good humored, and profanity laced, jabbing leading up to and after the ride along for Leiberman.

Before putting Leiberman in the car, Mund got the ride warmed up with some laps. Leiberman, looking on, looked more nervous with every lap Mund squealed around the track.

At one point Leiberman mentioned deer jumping onto the track and attacking the car as one of his big worries.

Waterford officials then sent Speedbowl SK Modified division driver Jeff Rocco onto the oval with the track pace car to show Leiberman that maybe Mund wasn’t going as fast as it looked.

Leiberman then jumped in shotgun with Mund for about 15 laps around the track, with Mund inching closer and closer to the wall with each passing lap. At one point Mund hit the brakes going into turn three and the car could be seen starting to slide before he slowed.

“It was pretty terrifying, I’ve got to be honest,” Leiberman said. “I’m not an adventure guy and I’ve never been in a racecar on a racetrack, or a pace car, and the problem is, Ronnie kept gaining confidence with every lap that we did. When I started to feel the tires, screech, and you could smell that burning smell, I got concerned. I’m glad it’s over.”

The festivities of the day will be edited and broadcast at some point in the coming weeks on Howard TV, Stern’s On Demand digital station.

“When they put the Howard TV special together and you hear him screaming in the car, ‘No, no, no, no, stop, stop, slow down, enough, enough enough!’” Mund said. “You’re going to hear it. You’re going to hear it, you don’t have to worry about me [expletive] you. You’re going to hear it for yourself and you’re going to see it for yourself. We had in-car cameras, we had in-car audio, you’re going to get it all.”

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