Compromise Needed: NASCAR Missed On Race Start Issue At Lancaster Whelen Modified Tour Event

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On Saturday the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour ran its first event ever at Lancaster (N.Y.) Speedway.

A packed crowd was treated to a great finish with Patrick Emerling defending the charges of two-time series champion Justin Bonsignore on the final lap to win the event.

Doug Coby also put on a show for the fans over the span of the event, but the six-time series champion was actually never at the front of the field.

Despite having one of the best cars in the field Coby was left spending the race trying to get back on the lead lap after an issue just before the start of the event dropped him two laps down.

Coby came to pit road during the pace laps with a broken shifter. He went back on the track and blended into the field while the rest of the competitors were on their second lap. But thanks unique rules set up for the event due to a quirky infield pitting arrangement, NASCAR deemed that Coby was down two laps to the leaders by the time he got up to speed.

One can debate back and forth interpretations of the pit road rules that were put in place for the event all day long. Whelen Modified Tour director Jimmy Wilson can argue NASCAR got the call right. Coby can argue NASCAR got the call wrong.

The fact is, it never should have got to where it was in the first place if NASCAR would have seen the forest through the trees instead of being firmly unyielding in their rush to get the race started.

When Coby went to pit road before the start of the race on Saturday NASCAR officials should have been willing to give him a lap before starting the race. Certainly Coby would have been willing to start the race at the rear of the field.

Fans and race promoters deserve to see the best cars and drivers competing for the win, period. Nobody is saying NASCAR needs to play favorites, but the fact is, they had an opportunity to be slightly yielding in their procedures and give fans and promoters what they expect from the event. Nobody was going to get hurt by taking one extra lap pacing the field before green, or even two, as a courtesy.

When the series runs three extra caution laps for what appears often to be no reason whatsoever it costs fans from seeing green flag laps. Those same fans weren’t going to lose anything they paid for if NASCAR had given Coby one lap and let him start at the back of the field.

A similar situation arose on July 24 at the Tri-Track Open Modified Series event at Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. With cars gridded on the track for the start of the feature driver Ron Silk saw that he had a nail in one of his tires. Silk called a series official over and was allowed to go to the pits during the pre-race pace laps to change the tire and then return to his starting spot before the green flag fell.

It was an example of compromise between series officials and a team that fans expected to see competing for victory. It was a series operating race management procedures in the best interest of all parties.

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series had more than 40 cars attempting to qualify for the 29 starting spot for the event at Star Speedway. NASCAR had 23 cars show up at Lancaster, with every entry guaranteed to make the field. Quite a difference. One of the reasons for that difference is probably having series management more willing to work with teams to make sure the best show can take place on the track.

The reality is the Whelen Modified Tour has been bleeding teams for the last five years. The division is on pace to have its lowest average car count since the series’ inception in 1985.

Much of that hemorrhaging of teams has involved the disappearance of long participating, front-running outfits. Being steadfastly uncompromising to a six-time series champion who is also a team owner isn’t any sort of way to create goodwill among the competition or reverse the continuing trend of those walking away.

Let’s be bluntly honest: This is not a series putting 15 cars on the track that can win on any given night. Putting a front-running team on the shelf before the race even starts is just reducing that already small number of premium teams fans and the promoter expect to see battling for the win. 

Fans at any race deserve to see the best competition the series can offer. And that should be more especially true at a track the series has never been to before where you’re trying to sell the product for future events. That NASCAR refused to grasp that fact Saturday is a decision that will only serve to hurt the series in the long run.

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  1. MRS puts on a better show than the Tour … Tour is gradually (or quickly) declining … 20 to 24 cars..more than half the field are “fillers”… NASCAR better wake up … The “Tour will be a Bore”

  2. Strange that when the cars pitted the score line in the Quarter mile disappeared.

  3. great summation Shawn!

  4. A giant can of worms has been opened…

  5. Who gets these so-called “courtesy laps”?

    Would the 18, 26, or 01 be eligible? No, of course not because they suck. Now that would be profoundly wrong. 😑 That picking a winner, and that is not what a governing body is supposed to do.

    So who is eligible for a “Courtesy Lap”?

    Or perhaps only top 10 in points get a courtesy lap. That’s gonna make for unhappy ☹️ racers.

    Please define this courtesy lap and who and when it gets given.

