Morning Musings In The Midday Maybe: Appalling

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Who really knows what’s in here. It’s the Morning Musings In The Midday Maybe.

— Racing without life insurance with a five-year old child?

We won’t go too far on that topic, all you have to do is read the saddest news in racing last week to get that story. Tragic? Absolutely. Irresponsible? Tragically irresponsible.

You scratch your head sometimes and wonder though about what becomes most important for racers. Safety and legacy it seems always take a backseat to other investments involving participation and improvement of equipment, whether it’s big time racers or local hobby drivers.

It’s the guy who won’t buy a HANS Device because it costs too much, but has an open checkbook when it comes to the latest and greatest motor improvements for a Mini Stock.

Case in point? We won’t name names here, it would be easy enough for anybody to open their eyes and see. A multi-time feature winner at the Waterford Speedbowl this year who wears a protective fire suit sporting an openly obvious big tear in the “protective” fabric. We’re not talking little rip, we’re talking skin exposing tear.

At that point why not just wear Levi’s and a hooded Nike sweatshirt behind the wheel? The firesuit serves no purpose any longer. If there’s enough money to get the car to the track and then onto the track each week then there should be enough to buy the proper protection for playing the game.

Remember, protection can be a lot of things, a helmet, a firesuit, a properly built car and even insurance.

— Is there any life left for a Whelen Modified Tour message board on the Internet?

Is that the sound of crickets over there?

Sad to see a once vibrant place for exchange has all but disappeared.

— Any true Connecticut short track race fan should take part in the Vasseurville post-race experience at Stafford Motor Speedway at least once.

“You’re coming along nicely …”

— Chili Cheese Wheat Thins. Damn, never before has a whole grain semi-healthy snack been so much damn fun.

— Do yourself a favor and let your ears absorb some Frank Turner tunes. And please, feel free to thank me later.

— Free Scott Fearn.

— Isn’t it great when a local radio personality making an appearance at a race track is described as a “celebrity”. Unless your name is Howard Stern, the words radio personality and celebrity don’t go together.

— Remember the good old days when most newspapers had ethics and frowned upon things like their reporters also making money on the side as event promoters in the sport they cover?

Imagine if the Boston Globe let the New England Patriots public relations staff write their Patriots stories in the paper? Think those stories would  be compiled fairly and objectively. Yeah, probably not even close.

So why is it any different or acceptable in racing?

— Heard from a source in the pits at the Waterford Speedbowl that the No. 31 SK Modified there was “super fast, big time.” Just sharing what I heard.

— Am I the only one who hears “Raise Your Hands” by Bon Jovi and immediately thinks of the movie Spaceballs?

— Remember when the cure for ADHD was two hours locked in a bedroom with nothing to do? Now it’s a behavioral disorder demanding medical attention? I don’t get it.

— How to make a scoreless international scoring match seem drama packed? Watch a Sprint Cup Series race at Michigan International Speedway.

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  1. Sharpie Fan says

    Most life insurance policies include exceptions for loss due to high risk activities such as racing, sky diving, etc.

  2. “Is there any life left for a Whelen Modified Tour message board on the Internet?” If there is one, will you please post a link?

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