NASCAR Launches Newly Designed Website

With the turning of the calendar to a new year came a new look for NASCAR when it comes to the digital presence of the sanctioning body.

The newly designed website was launched Thursday.

“As people wake up and log on to the new today and every day moving forward, they will see that it was designed with one thing in mind: the fans,” Marc Jenkins, vice president of digital media for NASCAR said in a release. “This digital experience is meant to constantly evolve based on user feedback, with the goal of a creating a better digital experience for our fans.”

According to a release from NASCAR: “On the new, the excitement of NASCAR will be captured through dynamic video, big, bold imagery, interactive graphics and the latest news and in-depth analysis from a choice group of NASCAR insiders and writers. Much of the content being produced by’s editorial team will be focused on the upcoming races, giving fans the opportunity to consume rich, comprehensive event information on a week-to-week basis.”

“The simplified NASCAR digital platform makes for easier user navigation and maximized interaction,” said Jenkins. “And most importantly, fans will have the same digital experience no matter what type of device is being used – be it a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.”

In addition to the new website, NASCAR will release a pair of mobile apps before the start of the Shootout at Daytona at Daytona International Speedway on Feb. 16 that will give fans an unprecedented second screen experience on tablets and mobile devices. The NASCAR Mobile ’13: app will be highlighted with news, race leaderboards, video, social media updates, in-car audio and live data. The NASCAR RaceView Mobile ’13 will include all the features of the Mobile ’13 and will also offer a virtual live race environment, “giving fans the ultimate tool to follow their favorite driver in real time throughout the entire race.”

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  1. The new website is terrible in my opinion. Very slow to load and seems to be all videos and pictures and not much actual content. USA Today did the same thing with their website several months ago and I have stopped going on their site.

  2. The new website stinks. Its supposed to be a improvement! I won't bother to.
    look anymore. Go to ESPN and Speed tv for news.

  3. It SUCKS!
    But I go to Jayski to get the real news anyways.

    Sharpie Fan

  4. Yes, the new NASCAR site is a total disaster. Very slow loading (it is their site as all my other sites load fine) all, vidoe, little text. Use Jayski's site or ESPN….anything else would be better!

  5. The new website is terrible Please go back to the old one.

  6. website is a total waste of time! I can not even use Raceview Scanner first two races while paying for it. What a waste of time..

  7. The new website is terrible. Not easy to find a listing of results or qualifying. What have they done to it

  8. Bob Freeman says lost me about 5 revisions ago. Each one is progressively worse.

  9. Ken Creighton says

    It really is terrible. I can’t find any real content on it — just mostly videos. The header graphics are way too large, the site is slow to load, and now it’s mostly videos. Just.plain.bad.

    Please go back to the old format that had actual written content.

    Thanks for trying though!

  10. Bill Bender says

    This is absolutely horrible. I kept hoping it would get better. It actually got worse. It is so full of junk that it takes long to load even on a high speed connection. I think they were trying to make it more “modern” and cutting edge. It stinks. I tried it on my tablet with a good 4g connection and it is a dog. Even when you get it to load, there is no real content. If I want to see standings or race results, I just want a basic list without all the graphics. Why should I need to load multiple pages to see this? It is insane. I agree with Ken, bring the old one back. I will be using the Sporting News website, it’s far better.

  11. Dan Griff says

    This new Web site is NOT an improvement. Sorry..

    Please go back to the old format that had actual written content.

    Thanks for trying though!

  12. Tom Farmer says

    Wow. It really IS horrible. Look here NASCAR; when I go to your site, I want to know WHERE the race is, WHEN is it televised, the standings, and a few headlines. If you can’t provide that in a quick, easy format, you have missed the boat and others like me will just go to some other site that in the past was criticized for being just a replica of NASCAR.COM. Now THEY will be the standard. GOODBYE. Oh, one more thing. Censorship of the drivers is not the American way. Land of the free and home of the brave, remember? You took a page out of the Spanish Inquisition. BOOOooooo. When you hold on too tight, it slips through your fingers.

  13. Tom Segletes says

    Yes, new site is terrible, cannot load content most of the time. I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to see standings after the race and it is just hung up. Oh well, guess I’ll stick with the F1 site as well as Indy.

  14. Can’t believe Nascar has let the new site stay up so long, it sucks, slow, freezes up, remove it, reinstate the old one

  15. Corg Brannon says

    Same here. Not much content, slow loading, impossible to visit.
    This is a bad example for responsive website technology – adjusting the size according to the device used. They should have fired their online media partner long time ago.

  16. Website is absolutely awful…I don’t even use it anymore. I rely on Jayski for all the news. It’s too bad…the old website was easy to use, fast, and well layed out.

  17. New site is a total waste of time and money it’s terrible. Race View and Scanner does not work. What were they thinking?

  18. The new NASCAR website sucks!

  19. Site won’t even load now!

  20. The website is no good. Go back to the old one. It is slow to load, slow to navigate, too busy, and fails to easily show when trucks, nationwide, and sprint are running where, what time and on what TV station. That was always readily available before. Now, you have to navigate all over to get the same information – and each time you navigate, chances increase to lock up. Webmaster: please make it simple.

  21. The new site is awful …..can’t get practice leadboard….don’t even know how to get it other than googling nascar practice leaderboard…..go back to the previous version for the love of god…….ESPN and Jayski here I come

  22. Totally useless, hard to find the lineup, results, schedule, I even had to dig hard to learn that the Auto Club Speedway was in Fontana, CA.