  6. All I can say to that Article is AMEN……

  7. Nascar screwed up, the tour is a bore.They need to get a sponsor like NOS like the World of Outlaws have and get some real money!

  8. Not taking anything away from any one but if you don’t make minimum speed by the rule book and go 20 laps down and your still on the track Goodfella is that not a courtesy.

  9. It doesn’t seem appropriate to conflate low car counts with this issue. The intransigence is a factor but the car count issue involves so many other factors. A really well informed guy once said it’s about the competitive cars, not the total number of cars. This race had plenty of competitive cars with good racing action. It’s the failure to be able to make decisions on the fly like someone said previously.
    Promoter’s exceptions have been around forever and they reserve the right to make any change they deem proper to promote competition. Good promoters aren’t lawyers interpreting rules. The best are benevolent dictators with the rule book handy but the chops to call an audible to promote competition. Promoter’s can add cars to the lineup any time they want for literally any good reason subject only to fan and team blow back.
    Do you really need some formal policy or rule change or a decision maker.
    Hey Vinnie, I think I see debris in turn 3. Throw the lights back on and take another lap or two.
    They just didn’t think fast enough or too many cooks in the kitchen looking over each others shoulder.
    Bet they wish they could have this one back. What a mess after what otherwise was an epic show.

  10. knuckles mahoney says

    Good right up Shawn. Been saying the last 5 years or so that winning the NWMT doesn’t mean much at all these days. Like winning an MRS championship today compared to 2008 or so. Means nothing. Winning Tri Track championship is an accomplishment. Tri Track should expand to 10 or so races.

  11. wmass01013 says

    Funny how the POLL sides with NASCAR but all the comments are from the haters, INTERESTING

  12. Ok Goodfella your so smart explain when the cars pitted and didn’t pass the scoring loop why they didn’t go a lap down?

  13. Shawn, you just hit the nail on the head. Great article and thanks for your honest, accurate opinion.

    As far as courtesy laps go, that practice should be extended to each and every competitor especially prior to the initial green flag that starts the race. It hurts absolutely nothing.


  14. Larry Barnett says

    You put my exact feelings and opinions into words.
    NASCAR messed up bad.

  15. Just playing devils advocate for a second I’d ask the long term modified race fans to think back to the year 2000. The NWMT had 17 races and 10 different drivers won races that year. 31 cars started the August NWMT race at Stafford that year so the field was robust and the stands probably pretty well stocked. Makes now seem pretty bleak but is it the whole story.
    What other tour type modified races were you watching that year? The MRS hadn’t started yet. What choices did fans and teams have with regard to tour type modified racing?
    This year there will be over 30 races involving tour type modifieds. All unique in their own way and all providing good racing action at tracks far and wide.
    My question is this: do you think if there were not all these opens, Tri Track, the MRS and one race specials that the car count might just be a little stronger Friday night at Stafford?
    This year the NWMT has had 6 winners in 8 races and some really good racing action. They have a good number of well funded, top tier teams and a second tier of quality cars that race hard for top 10 spots. Last Saturday in spite of the Coby debacle we saw big time in action that no other series or track can match when NASCAR is at it’s best.
    Worried that the NWMT race Friday won’t be that good? No worries, you don’t have to wait very long for another tour type modified race there will be one Wednesday at Thompson. Then a few days later Tri Track at Monadnock. That’s after the two just last week at Stafford and Lancaster. How long was it until the next big modified event in the year 2000?
    Sure the NWMT has a laundry list of things they could address but they also are in a market that has changed radically since 2000. There’s the challenges attracting fans that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. This is about car counts and now the NWMT is not the only game in town not by a darn sight. Still their races are great and if you really hate them wait a few days. There will be another somewhere else held by some other track of sanctioning group and it will likely be on TV in places you never thought to travel to in the year 2000.
    So what really is there to complain about?

  16. Shawn, are you he who decides which cars are provided courtesy laps? Do cars get courtesy laps mid-race or only pre-race? Is it just one lap or two or three? Can you come to pit road to make air pressure adjust pre-race or does that not fall under your rules? Do we start giving the 01 a participation medal as well to ensure no feelings are hurt?

  17. Shawn can you draw some pictures for DADOPE and CK, they are having a hard time understanding

  18. Since when does a differing opinion make someone a hater? Please explain.

  19. NASCAR gets criticized regularly for taking too long to get a race underway. Completely understandable that they want to move things along and get the race started.

