Modified Tour Daytona Notes: Mike Stefanik Offers Apology For Outburst; Matt Hirschman Injured

The look on Mike Stefanik’s face told the whole story moments after he was dumped out of the lead on the final lap of the Whelen Modified Tour Race Tuesday at the NASCAR Battle At The Beach at Daytona International Speedway.

Mike Stefanik waits to be interviewed during a broadcast on Speed following Tuesday’s Whelen Modified Tour at Daytona International Speedway

As Ray Dunlap spoke an intro leading into interviewing Stefanik, the seven-time series champion had a look on his face that would have seemingly scared even the hardest tough guy.

And not surprisingly, given the chance to speak, Stefanik erupted.

When Dunlap said race winner Steve Park said he got pushed into Stefanik before spinning him out of the lead a menacing Stefanik said: “Yeah right.”

Then Stefanik went on.

“I don’t want to say anything because I’m just going to say the wrong thing here,” Stefanik said on live national TV broadcast. “I am that freaking pissed. This is just bullshit.”

Later in the evening Stefanik offered an apology on Facebook.

“I would like to apologize to everyone out there that was offended with the language I used during a post-race interview. There is no excuse for cursing on live television; but with the way out night ended, tempers were flaring and my reaction was taped immediately following the race with no time to cool down and collect myself. The frustration I felt for my entire team got the best of me.”

It’s unclear if Stefanik will be penalized for swearing. Historically, its upper levels, NASCAR has fined drivers for using unacceptable language during televised interviews.

Hirschman Injured

The Whelen Modified Tour race degenerated into a wreckfest that saw 17 caution flags fly.

One of those wrecks involved Northampton, Pa. driver Matt Hirschman. Speed reported following the event that Hirschman sustained a broken wrist in a crash and was treated at the track and released.

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  1. any word on donny lia? he wasnt looking so good when he stopped in turn 4…my first thought was whatever sprayed out of santos' car got into his car. Or he could have just been under the weather to begin with. Sort of scary to see him like that in the middle of the race.

  2. Jari Georgia says

    This was an awful layout of a track…what was NASCAR thinking…complete crap. All it did was produce too many cautions, a bunch of wrecked cars and no real racing…just spinning and bunched up cars on restates with no where to go because of a flt track with narrow corners…awful, awful track.

  3. Jari Georgia says

    meant restarts…not restates…how I dislike autocorrect

  4. if mike is penalized for saying bullshit that will be bullshit what is bullshit was the track nascar with all it money let all the drivers and car owner down big time with this bullshit track layout I as a fan feel nascar had good intentions but bullshit got in the way.

  5. Richard Libby says

    Any penalties should be voluntarily paid by Speed Channel. Nobody can blame Mike for those comments after he gets a microphone stuck in his face when he's obviously that wild about the what happened.

  6. Absolutely the worst modified race I have ever seen.

  7. Kelly Brown says

    ditto on crappy track!

  8. David Pruitt says

    No different than any Saturday night at Bowman Gray stadium except the winner is usually Brown or Myers.

  9. Where is your article?

  10. Where is your article?

  11. David Dubois says

    nascar should apoligize to the drivers car owners and fans for that terrible track setup it looked like a 20 minute settup and gentlemen wreck you cars! every driver should get 10,000 just for putting up with that BULLSHIT! Mike was right!

  12. what do you expect him to say after that shitfest, iv'e never seen mike that mad before.And your right right richard speed should pay the penalty if there is one.I know I would have said a lot worse live tv or not.

  13. Kelly Brown says

    well depends on the Myers..but I agree, no Brown

  14. Elisse Ogonoski Franco says

    Been watching Mike race for 30+ years and don't think I've ever heard him say anything offensive. He's usually quite the gentleman

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