Morning Musings In The Midday Maybe: This Place Is Haunted By Ghosts Hey

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Who really knows what’s in here. It’s the Morning Musings In The Midday Maybe.

Morning MusingsJust a quick rant here about the debacle that has become the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase for the Championship.

While having the smell of being contrived, the calculated ejection of Martin Truex Jr. and subsequent addition of Ryan Newman to the Chase field early last week by NASCAR was at least a palatable result when all was revealed about the level of manipulation involved by Michael Waltrip Racing at the Sprint Cup Series “regular season finale” on Sept. 7 at Richmond International Raceway.

But putting Jeff Gordon into the Chase field. That’s just simply a ridiculous move by NASCAR.

For years many have mocked NASCAR for making up the rules as they go along. On Friday, when it was announced that Gordon was being added as the 13th driver in the Chase, it only proved that NASCAR does simply just make up the rules as they go along, and they really don’t care what anybody thinks about it.

Yes, Gordon ended up getting a raw deal by Clint Bowyer’s phantom spin to bring out a caution late at Richmond. It was the move that seemingly bumped Gordon and Newman out of the Chase field and put Truex and Joey Logano here.

So NASCAR decides to put Gordon in because they feel he got jobbed by the manipulation? But wait, that’s NASCAR deciding that they know exactly how real life would have played out had Bowyer not spun. That’s NASCAR deciding that nothing else would have happened that might have kept Gordon out.

And you know, you can’t just decide that you know what was going to happen.

And to add to the outlandish decision to put Gordon in is the fact that they left Logano in the field too. If you’re going to decide that time essentially stopped the second before Boywer spun and that’s why you’re going to put Gordon in the field, then you also have to decide that Logano wasn’t in at that point and he must be taken out.

It only makes sense.

Oh wait, it’s NASCAR making up the rules, it’s not supposed to make sense.

— Somebody please put Ryan Preece in an SK Modified at the Waterford Speedbowl for the 2014 season. And while we’re at it, get Woody Pitkat over there too. Nothing against the talent there now, but man those would be some shows.

We’ll say this, if Preece had been in a competitive SK Modified this year at the Waterford Speedbowl he probably would have given NASCAR Whelen All-American Series National Champion Lee Pulliam a serious run for that title.

— And while we’re on the subject of Preece, dear NASCAR trophy makers, you can start etching his name on that Whelen Modified Tour champion’s hardware now.

— Hearing reports that the ghost of Scott Fearn made an appearance at the Waterford Speedbowl Saturday night and had the Waterford Police Department chasing “visions” around like a crazy episode of Scooby Doo.

And no, unfortunately this episode didn’t involve the Harlem Globetrotters making a guest appearance.

Fearn, who owns the current standings leading Late Model team at the track with driver Keith Rocco, has been ordered by the court system not to attend events at the shoreline oval. The order is part of an ongoing case regarding assault charges from earlier this season involving a physical confrontation between Fearn and Joe Godbout Jr., a crew member from the Late Model team of driver Richard Staskowski.

On Saturday night, while Fearn was more than 100 hundred miles away from the track in another state, the Waterford Police were left chasing mysterious reports of apparitions resembling Mr. Fearn running roughshod around the grounds of the Speedbowl.

Yes, things have truly reached a level of ridiculous lunacy when the members of a race team have the Waterford Police Department chasing poltergeists around on race night.

— Despite winning the Late Model feature Saturday at Waterford and finishing fifth in the SK Modified feature, it proved a rough day for  Rocco at the track. He started his day by blowing his motor in his own SK Modified and he ended the night by knocking over a utility pole in the Speedbowl pits with a racecar hauler.

— By the way, we rediscovered “Insanity Test” this week on Youtube. Forever a classic.

— It was a good weekend for streak busting veterans in Modified action. Dan Avery won for the first time since 1982 in an SK Modified at Stafford Speedway Friday and Frank Mucciacciaro snapped a seven year winless streak in the SK Modifieds at Waterford Saturday.

Who said this was a kid’s sport now?

— Has anybody ever met anybody that said “I was going back and forth on what dealership to buy my ride at, but when I saw the 20-foot high inflating and deflating bright yellow stick with arms at the curb I knew I had found the right place to shop for a car.”?

— If you ran a news website, why would you post a story on said website and then an alert through your own social media avenues that the story you just posted on your website was wrong, and that you know it’s wrong, but that you posted the story anyway? It’s like a bad AT&T commercial.

— If anybody discovered a mini disc floating in their beer in the front row at the Waterford Speedbowl Saturday night please return it to the crew at Sid’s View.

— Nobody should feel like yellow tape indicates any sort of engineering issue, it’s a way to get fans closer to the sport they love.

— Hey, is that Loudon up ahead?

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  1. Good rant Shawn. Like always I like to hear your take in what is going down in the auto racing community. I agree with you that NASCAR makes up rules as they go along. Brian France even said while putting in Jeff Gordon into the chase. “I have the power to put anyone in the chase.”

    I will admit. I would have not watch the last ten races, since Jeff Gordon did not make the chase. (Gordon fan. 😛 ) But now since he is in. I’m willing to watch them all. Considering if he stays close in the points battle. But I think they should do away with the chase. And go back to how it should have been. They way his father and his grandfather have been doing it since NASCAR was born.

    Go from the first race the to the last race of the year. Most points from the driver wins the championship. The Chase has been a big flop since it’s been created.

  2. ray cote. p.b. fl says

    Remember years ago at the Winston All Star race in Charlotte, Jeff Gordon crashed at the start of the race when it started raining… Nascar allowed him to get in his back-up car for the re-start, saying the rain caused him to wreck.?. (he WON the race by the way) Make the rules as you go for your “preferred” drivers

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