    Unyielding? Well, that’s the RULES, otherwise everyone will be claiming they are special.

    The shifter broke off. I’ve been around that. It can be an easy or difficult temporary fix. Not something to deal with when the green flag is seconds away. The 10 got to start at the back of the field.

    Fans and promoters deserve to see cars show up prepared to race, and don’t break down. The fans didn’t lose anything, the 10 still ran, and it was dramatic watching it try to recover from its self-inflicted problem. I’d say the fans got a better deal watching a supposedly top car try to recover. Plenty of top cars break throughout a race, we don’t give them courtesy laps.

    I recommend you listen on a scanner to race control. Usually when it appears that there is no reason for the extra pace laps, there is a good reason if you were listening in.

    Can’t have a policy that prohibits top running cars from suffering track position consequences due to things such as a broken shifter. Breakdowns are a part of racing.

    Most obvious, there was no idea to know how long (many laps) it would take to get the car running again. And in the heat of the moment, which was literally just moments before the green was to drop, was the absolutely WORST time to have an equipment failure.

    The 10 suffered a compound disaster in that the configuration of pit lane was weird, and the timing was the WORST.

    That’s racing.

    Get over it.

  20. Shawn, I always thought there was a rule that said if you did not take the initial green flag you were out of the race. Maybe I am thinking of a non sanctioned track or another series.

  21. Shawn, how does the concept of courtesy laps square with impound races? Wanna see a field pull in during the pace laps and call for Courtesy Laps?

    In the heat of the moment, how is it determined how many courtesy laps are granted?

    How many courtesy laps are allowed per race? Per season? If several cars opt to use these Courtesy Laps, the lap count can go pretty high. But then, apparently only special drivers will be allowed, right?

    In Cup, cars are allowed to be worked on for something like 5 minutes. If the car isn’t repaired in that time, they are out. In 5 minutes, the car can go down several laps. Is that not courteous enough? 😉

    I maintain it was far more exciting seeing the 10 try to get back. The thing is, even after all those cautions and bunching up the field, it was not able to do so. Not that special after all.

  22. How does a 50/50 poll side with one side only? Seems like the opinion is equal on both sides. Please explain wmass.

  23. Just Me - The Original says

    Nascar had the option within their rules (Section 9-1-D) to hold off the green flag for a lap or two if they wanted.

    9-1 Event Procedure Defined
    A. Event Procedure is the manner in which an Event and all associated
    activities are conducted. Event Procedure includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Inspection determinations regarding the eligibility of vehicles for
    2. Determinations regarding eligibility of a driver(s) for competition;
    3. A Team/Competitor’s compliance with competition-related procedures
    as set forth in the NASCAR Rules;
    4. Practice procedures;
    5. Qualifying procedures;
    6. Starting position determination;
    7. Line-up of vehicles;
    8. Start of the Qualifying or Race;
    9. Control of vehicles throughout the Event by flags, lights or other direct
    communication between NASCAR and Team/Competitors;
    10. Election to stop or delay an Event;
    11. Control of pit activity;
    12. Use of flags;
    13. Positioning of vehicles during the Event;
    14. Addition or subtraction of lap(s);
    15. Assessment of lap and time penalties;
    16. Completion of Qualifying session or Race.
    B. Event Procedure does not include the assessment of penalties pursuant to
    Section 12 Violations and Disciplinary Action (disqualification, suspension, point
    deduction or fine), but it does include assessment of lap and/or time penalties and
    similar actions taken by NASCAR during a Race or immediately after a Race as
    provided in this Section.
    C. The rules in this Section provide the framework for NASCAR to implement
    Event Procedures.
    D. In addition to interpreting and applying these rules, NASCAR Officials are
    authorized to make such other determinations or take such other action as they
    determine to be necessary to promote the best interests of NASCAR racing,
    including but not limited to fairness and prompt finality of competition results.

    There is no rule that you have to take the green flag
    9-6.2 Starting Position
    E. If a vehicle is able to enter the Race after the starting flag is displayed,
    NASCAR must be advised to ensure proper scoring of the vehicle
    G. Once the field of vehicles are lined up and the starter signals the drivers to
    be ready, the number of pace laps may be set at the discretion of NASCAR.
    During the pace laps, if a vehicle does not maintain its designated position in the
    starting field, NASCAR may reposition the car at their discretion

  24. I totally think NASCAR should have taken the time and given Coby an extra lap, 1 lap, to try and resolve his issues (and I’m not a Coby fan) the race had not yet started. Now, if it happened under caution, then it’s a different story. But before the race starts, they should give competitors a 1 lap break, especially seeing they rarely, if ever, have a full field of cars.

