Valenti Mod Racing Series Takes Tires Suspected Of Treatment From Three Teams, Including Series Points Leader

Tires from three participating drivers were confiscated on suspicion of illegal treatment by Valenti Modified Racing Series officials following Saturday’s series event at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway.

VMRS Logo 2013Series officials used a portable detection device to test numerous tires immediately following the event Saturday at Seekonk. The testing device used Saturday detects the presence of flammable materials incorporated into the tire compound. Tire treatments can improve the extended durability of a tire.

Tires used by series points leader Tommy Barrett Jr. of Millis, Mass. along with tires from Steve Masse of Bellingham, Mass. and Richard Savary of Canton, Mass. were confiscated on suspicion of treatment by detection from the measuring meter used Saturday.

“It gives me reason to believe there’s something to it,” first year series director Scott Tapley said of the results shown by the detection meter.

Tapley said the series will have the tires that showed indications of treatment tested by an independent lab. Tapley said there were other tires taken Saturday that showed no detection of questionable materials that will also be tested to set a baseline.

“The tires are an issue,” Tapley said. “Obviously the longevity of a tire during 100 laps is an issue and it always has been. If you can find a way to treat it to last longer then that would be a big deal. I think it’s my job to make sure that it isn’t being done.”

Tapley said he is unsure how long it will be before series officials have lab testing results in hand.

“I really don’t know how long it will take,” Tapley said. “[The Valenti Modified Racing Series] has sent out tires in the past and apparently it’s taken up to 10 days.”

Masse, a two-time series winner this year, was second Saturday at Seekonk, in the event that was won by Todd Annarummo. Savary was a third and Barrett, a two-time winner on the series this year, was fourth.

The fourth place, coupled with a seventh place by Rowan Pennink, put Barrett in the points lead in the division by two points over Pennink with seven events remaining this season. Savary is currently third in the series standings after 10 events this season. Masse, who has missed one event this season, is sixth in the division standings.

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  1. It won’t happen again;Willie has low blood sugar!

  2. What about the leader/winners tires? Oops that’s his home track. This is a lawsuit in the making

  3. Todds’ tires were checked and deemed legal.

  4. Todd use the good stiff

  5. Jealous , Todd knows the track and i am Sure Vinny set the car up.

  6. Todd did it back when he drove pro stock

  7. Don’t they purchase the tires on race day ? When would they have time to treat them with out anybody seeing it being done?

  8. Todd and Vinnie are talented drivers. Well earned victory by Todd on Saturday night. Multiple restarts and multiple oppurtunities for other drivers to take the #1 spot, particularly with tire advantage.

  9. I have a hard time believing that Todd’s tires were legal. He along with Vinny got caught doing it before.

  10. They make tire treatment now that is injected into the valve stem. Very easy to use without anyone seeing.

  11. Sorry guys, but there was no tornado warning sirens when they sniffed my tires. Not really sure what was going on but I do have the trophy and all my tires were returned with no issues

  12. Todd you know you use it before

  13. Karen Lovejoy says

    Prove they cheated. Those tires are being tested at a lab, right Mr. Tapely? No one should be labeled a cheater unless it’s proven.

  14. I agree with kl. something smells with mrs.

  15. Why not test all divisions? Especially the Legends

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