Thirty Two Signs Honey Badger Of The Week Award: Ray Christian III

Thanks to Randall and his glorious YouTube classic, we all know this, “Honey Badger don’t care.”

We know from Randall that: “Honey Badger don’t care, it just takes what he wants. He has no regard for any other animal whatsoever.”

There’s was a lot of pushing and shoving and taking when it came down to the closing laps of last Saturday’s 25-lap Mini Stock feature at the Waterford Speedbowl, and even some post fireworks to boot.

“The Honey Badger doesn’t care, it’s getting stung like a thousand times,” Randall says. “… It’s hungry. It doesn’t care about being stung by bees. Nothing can stop the Honey Badger when it’s hungry.”

Christian was hungry and there was nothing stopping him, not even Ken Cassidy Jr. looking to steal the lead and victory away from the outside lane.

Cassidy took the lead, Christian took it back. Cassidy took the lead, and then Christian took it back it again. Except, the last time, with the white flag waving, Christian took the lead back and sent Cassidy spinning to the infield.

Christian took the checkered flag on the track, but immediately following the race he was penalized for over aggressive driving and penalized to the back of the field, handing the victory to Bill Leonard.

But that was hardly the end of the show. Under the flag stand, Cassidy’s sister and Christian’s mother kept the festivities fiery by trading some swings Hagler-Hearns style in front of the crowd.

“The Honey Badger is just crazy,” Randall says and Christian showed that in his post race chat when he tried to throw all the blame for the late race incident on Leonard, saying it was Leonard that pushed him into Cassidy and caused all the mayhem.

Unfortunately for Christian, the video doesn’t lie and as the video showed (check out it below courtesy of the boys at Sid’s View), Leonard wasn’t anywhere near being at fault.

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