Thirty Two Signs Honey Badger Of The Week Award: Dan Avery

Thanks to Randall and his glorious YouTube classic, we all know this, “Honey Badger don’t care.”

We know from Randall that: “Honey Badger don’t care, it just takes what he wants. He has no regard for any other animal whatsoever.”

This year at Stafford Motor Speedway SK Modified division Dan Avery has epitomized the Honey Badger attitude.

At 58, and many years removed from his last win, Avery is fighting.

“The Honey Badger doesn’t care, it’s getting stung like a thousand times,” Randall says. “… It’s hungry. It doesn’t care about being stung by bees. Nothing can stop the Honey Badger when it’s hungry.”

Hungry has been the way Avery has driven when he’s sniffed possible victory and that was the case once again last week when Avery went toe-to-toe once again in a battle with SK Modified division heavyweight Ryan Preece.

According to Randall: “The Honey Badger has been referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom” and it was Avery displaying that spirit last Friday at Stafford.

Lap after lap Avery did everything he could early in the event to hold off the 22-year old Preece, before Preece used a little bump and run to snatch the lead away from him. Then late in the event it was Avery pouncing all over Preece when the opportunity came. The evening ended with Preece spun out after tangling with Avery in turn two.

“The Honey Badger is just crazy,” Randall tells us, and crazy is a good way to describe the regular battles arising of late at Stafford between Avery and Preece.


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