Whelen Modified Tour Crew Chief Suspended Indefinitely For Tire Tampering

P.J. Fearns, crew chief for driver Patrick Emerling on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, has been suspended indefinitely by NASCAR for tire tampering issues.

Whelen Modified TourThe penaly comes as a result of violations found during the Whelen Modified Tour CarQuest Fall Final 150 at Stafford Motor Speedway on Sept. 29.

A release from NASCAR reads that Emerling’s team was: “found to be in violation of Sections 12-1 (Actions detrimental to stock car racing.); 12-4-I (Any determination by NASCAR officials that the race equipment used in the event does not conform to NASCAR rules.); 20D-10.8.H (Tire or wheel warming, using heaters, blankets, micro-wave or any other method will not be permitted.); and 20D-10.84K (Tires that, in the judgment of NASCAR Officials, have been altered by unauthorized treatment will not be permitted: Tires were moved from outer pit area to pit road under a blanket. Three (3) change tires were confiscated and subsequently tested confirming unauthorized treatment.) of the 2013 NASCAR rule book. The violation was discovered in pre-race.

“Section 9-4A (At all events, the crew chief assumes responsibility for the actions of his/her driver, car owner and team members, and may be subject to disciplinary action as a result.) of the 2013 NASCAR rule book has also been applied to the violation.”

In addition to the indefinite suspension, Fearns was also fined $3,000 by NASCAR.

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  1. MIke Fields says

    Why is it that just about every penalty involves, “found to be in violation of Sections 12-1 (Actions detrimental to stock car racing)…

  2. He’s the only one that got caught but not the only one playing…..

  3. isnt it?

  4. M T Pockets says

    $3000!!! WTF Are you kidding, this is obscene!

  5. You had to be there to see it. This has been a problem with Fearns and NASCAR all year.
    It seems like they get into a argument after every race.

  6. MRS will take him

  7. this must be a cruel joke

  8. The saddest part, or funniest part, is Emerling isn’t even competitive WITH the tire tampering!

    Cheated and was still a back marker?! Eeesh…

  9. Albert clock says

    I have followed Fearns several years back when he was a driver, he was a smooth clean compitive driver right from the start, I do remember him being one to speak his mind but his arguments were always strong and to the point. I remeber him racing alone and succeded those who had raced for years with a full crew. I can only remember 1 race incident with Fearns arguing with an official when he was supposedly docked several positions for some minor contact during a race, I believe it was at Lee speedway(what a show he put on!). On a weekend of racing in NH this summer i ran across Fearns in the pits at monadnock speedway, to find out he was now crewchiefing for the 07 car, he said he had moved to NY to work full time on the cars of that team over the winter. Later that day I watched a confrintation arise when a Nascar official barked at Fearns and the 07 team, not sure what it was about but there was some words from authorities leading up to a heated dispute between Fearns and Nascar. I never went to ask what happened but noticed the 07 team working on the car, they started the race that night from the last position and with only a few laps left in the race the 07 car was running 3rd and moving forward, a strong performance from a young fellow. on a restart it looked as if a car came in contact with the 07, the 07 rolled of the track, to all in the stands it was a surprise as the announcer stated car issues. After the race I again see Fearns and crew going at it with nascar officialsUGH, Come to find out the 07 driver was black flagged for what they called over agression on the race track!!! I at that point had my mind made up that Nascar has too much control, that it was maybe payback for an earlier dispute??? My case to be made as I said earlier I think Fearns had a STRONG case to argue, It was evident to almost all fans and compitors alike that the 07 got taken! After reading the news of the fines to Fearns and the 07 team, I MUST ASK….CAN THIS BE REAL OR A CONTINUATION OF POWER TRIPS FROM NASCAR???? NASCAR SHOW US SOME FACTS! NOT $$$$ SIGNS . good Luck racer fearns/07 team.

  10. So N you have to SUSPEND ALL CHEATERS EQUALLYascar Runs the Modifieds Correct the same people That Look After waltrip racing,Penske racing,Hendrick motorsports This year all three of the big names CHEATED yes CHEATED were any of their members suspended indefinitley NOPE Look Im all for BANNING CHEATERS BUT You Must take an EQUAL approach

  11. Nascar Sucks would not go to a Nascar race if it was free they have ruined the sport and could give 2 s…. about the real racers.

  12. The 3k fine is more than than almost all of the drivers will take home this weekend. That’s the sad part.

  13. Nikki Fearns says

    WoW Albert Clock, Thank you for kind to the point words. You really know what you are talking about. PJ is a kind honorable honest young man and I am so proud of what he has acheived in racing over the years . I am so proud to call him SON. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindest words for a guy who started out with .50 in his pocket for the love of modified racing.

  14. 3k really? Wow how frigging ridiculous! Come back to the ROC pat. NWMT is a joke

  15. When the 16 was using a illegal drive shaft he only lost six points so I think it is pay back you speak out to NASCAR and this happens

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