  23. PatGallegher says

    Just spent a half hour dealing with some NASCAR website drone, trying to complain about the new site. He kept trying to imply that it was somehow a problem with my computer, not the website. Seems everything else on the Internet works just fine, so how could it be my computer? He didn’t have an answer for that, and just said he’d “forward my comments to NASCAR”. Yeah, right. The new site is junk.

  24. totaly sucks cant load what the hell are the thinking.

  25. NASCAR.COM is absolutely horrible; it’s a hot mess like a soup sandwich. This has got to be the worst site design I’ve ever seen. Go back to the way it was years ago. Something user friendly! What a huge disaster and to think, sponsors are paying a devloper to create it…really?

  26. I hate to be negative, but I don’t know how to comment on this website otherwise. Here are some things I really dislike about it:

    It takes up my whole screen with a large picture that I don’t care about. Scrolling down, just gives more super large pictures, that again I don’t care about. With all the big pictures, it takes a long time to load.

    While I can find all these pictures and videos that I don’t much care about, it is very hard to find actual *information*. For example, I’d like to see today’s practice speeds… can’t find it. Maybe they are here somewhere, but I don’t see it. I see a little link to “Up To Speed: Texas Testing”, but nope… it’s just yet another long loading video.. 🙁
    I’d like to find the qualifying order… Again… I don’t see it. I get tons of picture scrolling across the top, which is very annoying, but nothing about qualifying. I used to be able to find loop data and statistics. Maybe they’re still somewhere in this mess, but I can’t find them. Every time I move my mouse around, other drop down’s and pictures pop up, so I can hardly navigate even if there were something of interest.

    I did actually find the standings — although it’s in some giant format filling many screens. To see more than the top 25 takes clicking on another button to show another 3 screens of the rest of the data. I can see only about the 10 drivers on a screen, but scrolling down loses the headings, so I just see numbers and have to keep going up and down to see what each column is.

    I don’t know how else to say it, but I just hate it. I’d rather have a text-only site than this mess of something that is more concerned with showing a lot of big pictures than providing information.

    The old site was OK, not great, but I could live with it. This new one, I can’t stand. So I’ve stopped using it. In years past, I’d go to it a couple of times a day. But now I seldom do. It’s been weeks until I decided to try again today.. but still yuck. Now go to Jayski or even FOX sports.

    Sorry to be negative. I tried to find something positive to say too, but couldn’t think of anything…

    Maybe I’ll check back in a couple of months to see if there is any improvement. I just went there today after being away for several weeks, but it’s just too frustrating.

  27. Sharpie Fan says


  28. Please, please at least go back to the old website where it was easy to find garage cam, weather at the track a menu that was easy to use etc., etc., etc. Why the big pictures blasting out at you soon as you enter.—–that should be a menu item!!!!!! I guess I would rather use JAYSKI’s for now for some things.

  29. Nascar sucks-
    full of themselves, safety last,
    only when demanded.
    Their site sucks, ‘specially the new one.
    Don’t watch it anymore, nor their BS site.
    But they don’t care—
    They’ll never listen to US.

  30. Paul Murauskas says

    This new site is so clumsy, and the updates during races and the points standings are delayed or none existent. In fact, I could not even get the new points standings after this race from 11 May 2013. It just keeps loading. Why take up so much space to show the schedules of races? On their new site, I believe NASCAR has gone from statistics and interest in speed, to trying to sell products for their own profit for fans, and not to the stats the serious one’s want. Why have a schedule of a race that takes up 1/2 of the page, list them all like you did last year, as a normal person would read. You should be able to click on a tab of your liking without a huge photo of some racer without anything to do with the tab one selected. Every page seems to advertise some product you can buy from “NASCAR”. I believe this new site has nothing to do with NASCAR, but presented by some outside company that gets commissions on the products they sell.

  31. The site just sucks…. I used to use it to look at schedules (they used to be all in one place in an easy to read format), read the latest articles (can’t even find them now) and dirt, and check out stats (scroll, scroll, scroll you way everywhere…).

    Now all that is just buried behind a ton of useless, over done graphics.

    Who designed this, some kindergarten class? Umm, sorry… that is an insult to kindergartners.

    Somebody should get fired.

  32. Jayskis is Much better and more informative. Who ever is in charge of should be fired

  33. Charlie Kamer says

    NASCAR has once again tried to ‘fix’ something that wasn’t broken and totally wrecked it. They made a useful web site totally useless. It is V E R Y slow and the information is no longer easy to find or use. Last year I would log in for each race to follow the leaderboard and the ‘points as they run’ but that is impossible to do now. Apparently it seems they are trying to target a new younger demographic, I guess they have alienated the old fans to such a degree, they need to try to recruit new fans

  34. I vote along with all the previous contents. Why after all this would they not have it fixed by now?
    Obviously the fans are not all that high on the list!
    You can’t even find a place on the web site to leave a comment!
    It sucks!!!!!

  35. Cindy Wolfersberger says

    I totally agree the new nascar page stinks. It stinks just as much as the Chase. Nascar should stop trying to fix things.

  36. It’s terrible. The website that is.

  37. An absolute disaster, but unfortunately seems to be the latest fad in web design. A triumph of clutter over substance, videos over… well… writing and reporting.

  38. if you want to know how NOT to design a web site – go to

  39. And here I thought I was the only one that found to be a horrible site!

  40. website is awful. Very difficult to navigate. Very SLOW to respond and load. All the multimedia content only makes it sensory overload. I hate it. Obvious the fans are not the focus of nascar any longer, it’s getting the sponsors in your face as often as possible.

  41. John Pinnell says

    We’ll it has been the better part of two years. Not much to add. Too slow to load and too hard to find info (if it is there). NASCAR are you even listening? Your website stinks,

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