  25. wmass01013 says

    Earl can u read????????????
    i said when i voted and saw the results which can obviously change as people VOTE THAT THE LEAD WAS WITH NASCAR but 99% of the comments on the site are Against NASCAR, kinda funny how more people side with the call AT THAT POINT but most making comments are allll BOOOOOOOOOOOOO NASCAR which is usual here, I DONT WHAT YOU PEOPLE want? you alll bash NASCAR for everything, the tour is 37 yrs strong, IS IS PERFECT? HELL NO but its quality racing, QUALITY MODIFIED RACING!!!!!
    They dont run heats, ok so what we all love heats over time trails but ask the teams, 99% will say time trials and if u have 22 cars for 26 spots then what do heats do anyway???????????
    The big 1, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT MODIFIEDS??????????????
    I will ask again, what do you people want?
    How have those Thompson opens gone????????
    You think Tri Track on 3 bullrings will expand to 15 races????????????
    Stafford opens better now with 5 k winner share but WMT 10K or more most races, WMT POINT FUND!!!!!!!!!
    WAS SAPIENZA and Coby callls right, MAYBE , MAYBE NOT but again what do you people want?
    i want modified racing with THE BEST TEAMS AND DRIVERS AND ACTION RACING, thats THE WMT!!!!!!!!!
    I WATCH allllll series and ALLLL HAVE DIFFERENT qualities of racing, nothing wrong with that!!!!!!!!!!!
    things don;t have to be allllllllllll 1000% the same

  26. WeldingWonders says

    “Can’t make this stuff up…. Truth is stranger than fiction.”



    August 2,
    6;12PM, 6;58PM, 7;41PM, 9:42PM, 10:20PM,10:38PM, 10:52PM
    AUGUST 3
    8:44AM, 8;48AM, 8,58AM, LUNCH BREAK 12;53PM,1;28PM, 1;32PM, 1;43PM, 1;44PM,2;21PM,2;23PM, 2;30PM, 2;38PM, 2;52PM DINNER BREAK AND THE NEWS 9;34PM, 9;40PM, 9;41PM, 9;51PM, 10;07PM






    “Can’t make this stuff up…. Truth is stranger than fiction.”

  27. It was stated that Coby put on a show coming from the back…. Exactly why they need a handicap system

  28. wmass01013 wrote, “Earl can u read????????????”

    Earlbag can read, has zero comprehension and cognitive ability.

    I have a rulebook, as do those in racing. Doug, Insipid Cybil, WeldingWonders, et al., do not have the rulebook, and clearly have no idea what it is for. Yes Insipid Cybil, there is a rulebook.

    Jimmy Wilson made the rules complaint call. The exceptionalism you idiots are demanding is absurd.

    Less than a full field has nothing to do with this. Bring a defective car to the event, that’s your fault and your problem.

    And if this happened to JBon, Kobe would have been all over Twitter antagonizing JBon about it, like he usually does.

    And if the rules are read, one can find plenty of regs regarding the start of the race and the green flag. They have not been presented here. I’m not gonna do it. If you idiots want to continue arguing like this, you are arguing against the rules and law and order.

    There’s no courtesy laps in racing.

    There’s no crying in racing. Dug Kobe = 😭 👶

    Y’all should know by now that the event starts when the pace car starts to roll out. When the pace car rolls out, IT’S GAME ON. Can’t stop the proceedings because some idiot forgot to tie his shoe laces, or has a broken car. Many cars have had problems between the time the pace car started to roll out and the green was dropped… never has there been discussion of special consideration, courtesy laps, and superior exceptionalism, which is all this is. When these cars had problems on the pace laps, they got to pit road and did what they had to do BEFORE THE GREEN DROPPED, or they started when they fixed the problem and joined the race in progress, LONG AFTER THE GREEN DROPPED.

    Fans complain about late starts and late finish times and now you want to grant courtesy laps???? You need to know MANY CARS will “need” courtesy laps, and that will unnecessarily delay the event even more.

