Keith Rocco Disqualified From NEMA Lites Win Saturday At Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – A two-for-two celebration for Keith Rocco in the Northeastern Midget Association Lites division went sour quickly Saturday night at the Waterford Speedbowl.

Rocco, making his second start in the division, passed Dylan Duhaime with three laps to go to win the 25-lap NEMA Lites feature. Rocco also won in his first start in the division earlier this season at Waterford.

But less than a half hour after the conclusion of the event it was announced that Rocco’s car was being disqualified for issues with the wing the team ran. 

Rocco said the team did not get permission to run the wing, but that they will be allowed to run it going forward.

It gave Duhaime, of Loudon, N.H., the victory. Avery Stoehr of Lakveville, Mass. was moved to a second place finishing position and Christian Briggs of Mattapoisett, Mass. was moved to third place.

Rocco was suspended from weekly competition at Waterford for the remainder of the 2012 season in early September for his involvement in an altercation at the track but was allowed to compete in the NEMA Lite event because it was a non-regular division at the track.

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  1. That's it , use his name for a crowd draw, then DQ him. Gotta love it.

  2. Shawn: What does Keiths suspension have to do with the owner not having a proper wing on the car? Stop trying to sensationalize a story!

  3. Shawn Courchesne says

    Not trying to "sensationalize" anything. Many people questioned why Keith was allowed to race Saturday while under suspension. It was one line in the story explaining why. It has nothing to do with not having the proper wing and nowhere in the story was it ever inferred that one had to do with the other.

  4. Don Preece says

    It seems that the Speedbowl was not specific on the suspension. I can only assume it was a NWAAS suspension. Was he allowed to run the wing all day? Did he have the same wing on for the first win?

  5. If someone gets into a fight at the track why is he allowed back at the track at all? It shouldn't matter what your driving.

  6. Betty Lincoln says

    No mention of the fact that Dylan Duhaime was well ahead leading the pack when a caution was thrown for an incident that did not qualify for a caution. The car went into the infield with 4 laps to go & sat there, then they threw the caution? Dylan earned the win regardless of Rocco being disqualified! Congratulations for a great race Dylan!

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