Sprint Cup Series Crew Chief Todd Parrott Suspended For Substance Abuse Policy Violation

NASCAR announced Thursday that Sprint Cup Series crew chief Todd Parrott has been suspended indefinitely for violation of the sanctioning body’s substance abuse policy.

Todd Parrott (left) talks with Sprint Cup Series driver Marcos Ambrose during a test in January (Photo: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Todd Parrott (left) talks with Sprint Cup Series driver Marcos Ambrose during a test in January (Photo: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Parrott is the crew chief for Aric Almirola in the Sprint Cup Series.

According to a release, Parrott was found to have violated the NASCAR substance abuse policy Thursday.

Parrott is one of the most well known crew chiefs in the sport. Over the years he was worked with a number of different organizations, most notably with Robert Yates Racing and Roush Fenway Racing.

Parrott won a Sprint Cup Series championship as a crew chief for Dale Jarrett in 1999.

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  1. I got a re-tweet via Mike Joy from Brad Parrott asking people to more or less give the guy and the family a break. Well, sorry, but Todd is a grown man who knows better and now he is among another rule breaker who is officially dead to me. Zero tolerance for seasoned adults behaving extremely bad. Makes me sick.

  2. I’m guessing steroids…. seriously.

  3. I’m so sickof watching these people that are getting paid millions of dollars to perform duties ie. Baseball racing football celebrities etc.., (or even the local track racers that aren’t getting paid millions) ,, go out and do something selfish such as drug’s , dui’s or criminal offenses and get busted. I say see ya later, Get out, go away , howeverr you wanna put it.. I’m sick of it.

    Todd parrot isn’t a huge role model for kids as much as the drivers are but he’s in the spot light.. and people in the spot light just can’t seem to help themselves but do stupid crap.. I don’t do drugs or even drink and I can assure you I’m not making millions .. I’m a role model for my son .. if I got a dui tomorrow nobody but maybe 5 people wold know .. these people are admired or known by millions , and they ask for privacy through this “difficult” time!!??..I say screw you, don’t be a dum ass and we won’t be invading your privacy..

    Sorry maybe my rant went away from racing or even jail bird.. I mean Todd parott but I believe this behavior is becoming more and more accepted and I don’t think that sets any kind of example I want for my child or any child.. you don’t have to agree with me this is just my opinion

  4. Fred, thank you. I totally agree with you! You get it and it makes me happy to know there are still parents who do! Look at this bad behavior and bad decision-making (like so many others, unfortunately) as a teaching moment. You, Fred, brightened my day. Now, off to Thompson….I’m sure there will be some teaching moments there, too!

  5. Thanks DiDi.. ya I’m sure I will be explaining to my 4 yr old why that man is mad at some point this weekend hahaha.

  6. Pa Pires jr says

    What did he drink… Smoke weed crack?

  7. If they really want to put their money where their mouth is , nascar would ban all tobacco and alcohol from supporting the sport as well as no alcohol in victory lane .. kind of a double standard … Hey race is over ,beer it up , oh by the way dont drive drunk…..

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