    The poll is running about 50/50, leaving the conclusion that half the folks here never read the rules or have no idea what the rules mean.

    There is a schedule… either you are ready or not. And if you are not, that’s your problem.

  29. I’m really puzzled that racing fans are arguing about a team that’s not ready to start a race. If you can’t make the start when 20 other cars are ready to go then you miss the start. That’s part of the race. I don’t want NASCAR handing out favors to teams because I don’t want NASCAR or any other governing body playing favorites. There are better ways to make the series healthy than waiting for a supposedly top-tier team to be ready to start. If Coby decides to pout and not show up for races because he missed the start I can’t really support him.

  30. In no way should Nascar have held up the race for a broken shifter. The example used isn’t even close to the same situation. Silk got a flat tire due to something on the track not a failed part. Way different. Just because he was a contender doesn’t give him special privileges. It’s a mechanical part that broke and the reality is that’s part of racing. No crying after or wanting to change the rules for one guy who broke.

  31. WeldingWonders says

    “Can’t make this stuff up…. Truth is stranger than fiction.”


    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    August 4, 2021 at 8:32 am

    And if the rules are read, one can find plenty of regs regarding the start of the race and the green flag. They have not been presented here. I’m not gonna do it.


    “Can’t make this stuff up…. Truth is stranger than fiction.”

  32. wmass01013
    August 3, 2021

    “Funny how the POLL sides with NASCAR but all the comments are from the haters, INTERESTING”

    August 3, 2021
    “How does a 50/50 poll side with one side only? Seems like the opinion is equal on both sides. Please explain wmass.”

    August 4, 2021
    “Earl can u read????????????
    i said when i voted and saw the results which can obviously change as people VOTE THAT THE LEAD WAS WITH NASCAR but 99% of the comments on the site are Against NASCAR”

    Can I read? Yep. Read your last post. You said what? You said no such thing. Don’t you even remember what you wrote? You made a specific statement with no qualifiers. The spin ain’t working dude.

    Chill out with the cap’s cause the intimidation factor ain’t workin!

  33. Sometimes the moderator’s commentary goes to hell after a food fight breaks out in the comment section but this one improved with age.
    It was an opinion that proved to be popular seeing as how half the poll respondents essentially shared the same view. The specific rules were sighted in the comments, always authoritative and the discretion to give a competitor a little longer leash existed they simply chose not to use it.
    I know I was genuinely excited when they said Coby got his lap back. That is until race control informed them there was another lap to get back. Were Coby in the points battle for the championship I could see easily why you’d want to avoid doing anything that didn’t smack of favoritism but that wasn’t the case this year. Then there is the notoriety that Coby got for the NWMT indirectly by winning an SRX race so why not throw him a bone?
    The thing I really don’t get is getting worked up about it and intolerant of seeing the other side on what was obviously a judgement call. There’s good arguments either way.
    That’s the point of good commentary to weigh in not on things that are black and white but gray areas.
    Good piece! I’d hope Mr. Wilson views it and the reactions and just maybe show a little more flexibility in the future in support of the people putting on the show race after race and year after year.

  34. Doug wrote, “The thing I really don’t get is getting worked up about it and intolerant of seeing the other side on what was obviously a judgement call. There’s good arguments either way.”

    Says the intolerant one that’s getting all worked up, invoking his other screen names.

    The poll shows not many know the rules. Ignorance is no excuse.

    I’m glad Mr. Wilson followed the rules and treated the participants like adults.

  35. Goodfella you can a comment a thousand times read the rules and they also have in the rules they all can be determined at the discretion of the race director.

