JDV Productions Announces Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup Bonus Program For 2023

(Press Release from JDV Productions)

JDV Productions and Whelen Engineering announced today the full, lucrative bonus program for the 2023 Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup. The Cup, which is a three-race series spread across New Hampshire with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, will consist of events at Monadnock Speedway (May 6), Lee USA Speedway (May 27) and Claremont Motorsports Park (July 29). 

Similar to 2022, the bonus program includes $15,700 in potential winnings for competitors – even more compared to the original year of the Cup in 2022.

The champion car owner of the three-race series will earn $5,000, while the runner-up owner will earn $2,500 and third will collect $1,000. Between the top three points finishers, $8,500 will be distributed. The NASCAR points system will be used to determine which driver earned the most points during the three events, and the car owner will be paid the winnings.

Last year, the Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup helped produce thrilling action on the track for race fans, and brought multiple local, house division drivers to the series on a national level.

“Continuing our partnership with Whelen Engineering to give back to the racers on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is important to us,” Josh Vanada, owner of JDV Productions, said. “The Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup idea was put together to try and produce some new competitors for the series at staple New Hampshire tracks, and we had great success with it last year, with multiple new drivers running the Tour more often, and Matt Hirschman winning the inaugural Cup in a close battle. We look forward to seeing what drivers can do in 2023 and the money on the line is yet another incentive for them to battle for in the final laps.”

Each additional event will also have bonus awards available at the track on each specific race day. 

The Challenger Bonus, paid $200 per event, will be paid to the highest finishing driver in each of the Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup races who does not normally run the Whelen Modified Tour full-time. This is open to any driver who competed in less than 50% of the Whelen Modified Tour races last season.

The Hard Charger Bonus, worth $200 per race, is provided to the driver who improves the most positions since their last Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup event. For the season-opener at Monadnock Speedway, the Claremont Motorsports Park race finish from July of 2022 will be used to determine the winner.

The Lap Leader bonus, worth $750, will be awarded to the driver who leads the most laps during the three races, and will be paid out after the finale at Claremont. The Best Average Finish Bonus, awarded to the driver who scores the best average finish during the three events, is another $750 award.

Finally, if any driver can accomplish a complete sweep of winning all three Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup events, they will earn an additional bonus of $5,000, paid after the Cup finale at Claremont. 

Competitors and fans are encouraged to note that the champion will be determined at Claremont – not the final JDV Productions event of the year at Monadnock on September 9. 

“Whelen Engineering takes pride in our long-standing involvement in motorsports,” Pete Tiezzi III, General Manager of Motorsports for Whelen Engineering Company Inc., said. “We are very excited to continue our partnership with JDV Productions for the Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup at three iconic short tracks in New Hampshire with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.”

The JDV Productions NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season includes four events, beginning with the Duel at the Dog Weekend at Monadnock on Saturday, May 6. JDV’s presentation of the 200-lap event will also include six other divisions on Saturday, and a six-event NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Racing Series card on Sunday, May 7. 

On Saturday, May 27, the second annual Granite State Derby heads to Lee USA Speedway, headlined by the Whelen Modified Tour’s 175-lap event, while the finale of the Cup will take place back at Claremont Motorsports Park on July 29. A full season schedule for JDV Productions, which also includes three events outside of the Whelen Modified Tour, is available at JDVProductions.com.

For more information on JDV Productions, follow the group on social media and visit them online. For more information on Whelen Engineering, visit Whelen.com. For more information on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, visit NASCAR.com/roots.


  1. Josh should ban that Fortin clown for the bs he pulled at Lee

  2. Ricky,
    What did Fortin do at Lee?

  3. My bad Shawn, Monadnock not Lee

  4. wmass01013 says

    If we ban every driver who made a mistake, we would have No Racing!

  5. “The Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup idea was put together to try and produce some new competitors for the series at staple New Hampshire tracks, and we had great success with it last year, with multiple new drivers running the Tour more often”

    OK they’re framing it as a success, taking another bite of the apple so it must have worked out for the most part but how about a closer look.
    19 cars at Lee was a little shocking then things picked up at Monadnock with 26 and 23 at Claremont. The fan interest was ho hum at Lee and Monadnock while the race at Claremont on a beautiful summer night had the joint jumpin.
    A goal of the series had to be attracting Hirschman so that box was checked. Ole Blue committed to the three races and Jake Johnson was brilliant getting all top 10’s including a podium. Jacob Perry raced in two events and got a 10th at Monadnock. Robie, Kimball and Patnode raced in two events. Patnode whiffed in his two races, Robie and Kimball whiffed in one and got a top ten in the other.
    Looks like this bonus structure is mostly about getting Hirschman involved, nothing wrong with that. As for the rest of the teams normally associated with racing up north what’s their incentive? They know the tracks well, that’s about it isn’t it? They have to deal with more NWMT red tape but the money is better so perhaps that’s a wash. Will more northern tier teams show up in 2023?
    SMART opens in Florence at 3 today and will be shown on FloRacing. Otherwise we’re in the lull in the northeast with snow coming down but the season right around the corner. The issue of too many tour mod races in 2023 sleeping for now but there will be a time when judgments will be made as the events click off and fields of cars counted. At the center of the concerns is Josh Vanada. Who most would agree has been a major contributor to NWMT racing. Filling the void of tracks that want events but don’t want to take the risk. But Vanada also is playing a wild card this year with his opens. Will they be the straw that breaks the camel’s back or another win for the riverboat gambler that is constantly thinking outside the box.
    Fair warning Pick 6 regulars and potential new players. The Pick 7 with a high/low Mulligan is coming for the NWMT race at Richmond with the csg pole bonus. Get ready for a major twist that will test your ability to strategize as well as your racing knowledge.

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