Josh Vanada Named General Manager Of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

A familiar face to competitors at Thompson International Speedway has taken on a larger role as the facility grows into something bigger for 2014.

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoJosh Vanada, who had been working part-time as director of motorsports operations at Thompson, has taken on the full-time role of general manager of the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park includes the existing .625-mile oval and the new road course, which is in the process of being built and will be in operation for 2014.

Vanada started the full-time position on Tuesday at Thompson.

“The new role is oversight of the day-to-day operations in addition to working with the road course rental groups and the existing touring series’ that have been coming to the track,” Vanada said. “It’s always ben a dream of mine. Sometimes those dreams seem pretty far off, but I’m glad to see mine came true. I’ve always wanted to work full-time in auto racing and I’m really excited to get going and get this project started.”

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  1. Hey Shawn, You might have mentioned it before but I probably forgot. Do you know how long they main road course is going to be?

  2. Billy Parker says

    My family and i will no longer be attending ANY more functions at Thompson, starting with world series. They blatantly turned their back on weekly racer, and therefore i will no longer support them.

  3. 1.7 mile.

  4. To Billy Parker… YES it sucks that we lost our weekly racing. YES it sucks that so many of us have so much invested in Thompson and will now be forced to go to Waterford, Stafford or Seekonk in order to compete on a Weekly basis… However, let’s stop and look at the other side of things… The track will still be there, and it will continue to operate the oval. MANY tracks across the country are doing similar things with their programs due to poor attendance, and low car counts. It’s worked in many cases very well… They have not ruled out a return to weekly racing in the future, but right now we can not change what we have and need to be thankful we have anything at all… Right now, be it 6-8 races or 16-18 races… Thompson needs our support, no matter how frustrating and difficult it is for all of us. Just remember, it could always have ended up like Riverside Park Speedway… And then what?

  5. The one thing that I do not understand in this whole process is why the Thompson management did not retain a public relations firm to regularly inform the competitors and fans alike an ongoing update to what is happening. There has been as we know many rumors, fabricated tales etc. etc. A multi million dollar project of this magnitude needed a good PR representative to quell many of these false rumors. Many major road and building projects have PR folks as part of the project from start to finish. I think had this been done early on, then many of these rumors could have been quelled. This is and has always been a great facility with great racing. There have been many fans and competitors who have supported Thompson throughout the years and hope that they continue to support the track. Hopefully Mr. Vanada in his role will be the spokesperson who will update the racing community regularly on the status and allow the fans, competitors, sponsors, vendors etc. the time necessary to make a conscious decision on what their 2014 racing plans will be…

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