  36. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”
    Doug… you see that???? Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    500 Doug, if you stopped the cataloging, and multiple personality disorders, you might be able to go to a track sometime.
    501 Earl, if you can post these questions, you can get the answers yourself. Are you an idiot or just behave like one?
    502 Carl thinks he gets smart when he stays at a Holiday Inn Express.
    503 It’s strange to read what they (NWMT) might be planning, because of the extreme stupidity, but I’m thinking it’s either gonna be really bad or really good.
    504 Similarly, I try to figure out what the NWMT brain trust is planning, but it is a divergent future depending on which path are they going… expert or idiot.
    505 Too damn funny. Watching idiots (Earl and Doug) is so entertaining.
    506 If you don’t know who Tony is, you’re an idiot.
    507 schmuckles mahoney, this has nothing to do with respect, it’s all about rules.
    508 If you babies are gonna complain about the pit rules at Lancaster now, you should have said something before the race started
    509 For those of you that don’t understand what Jimmy Wilson said or disagree with what Jimmy Wilson said, get a 1st grader to read it to you and explain it to you.
    510 Yet here, you want to stop the world so Dug Kobe can fix his broken car. Idiots
    511 schmuckles mahoney, give it s shot.
    512 Read what Jimmy Wilson said If you don’t understand that, you are an idiot.
    513 YOU GET A COURTESY LAP!!!!! Idiots. (no one mentioned a courtesy lap except darealgoodfella)
    514 There are so many other idiotic statements that are so tempting…
    515 Earlbag can read, has zero comprehension and cognitive ability.
    516 I have a rulebook, as do those in racing. Doug, Insipid Cybil, WeldingWonders, et al., do not have the rulebook, and clearly have no idea what it is for.
    517 If you idiots (everyone who doesn’t agree with dareagoodfella) want to continue arguing like this, you are arguing against the rules and law and order.
    518 Says the intolerant one(Doug) that’s getting all worked up, invoking his other screen names.
    519 schmuckles baloney, I’m sorry, please repeat the question. I’ll answer.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 216……………………………519

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 208……………….…………..20



  37. Racer, excellent point. And that is their out anytime, anywhere, any situation they want to utilize it in.

    Just like the language added to the end of every job description; other duties as assigned by management.

  38. Racer, as Dug Kobe said himself, a simple hand drawn picture map of the track was used to explain how it works. No management discretion needed. You either get it or you don’t.

    You clearly do not know what the layout of the track is, or you don’t understand the implications of that weird, quirky layout.

    When I saw the 10 pulling in, I knew this kind of situation could happen BECAUSE OF THE PIT CONFIGURATION. Why can’t you people understand that???? A pit configuration that EVERY car was subject to.

    Dug says he walks the track… well if he understood what he saw during this walk he should have known this could happen. Then trying to play a victim card and sell conspiracies, is just so, well, just a huge pile of 💩💩💩💩💩. 👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨

    Read what he said… he knew he was under the gun because the drop of the green was pending, he knew he was in trouble of missing the start. Then he tries to make up all this other 💩 like his problems because of his broken car were everyone else’s fault.


    whaa, whaa, whaa. 😭

  39. Earl you should never said good point he’s wild now Goodfella I’ll use you against you no matter the pit lay out or his car broke which I don’t care everything is at the discretion of THE RACE DIRECTOR same as when the cars PITTED.

  40. Doug, Earl, and Elect.

    aka: Larry, Daryl, and Daryl.

  41. Honestly, good arguments can be made for either decision. I dont know where the poll ended up but when I voted it was exactly 50/50. Thus proving either decision was going to be questioned ridiculed and disliked by half the modified race fans.. Actually, I dont mind the decision to start the race. I just wish the Whelen modified tour would use the same sense of urgency to restart the race when under cuation for a relatively minor spin instead of endlessly running caution laps. Why is it so important to start the race on time but not so important when a caution comes out? My only real issue with the incident. I think he should have been only one lap down. I still havent heard a good answer for how cars were scored making a pit stop didnt lose a lap because there is no scoring loop on pit road but Doug Coby wasnt scored for a lap because he crossed the start finish line on pit road for his initial start Truthfully, I think Nascars decisions are causing more and more competitive drivers to look at alternatives series and races which I find more enjoyable and watch more frequently. So in that regard I should be happy about Nascars pigheadedness when it comes to rules and race procedures.

    I watched the MRS race from Wiscassette this weekend. Wiscassett had a pro stock race with a short field. Maybe 10 to 12 cars. The race took the green and in the fourth corner of the 1st lap the second place car got sideways and collected a good portion of the field. They stopped the race and brought out another division to run their feature. Allowed all the competitors involved in the wreck to fix their cars. Now is it fair to the one or two competitors who werent involved. No but it made for a much better show for the fans in attendance and insnt that what Nascar and race tracks are in the business of. Entertaining fans. Now what would Nascar do in the same situation. Their inability to adjust on the fly would probably ruin the race for all the paying fans. Right or wrong they are in the entertainment business. I think the SRX series gets the balance right between entertainment and competitive racing series. Nascar could stand to try to lean a little more entertainment with some of their rules, race procedures and decisions.

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