Poll: Who Will Secure The Whelen Modified Tour Title – Presented By International Security Conference East


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And don’t forget to get your vote in for who will win the 2015 Whelen Modified Tour title. You can vote once a day. Ballotting closes Sunday Oct. 18 at 2 p.m.

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  1. Mupert Rurdock says

    Hopefully a big crash will ignite some controversy so everyone has something to comment or moan about for a few weeks before Melissa wins her second most popular driver award!

  2. open comp mod fan says

    Mupert, that might be the most ignorant comment I’ve ever read here ( besides the David Hill n-word comments). You’re hoping for a ” big crash “. Please don’t come to the track next weekend , we don’t need losers like you there . I am hoping for a clean tightly contested race between the 3 title contenders . Nobody cares about a damn popularity contest, it’s a joke and has nothing to do with the racing.

  3. You most likely won’t have to hope for some wrecks next weekend. It’s almost a guarantee if history tells you anything. The only thing the 01 is good for is placing bets on what lap she will go a lap down.

  4. Wow, you two aren’t very quick at picking up on very obvious sarcasm! Mupert is kiddin, on both points, obviously.

  5. Justafella says

    Doug is into both Woody and Ryan’s head. So start spreading the news and engraving the Championship Trophy it’s over .

  6. Coby is not in anyones head.give me a break. all three know what they got to do. they know each other very well.It should be a great battle and good luck to all three.This is the way it should come down too.

  7. Doug salvaged a shot a defending the title through some ugly racing at NHMS, and some very controversial moves in several other events including the Bud 150. I expect the 88 and the 6 to be very well prepared for Thompson, and they will not give the 2 an inch.

    These guys are all fast, bring great crews and have turned many laps at Thompson. It will be run clean early, but from lap 145 to the end I expect the gloves to come off. NASCAR better be prepared to make a tough call in this one.

  8. Doug is the domain Force at Thompson, Cryan Preece and Whining Woodrow will be chasing The Duece from the drop of the green to checkered flag . it’s all over but the crying See ya

  9. Justafella your funny you could be a rap artist you even have the name, hopefully the duuuuche has a flat on the last lap!

  10. Justafella says

    Whoops Dominant Force !

  11. We got are selfs a big ole girl fight next weekend.

  12. Just my thoughts... says

    Justafella, You state, “Doug is into both Woody and Ryan’s head” I will have to disagree on that one, they all know what they have to do, and don’t forget it is Doug who has driven all season without much respect for others. I would have to say it is Doug wondering who may decide to pay him back this weekend. A few weeks ago after the Loudon race, Bobby Santos was not too happy with some of Doug’s comments, in an article in aarn Santos stated, “I actually still owe Doug one from the Spring Sizzler that I haven’t forgot about yet”. How many other drivers out there feel they owe Doug one? Remember, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”, it is going to be an exciting race, but do not feel it is over before it even starts, better hold off on the trophy engraving. Again, Just my thoughts…

  13. Don’t worry… everyone will get out of Coby’s way.

  14. DING DING. LETS GET READY TO RUMBBBBLE.NO crying,just fist flying if necessary.Good luck to all three,should be awesome.Bring your A game guys.

  15. That Charlotte tour race is a joke. A disgrace to modified racing period.

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