Stafford Motor Speedway Announces End Of Long Running Relationship With CarQuest

Stafford Motor Speedway management announced Monday that the CarQuest Auto Parts era at the track has come to an end.

SMS-LOGO-HOME-PAGE-2012It marks the end of a relationship between the track and the company that began in 1985. CarQuest began as a contingency sponsor at the track and developed into an elite partner at the facility.

Over the years CarQuest has sponsored 45 Whelen Modified Tour events at the legendary half-mile track and countless other types of races and full shows at the track.

In 2012 CarQuest merged with Advance Auto Parts, but the company’s vice president of marketing, Rich Pallai kept the relationship with the track intact through the merger. Advance Auto Parts recently made the decision to end their involvement with local motorsports.

“The CarQuest relationship grew far past that of just a sponsorship,” Mark Arute, CEO of Stafford Motor Speedway said in a release. “It became more of a friendship. CarQuest will no longer have a presence at the Speedway but we will always value the friendships and memories developed through our partnership. They will last a lifetime.

“Rich [Pallai] has an abiding passion for short track racing and that passion will always be part of Stafford’s legacy and continued success.”

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  1. Mike Kalasnik says

    This is devastating news. There had to of been a lot of money involved there. I can see the tour running there less in the future. I hope it doesnt hurt the local teams who run that place every week. Stafford was ALWAYS the track that had the best facilities and ran it like a business and not a 2nd rate short track.

  2. Hitha Prabhakar says

    The merger was just a few weeks ago and not in 2012. It was only a 2,040,000,000 dollar deal…Yeah Advance spent just 2.04 BILLION to by CarQuest yet has chosen not to support short track racing…

  3. at least i know which parts store i’m NOT going to anymore

  4. Sharpie Fan says

    Contact Advance. Let them know you won’t shop there.

  5. Sharpie Fan says

    Here is their reply:

    My name is Kyle and I am the Ecommerce senior analyst at second level operations support. I completely understand that you have multiple options when you’re shopping for auto parts.

    I will pass along your feedback to see if we can become more involved in local sponsorships.

    It saddens me to learn that we loose you as a customer, however I hope that you’ll give us another chance to win your business back.

    Sincerely Kyle

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