Dropping The Bomb: Troy Talman Uses Last Lap Pass To Score First SK Modified Win At Stafford

Troy Talman celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Sunday at the NAPA Spring Sizzler at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – How excited was Troy Talman on Sunday at Stafford Speedway?

The veteran Modified driver gave the fans in the grandstands at the NAPA Spring Sizzler a dramatic finish in the SK Modified feature and then gave the kids in the grandstands an “Earmuffs” moment in celebrating. 

Talman, of Oxford, Mass., got by Marcello Rufrano through turns three and four on the final lap and went on to win the 40-lap SK Modified season opener Sunday at Stafford Speedway. 

“I fucking love it,” Talman exclaimed into the microphone while being interviewed in victory lane following the victory. 

It was the first career SK Modified victory at Stafford for Talman, of Oxford, Mass. Talman became the 95th different SK Modified division winner at Stafford over 761 features for the division since 1982. 

Rufrano held off Talman on a lap 36 restart, but Talman was able to stay on his bumper. On lap 40 Rufrano protected the bottom into turn three, but Talman somehow found a way to squeeze under him through turn three and come off of turn four with the lead. 

“I had to do what I had to do to win,” Talman said. “He got me two years ago doing the same move. What a day. Spring Sizzler winner. I’ve got to thank everyone behind me.” 

The event was marred by 10 caution periods. Rufrano, of North Haven, was second and Steven Chapman of Ellington third. Thirty-three cars started the feature.

“It took long for this car to fire up on restarts,” Rufrano said. “It was way too tight rolling the middle [of the corners]. When we got a couple laps under it it would get better and better, but that last one he was pretty good with hanging me there. I’ll remember it for next time, I’m sure he knows that. Just really good run by all of us today.” 

Said Chapman: “That was more fun than I could ever describe. That was a blast. I’m out of words. It’s just fun.” 

Chapman got by pole-sitter Mike Christopher Jr. for the lead at the start. On lap five it was Christopher using a run off of turn four to regain the lead. 

The first caution of the event flew on lap 10 for the stopped car of Ethan Durocher on the backstretch. 

The first attempt at a restart was negated due to a wreck at the rear of the field. On the second restart it was Talman getting under Chapman for second place off of turn two and then diving under Christopher into turn three. Talman came off of turn four with the lead. The caution flew just after the leaders completed the lap for a crash at the back of the field in turn four. 

On the lap 11 restart it was Talman holding the top spot with Chapman getting by Christopher for second place. 

On lap 14 it was Christopher getting by Chapman to take second place back while Talman drove away from the field at the front. 

Caution was back out on lap 17 for the stopped car of John Sandberg in turn two. 

On the lap 17 restart it was Chapman once again getting by Christopher to take over second behind race leader Talman. 

On lap 18 Rufrano was able to find the line to get by Christopher for third. On lap 20 Rufrano was able to go by Chapman for second. 

Caution was back out on lap 24 for a stopped car in turn two. Talman was able to hold the top spot on the restart once again, but issues at the back of the field brought the yellow back out on lap 26. 

After the lap 26 restart, caution was right back out on lap 27 for another incident on the backstretch at the back of the field. 

On the lap 27 restart it was Rufrano hanging to the outside of Talman for much of the lap. Rufrano got in behind Talman off of turn four. On lap 28 Rufrano got under Talman into turn three and came off of turn four with the lead. Caution flew again on lap 29 for a stopped car at the rear of the field. 

On the lap 29 restart it was Rufrano holding the top spot with Christopher moving past Talman to take over second. 

On lap 35 the field was back under caution for the stopped car of George Bessette Jr. in turn four. 

On the first attempt at a lap 35 restart, Christopher was called for jumping the restart and penalized to the rear of the field. Rufrano was able to keep his advantage on the second attempt at the lap 35 restart. 

On lap 36 caution was back out when David Arute spun in turn four while battling for fourth place. 


  1. Hillary 2024 says

    Regardless of what happens tonight why the hell was the tour race scheduled to start at 6pm on a Sunday night? Kids have school tomorrow, people work. And isn’t a schedule always subject to change? Yes the weather forecast changed throughout the day but there was always the chance of a shower. They couldn’t cancel the stupid pit party and got things moving? I had to leave. I can’t wait till late tonight to watch the rest of the show. What a waste.

  2. Hey Hillary 2024, while you were at the track, people were walking on your lawn.

    The NWMT races are all scheduled later now, most likely due to the TV coverage deal to maximize TV viewership. I went through the schedule and there are no early or afternoon race times this season, everything starts late in the evening.

