Scott Tapley Named Race Director At Thompson Speedway; Jeff Zuidema Promoted

Thompson Speedway management announced Wednesday that current Valenti Modified Racing Series director Scott Tapley will take on the role of racing director at Thompson.

Scott Tapley oversees a Valenti Modified Racing Series drivers meeting at Thompson Speedway earlier this year

Scott Tapley oversees a Valenti Modified Racing Series drivers meeting at Thompson Speedway earlier this year

Current racing director Jeff Zuidema, who completed his first year in the position in 2013, was named as the new director of competition at the track, a position that was previously held by Josh Vanada, who is now the general manager at the facility.

“Jeff did a terrific job for us in 2013 and I know that I am not alone when I say that I really enjoyed working with him,” Vanada said in a release. “He brings great balance to our officiating staff and has proven to be a great leader for our officials and race teams. I feel that the title of Director of Competition is a more apt description for Jeff’s position since he will oversee and be responsible for the entirety of competition both on the track and in the inspection area.”

Tapley, a former racing director at the Waterford Speedbowl, completed his first year as the Valenti Modified Racing Series director in 2013. Before getting involved in the track/series management side of the sport, Tapley, an Auburn, Me., native, worked as a crew member for Matt Kobyluck’s K&N Pro Series East championship winning team.

Tapley will continue in his role as race director with the Valenti Modified Racing Series while handling the new position at Thompson.

“Scott brings a varied experience to Thompson,” Vanada said. “He spotted for a NASCAR Touring Series Champion, worked on race cars and for the last several years has been a well-respected race official in southern New England. He has proven to be highly consistent and fair, which are qualities on which we place a premium here at Thompson. I think he will be a great fit.”

Said Zuidema: “I want to thank the Hoenig family for giving us the ability to hire such a high-quality individual. As I have learned this year, it is just as important to have a great team of officials as it was for me to have a great race team during my years as a driver. In Scott Tapley, I believe that Thompson Speedway has hired a very valuable member for our officiating team.”

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  1. Are these people insane? Have the ever tried to have a conversation with this man regarding any sort of depute? He runs MRS like hell, and he basically tells you “f**k off” if you disagree with him. If anyone heard the debacle that went on at the World Series when he completely lost it, you would know what he is like. This man is nothing more than an egotistical maniac. Mark my words, Thompson will start off with a decent amount of cars this year but by the end of the season there will be nearly half as many because of this man, Same goes for the officiating crew, look at all the officials that left MRS specifically because of this man. Good Grief.

  2. Andy Boright says

    My concern would be that MRS teams have taken to fixing races and stroking under this guy’s watch and has done nothing about it.

  3. Ron Staughtson says

    The MRS races are trying to be fixed, but its not the teams, ask a few of the officials that have left… They’ll tell you the truth.

  4. Brian Brady says

    I wasn’t going to comment but since it sounds like something I would say, I believe Scott will think DearLordy is me, Let me be clear, it wasn’t, I wish it was, I couldn’t have said it any better. I don’t believe I know you Ron, but obviously you are in with some legitimate team to have that kind of insight as to the trials and tribulations of the MRS tour. Andy, you must be someone who has no connection to any actual competitive MRS team and have no first hand knowledge of how this race director treats the teams and officials. I think I just realized who dearLordy is. Question for you; were you told by the race director you weren’t wanted there anymore? You believe that? The race director actually told a competitive team that he didn’t want them there anymore, while his actions made it clear that three other top 5 teams teams weren’t welcome there either.

  5. As for my team, I was not told we weren’t welcome back, We were not a points contender who would have most likely been screwed. But this is not the first time I’ve heard about Tapley telling teams they weren’t welcome back, And I’d like to make it clear, that I am in no way affiliated with any of the top 5 teams, I just stood by and watched as the debacle unfolded. Didn’t speak up, because those who did, hurt the top 3 or those teams even worse. I was a bystander during the Seekonk tech where they screwed 3 teams and was listening to the officials during all the MRS heats at Thompson for the world series, If someone could have recorded the things said this man would have lost all credibility having to do with anything racing.

  6. DearLordy,
    Would you care to elaborate as to what was said at the World Series?

  7. As one of the officials leaving the MRS I have never had any problems working with Scott Tapley and I think he will do a great job in the Tower at Thompson Speedway and look forward to working with him again when my Vintage outlaw group visits Thompson Speedway for three shows in 2014

  8. Arthur what was your job as an official?

  9. I was the safety Tech Inspector

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