National Sensation: TV Outburst In Daytona Takes Mike Stefanik All The Way To Hollywood

Youtube has created some interesting internet sensations over the years, but who would have ever predicted that list would ever include Mike Stefanik?

Mike Stefanik (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

But after an angry explosion on live TV Tuesday, the seven-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion went viral and became a darling of the web and social media.

On Friday evening though, Stefanik’s rant took him to the big stage.

Tonight Show host Jay Leno made Stefanik a hilarious part of his monologue Friday evening, taking some fun shots.

Check out below for the video.

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  1. It's unfortunate that Mike's one loss of control will now follow him for who knows how long?

  2. What is really unfortunate is the phony ass money driven Nascar suits (and drivers) pretend that they are better than everyone else. Good luck to Mike.

  3. Trust me – there are a few money-making opportunities now for Mike that could come out of this, and you can bet some marketing folks are working some stuff.

    "Yeah, right" could make Mike a lot of money.

  4. David Borawski says

    it was real passion, and that has defined mike his entire career.

  5. You are absolutely right.

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