  3. Fast Eddie says

    If they can’t fire engines untill noon, pit parties should start at 11 am. If they passed on that yesterday and ran the Sizzler second, they still may have bee able to get the SKL race in as well.

  4. The race was pretty good up front – Awesome move to win it -Congratulations to the team #3. JR got screwed on a bad call for sure

  5. Crazy in NY says

    JR got screwed on a bad call for sure.

    Good call that went bad. What I mean is jr jumped but the 88 was ahead at s/f so no call was needed. At least not one that had that steep a penalty. Took any chance Mike had at a win. What I didn’t get was the not call on Reen who put his lefts on the grass down in 3 to get under David A. He should have been sent tail in my opin. Another otherwise great SK race there.

  6. Garbage Truck says

    I bet Talman’s sponsors are very proud that he got in front of a huge crowd with lots of kids and dropped an F-Bomb. Way to represent. Guess when your sponsor is a garbage company they don’t care if you have a garbage mouth.

  7. “If they can’t fire engines untill noon, pit parties should start at 11 am.”

    There was way too much activity in the pits yesterday before noon to have the pit party. Teams extremely buys, lots of carts of tires and fuel moving around, various inspections, cars in various states of readiness, tire purchasing and mounting, that stuff… Local divisions were not allowed to buy tires and have them scanned until this weekend. At one point, the line at the tire truck was longer than a beer line between races.

  8. The bomb dropped by Talman was not good at all.

  9. Everyone criticizing Stafford for how they handled the weather probably has never had to schedule a huge event with 100 race teams and thousands of people, nor had to deal with an uncertain weather forecast.

  10. Was that Teddy Hogden driving Ray Smiths car #28 (Out of MT Kisco NY)? Glad to see some of the of the old Timers pulling their cars out of the garage for the SK race.

  11. chevelledude says

    The Pit Party Used To Be In The Morning, Stupid Of Them To Change It!!!!

  12. Crazy in NY says

    The bomb dropped by Talman was not good at all.

    LOL…yet over the years at some Cup races a few f bombs have slipped out yet NASCAR is still open. I think Stafford will survive. But..you want f bombs? Stand outside the concession there and listen as people get their boiled hot dog and luke warm fries for only 14 bucks. eooowwww.

  13. Crazy In NY,
    Glad you brought the concession stands anger to the forefront, it’s a topic that fascinates me. Like you did here, I saw so many of the people who were skewering Stafford management over the weather issues from Sunday who also added in whining about concessions pricing.
    What fascinates me is that I’ve been covering public sporting events for three decades now, from racing to the NFL to Major League Baseball to Division I college basketball and football to world championship boxing and I have yet to ever witness the moment when someone managing any sort of event forcibly grabbed a patron and held them at gunpoint standing in line and made them buy food at a concession stand. I mean, when I read about all these people complaining I have to assume it’s because someone obviously threatened them that if they didn’t purchase something from the concession stand that they would be harmed right? I say that because it doesn’t make sense to me how so many people would complain constantly over something they voluntarily chose to purchase of their own free will.
    The other day I went to the grocery store. I was going to buy some steaks. I looked at the price and decided I thought it was a little too much and I made a decision I would get steaks another time when they were on sale. I didn’t run home and post on social media about how the grocery store was robbing me at the meat counter. I just simply chose not to buy steaks because I didn’t like the price of them.
    When you’re standing in line at the concession stand, isn’t there a price list for the food choices? Like, you know before you get to the register how much it costs right? And you willfully pay that price and then complain about something you willfully and voluntarily chose to do on your own? I don’t get it. If you don’t like the price of a hot dog or fries or an ice cream then just don’t buy it. Is it really that complicated?

  14. Crazy in NY says

    It’s little more complicated than that Shawn. Yes, the prices are posted but when it’s a crummy boiled hot dog and the fries are less than piping hot..that premium price brings out the anger. me? I bring my own stuff to the track. Won’t pay (like you) the ridiculous price(s) but it was just an observation while under the overhang dodging the rain drops. The packed grandstand belies the grumbling I overheard but….It’s a bit of a curiosity when I read your words > Stafford is at the forefront of growing the sport. and…. It’s the place most likely to be the welcomer of the new family that has never been to a track. <

    Well..maybe if that family is monied up. Ever seen the Bugsy interview where he alludes to the wealth (greed) of the A clan? Stafford has the CT racing thing by the short hairs but will Paul and David pee away what grampa Jack worked so hard to build.?. God I hope not but somebody there better start looking west of the CT river and see how venues that ARE truly trying build their programs and not take their patrons for granted.

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