Morning Musings In The Midday Maybe: Percipa … Percipi … Preciper … Rain.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Who really knows what’s in here. It’s the Morning Musings In The Midday Maybe.

— Not sure that one single day’s forecast has changed so many times in a seven day period than the one for Friday June 14 in North Central Connecticut.

It wouldn’t be shocking at this point if Weather Bug was to predict a 40 percent chance of flaming balls of steel falling from the sky between noon and 4 p.m. on Friday.

One day it’s 90 percent chance of rain all day. The next day the rain is stopping at 3 p.m. Then there’s no rain after noon. Then it’s back to raining at night.

It’s like Mother Nature has just decided that messing with Stafford Motor Speedway general manager Mark Arute is the mission this year.

Someday the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour TSI Harley-Davidson 125 will happen. We’re betting it’s tomorrow.

— Local race fans in Connecticut are blessed to have wonderful YouTube presences from both the Waterford Speedbowl and Stafford Motor Speedway weekly.

Tom “Sid” DiMaggio has been doing his thing and doing it well for quite some time now with his Sid’s View offerings, emanating mainly from the shoreline oval.

Stafford Motor Speedway SK Modified division driver Sean Foster has brought an entirely different kind of style to the table with his documenting the life of a driver productions of Short Track Racer.

No matter how you slice you slice, it both are assets to the local racing community, giving fans something to look forward to away from the track every week.

That said, Foster hit his stride this week in Episode 9 of Short Track Racer when he brought racing and cross-dressing together for an emotional tour de force production that brings tears to the eyes.

This much is certain, from here on it’s going to be hard to see Foster in any sort of dress – socially acceptable or otherwise – and not think the line: “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

Check it out below before it debuts at the Sundance Film Festival

— Henny Penny. There, we just like saying that. Henny Penny, Henny Penny, Henny Penny.

— Not that anybody actually goes in banks any more, but am I the only that won’t go in a bank after a nun in full dress has walked in? My take on this, the chances are more likely that that’s somebody dressed to rob the place than make a withdrawal.

— And on the bank thing, is there a reason why banks have the late night lobby lockers on ATM foyers? Is that supposed to be for security? What’s the security if any magnetized stripped card can let anybody in?

— Free Scott Fearn.

— Some long overdue credit here goes out to Valenti Modified Racing Series director Scott Tapley for the works he’s done bring the series up to speed off the track.

It seems overnight the division’s website went from 1999 quality to present day enjoyable. It’s good to finally see the series trying to embrace public relations as part of moving ahead.

— Kyle Petty, oh Kyle Petty. Please, someone make a law that mandates Kyle Petty must replace Darrell Waltrip in all aspects of television broadcast.

— 50 Cent is promoting boxing in Hartford. Somebody needs to introduce good old Fitty to short track racing.

— We’re taking dibs here that the Yet To Be Named New Baby Rocco (boy or girl for that matter) wins the season opening SK Light Modified feature at Stafford Motor Speedway in 2029.

— Go Blackhawks.

— Playing Golden Tee is like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it.

— There’s nothing worse on a 2-4 Limit Texas Hold ‘Em table than some moron who wants to openly analyze the play of others on the table. It’s 2-4 Limit buddy, there’s no making sense of it.

— No Keatorfield at Stafford Motor Speedway this week? That can’t possibly be correct.

— It’s all fun and games until Tim Tebow leads your team to a Super Bowl victory huh?

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