Thompson International Speedway 2013 Schedule Remains A Work In Progress

Thompson International Speedway management will celebrate the champions of the 2012 season at the track with banquets on Friday and Saturday evening.

Though racers and teams won’t leave the banquets with any clearer a picture of what the 2013 weekly racing schedule will look like.

Thompson International Speedway marketing coordinator Jonathan Hoenig said via email Thursday that the schedule is still “actively being worked on and will be available within a couple weeks.”

Thompson Speedway management had previously indicated that they expected a mid-December announcement concerning their 2013 schedule.

Track officials have been quiet about possible major changes to weekly racing at the track in 2013. In October track owner Don Hoenig said he wasn’t sure what the weekly racing schedule at the track could look like. Since then a schedule at the track for 2013 has been a mystery along with what the future holds for the possibility of the creation of a road course at the facility.

Jonathan Hoenig said plans for the new road course project are expected to be announced when the track reveals the 2013 schedule at the facility.

Some parts of next year’s schedule at the track can already be culled through recent announcements.

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour announced last week that the series would compete at Thompson three times in 2013. The division will open its season at Thompson’s Icebreaker weekend April 14 and close its season on Oct. 20 as part of the track’s traditional World Series weekend. The division will also run an event at the track on Thursday Aug. 15.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series has announced three events for 2013 at Thompson. That division will run at the track on Sunday May 19, Thursday July 25 and Saturday Oct. 19 as part of the World Series weekend.

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  1. I feel bad for the owners and drivers is there racing or not.

  2. Shawn, stop stirring the pot. I am so sick of the media continually stirring a pot that does NOT need stirring… When the schedule is released (WHICH IT WILL BE) We will all see it… If you remember back, the 2012 Schedule for Thompson was not released until JANUARY! This article doesn't honestly say much different from your past few other than you happened to swap emails with Jonathan and he gave you the generic answer that he has given everyone. When the schedule is released, then we will all see what we have to work with. In the mean time everyone needs to continue working on their cars and preparing for the 2013 season so they don't get caught with their pants down.

  3. Mathew Rzewnicki says

    The point he's trying to get across is that the track doesn't know anything beyond what they have committed to the whelen tour and the mrs tour. It's good, or not good to some, to keep everyone up to date with whats going on. Not everyone has the ability to rebuild a car in that short of a time frame. You need some time to decide which track(s) to run if they aren't doing a weekly schedule. If people change tracks, then cars need to be changed to fit rules. That all costs money. If you are independently wealthy, then it doesn't matter to you, but for those people who race on tight budgets, it matters. We need the time to get parts to make our cars fit other tracks rules. So, just calm the hell down. If you don't like what he says about this issue, then don't read his articles.

  4. Except for the fact that this is the 2nd or 3rd article now where he pretty much copies and pastes the same info that he did right after the world series… Does the track need to be more vocal about what's going on? Certainly… But at the same time these stories are beginning to feel like Groundhog Day… It's the same exact information like I said other than he swapped emails with Jonathan, and he added the VMRS and WMT info…

  5. Might I re-iterate that the 2012 schedule was not released until mid-January 2012… No one was panicking last December when we didn't have a schedule yet were they? Of course not… The rumors fly every year at Thompson… Someone happened to put them in a spot where they had to say something and they did…

  6. Tom DiMaggio says

    Dude, u need to switch to decaf!

  7. Kyle Rickey says

    I think the point is that every year in the past raceteams knew they would be racing there weekly. This year, with all the road course rumors and possible cutback on the Oval, raceteams (that have alot of $$$$$ invested) would like to know if they have a place to race or need to find a new place or sell all together. It is a totally valid article due to the circumstances.

  8. Kyle Rickey I understand the point, but it's repetitive and keeps dragging the same info that everyone has heard since the World Series… There was already a story run about the MRS and WMT dates, so why include that here? There was already a Story run about the road course, so why include that again? It is just causing more panic than is needed.

    Think about this logically for one second… Does it make sense for Thompson to stop running weekly racing? Regardless of car count, no it doesn't. They own everything there, they are not losing any money on it. Even if they were to drop their NASCAR sanction which they clearly have not at this point, they still make money every time they open those gates.

  9. This is a slightly different story and more along the lines of what I have been hearing the past couple months…

  10. Shawn Courchesne says


    First, the Bulletin story was two months ago. And might I also point out that what was said to the Bulletin reporter for that interview was totally different from what was said the day before by the same subject.
    Secondly, since October the story from management has been mid-December schedule, mid-December schedule. If you look at the stories I've written recently I reiterated what management continued to say, mid-December, mid-December. Well, it's mid-December and there won't be a schedule and I'm updating that fact.
    I'm not stirring any pot Phil, I'm reporting on what's going on. And sorry, but this isn't the typical every year scenario. You have a track owner who said in October that weekly racing at the track could see major changes or even go away. I think there's a lot of people out there that would like to know what's going on next year or at least when they might find out. Maybe you don't, maybe you don't care, but If you're sick of hearing about it you don't have to read it Phil, it's pretty simple.

  11. Shawn, I respect your response. But I very strongly disagree with how this has all been handled by ALL of the media and quite honestly it's getting very frustrating. The media painted the track in a box and they had to respond. They did and we got two different stories from two different sources… I understand you do what you have to do to get the news to all of us, however this is a particularly sensitive story for MANY of us… I myself am building a car… So where do I race it? I live 5 minutes from Thompson… What do I do? I am going to Waterford for now for personal reasons related to work but honestly I would still build it to race 8 races or 28 races at Thompson if it was a feasible option. I am right there with all of the drivers in worrying about this uncertainty, but with the Banquets this weekend, I am 110% sure that something WILL be said and in my eyes, THAT will be the time to post your story because in just 2 days, this story we are discussing could very well be turned 180 degrees with a full rules package released and schedules announced at last. After all, it still is mid-December.

  12. I think it's prudent for Shawn to keep the drivers, owners and fans updated on the situation at Thompson. As Kyle pointed out, last year was a different situation completely. At least we knew he was running weekly series. As of right now, nobody knows if that will be the case. I can't image anyone wanting to sink a ton of money into a car that may not even race there in 2013.

  13. Scott Nickel says

    I imagine we will get a hint tomorrow and Saturday at the banquets. Bring your dancing shoes. I'll be DJing both nights at the clubhouse.

  14. Shawn Courchesne says

    How this has been handled by the media ??? Are you crazy? "The media" has reported what the management of the track has said. No spin, no rumors, no speculation. I reported during World Series weekend, exactly what the track owner told me, which was they didn't know what weekly racing could look like in 2013 and that he didn't even know there would even in fact be weekly racing in 2013. Is "the media" supposed to just ignore that and not report it? I reported stories about the Valenti Modified Racing Series schedule information as it pertains to the track and the Whelen Modified Tour schedule information as it pertains to the track. And then today, you have Jonathan Hoenig saying that the track WILL NOT announce ANYTHING about its schedule for 2013 at this weekend's banquets despite the fact that since October they've been saying the schedule would most likely be announced this weekend. While you may not agree with my news judgement, I think it's newsworthy when track management basically says for more than 2 months that they will announce their 2013 plans at their banquets and then they decide they're not going to say anything this weekend at the banquets. And what does my reporting of what's going on have anything to do with the fact that "this is a particularly sensitive story" for you?

  15. I think jonathan hoening doees not what hes doing.

  16. Mathew Rzewnicki says

    Anyone get any word from the banquet as to what's happening this year?

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