RaceDayCT Poll: Your Thoughts On The SK Modified Call Saturday At The Speedbowl

On Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl a crash on the second lap of the SK Modified feature collected 12 of the 15 cars in the field. Speedbowl officials made the decision to go against typical race procedure and suspend the event and allow teams to repair cars while two other features were run. What are your thoughts on the decision to do this? Vote below.


  1. For those that think the Bowl did not make the right call, what do you think should have been done instead?

  2. Just Me - The Original says

    Being consistent is the key. If it was 2 cars what would have they done or 4 cars, etc…? Hook and tow the cars off, clean the track and give them 5 laps then go green.

  3. Gary spinnato says

    They did the best thing for the fans . Nobody wanted to see 3 cars racing out there ..

  4. Rebecca Swiech says

    I think the real question is whether or not the sk mod drivers/owners agreed with the decision??? I like the call given the circumstances,

  5. Shawn, would you and your race team be proud of your self’s for winning a main event with only 3 competitors ?t This scenario has taken place at several different tracks over the years. Most memorable the Bi Centennial race at Orange County Fair Speedway in NY. Huge accident caused by a late caution flag for rain took out several top competitors. DISCRETION (the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation.

  6. OK good conversation. Great participation, mostly civil, good points made on both sides, Foster’s letter included an up on the wheel move and the poll clearly showing there’s strong support on either side.
    The forum at it’s best. Feedback track managements can put in their back pockets to help them make decisions in the unlikely scenario it happens at their track.

  7. Anyone who thought NLWSB did the wrong thing is someone who gets excited about receiving a participation trophy.

  8. Longtimetourfan says

    Correct me if im wrong. Many years ago when Stafford or maybe thompson, had a ton of rainouts. I recall them finishing a rain delayed sk feature to start the following weeks program. I’m sure the cars weren’t impounded. Thus anything on any of these cars could have be repaired,replaced or improved. I don’t recall any public out cry at that time. Just my point of view.

  9. Henry Lecomte says

    They did what was best for the teams and the fans. I wasn’t there however I would hope that at least the 3 cars that were not involved were in the top 3 to restart.

  10. Looks like the peasants have spoken,Waterford did the right thing….let them be and let them get back to having races…

  11. I wonder if Stafford would have done this?

  12. I’m a “kinda” the right call on this one…

    I think it helped the show, for the fans and some participants. That part I agree with. Although I wouldn’t hold anything against the finishers if they had continued with three cars. You can’t finish well if you don’t finish at all. It would have really stunk to watch for the paying fans.

    It could have been more fair if no one was allowed to work on the cars until all were removed from the track. Restart order could have been the running order before the wreck, minus those unable to return, or even a blind draw with the three uninvolved cars starting up front.

    That said, we’ve all had days to think about it. The track officials had to deal with it on the spot, and there probably aren’t enough track officials to watch the pits to stop work until everyone is towed in. We Monday morning QB’s always have an advantage over the actual players.

    I’d also like to see a poll of the participants, even if anonymous.

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