Race Preview: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Event: Belltown Motors/Fowler’s Auto Wrecking 100

Where: New London-Waterford Speedbowl, Waterford, CT

When: Saturday

Schedule: Detailed Schedule for Saturday at the New London Waterford Speedbowl

Who: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Speedbowl Entry List


— The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series hosts the fourth of its six scheduled 2023 events Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

— After six years away from the shoreline oval, the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series returned to the track in 2022 with Dana DiMatteo winning last August in the division’s return to Waterford.

— The Monaco Modiifed Tri-Track Series ran two events at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2015, with Ron Silk and Woody Pitkat scoring victories. The series also ran two events at the track in 2016 with Stepen Masse and Matt Hirschman scoring wins.

— Matt Swanson and Woody Pitkat are tied for the lead atop the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series standings. Matt Hirschman sits third in the standings, four points behind the leaders. Ronnie Williams and Austin Beers are tied for fourth in the standings, 11 points off the lead. Chris Pasteryak is sixth, 16 points from the top. Click here for the full series standings

— Ronnie Williams won the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series season opening event at Thunder Road International Speedbowl on May 28.

— Matt Swanson won the second Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series event of the season on June 28 at Seekonk Speedway.

— Jake Johnson is the most recent Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series winner after scoring his second consecutive Star Speedway victory on July 22

— The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series is celebrating its 10th season in 2023 – Decade To Dominance: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Celebrate 10 Years Of Perennial Growth

— Matt Hirschman is the reigning Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series champion. Hirschman is looking for his eighth series title in 2023. Click here for 2022 series standings.

— The series began in 2014. Jon McKennedy won the first series title. Ronnie Williams was the series champion in 2019. Hirschman has won every other series title.

— Matt Hirschman is also the division’s all-time winningest driver with 16 victories in 44 series starts. Click here for the division’s all-time win list

— Spectator gates open at 2 pm. Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series practice is scheduled for approximately 2 pm. Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series qualifying is scheduled approximately 5 pm. Click here for a detailed schedule.

— Saturday’s event marks the first of two visits to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2023 for the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series. Click here for the detailed 2023 schedule.

RaceDayCT Poll: Who Will Win The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Event At Waterford

Monaco Modiifed Tri-Track Series cars lined up at Star Speedway on July 22, 2023 (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)


  1. Sharpie Fan says

    Wow! Love Tri-Track’s website!

  2. Still some time but way down from 43 last year it appears the bloom is off the rose.

  3. Robert Smith says

    couple speedbowl questions ?

    Credit card payment accepted?

    re-entry permitted ?

    thank you

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Robert, pretty sure it’s cash only and you can go out only once.

  5. Seekonk had 28 so if 32 show it will be the 1st consi run all yr unless they want to start them all to avoid program delays. Stafford put 37 sk lites out there few wks ago I am sure Waterford could put 33 or so on track.

  6. Hillary 2024 says

    Re-entry is permitted. Keep your ticket stub and receive a hand stamp at the main gate by our guest services team who will authorize re-entry and answer any questions you may have upon exit.

  7. Hillary 2024 says

    Credit cards are accepted at both the main ticket office and the pit window. Food vendors may accept card if they’re equipped.

    I’ve been paying with a card since last season 🤯
    Took me all of 30 seconds to copy and paste that info directly from their website🤯

    Eddie probably thinks that they don’t sell any alcohol either🍺

  8. Robert SMITH says

    Thank you

    I read the website also but I thought i read some comments on here that said otherwise

  9. If cash or credit is not accepted, you can pay with blocks of salt, beads, cocaine, or concubines.

  10. Hillary 2024 says

    Is Doug spazzing out now that the races will be live on Flo?

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry guys, maybe the rules changed this year, have not been there yet. Last year the guy in front of me in line was told it was cash only when he tried to use a credit card. I was there 3 times last year and was only able to go out once each time.

  12. Hillary 2024 wrote,

    “Is Doug spazzing out now that the races will be live on Flo?”

    Took me a half hour to recover from laughing so hard.

    😝 🤣 😂 😝 😜 🤪 😝 🤣 😝 🤣 😝 🤣 😝 🤣 😝 🤣

  13. Is “spazzing out” a bad thing when it’s from glee? Actually I would thank Hillary for highlighting it. Yup there it is on the FloRacing cite at 5 o’clock so we get to see the whole show. Mock me if you will Hillary I always enjoy your commentary on what’s going on at Creepy Bruce’s track even if you employ those sharp elbows from time to time. I referenced the decrease in entries above as a shameless trolling expedition that was pretty much ignored. In actuality that field of cars is just terrific an eclectic group from all over headed up by a couple favorites Hirschman and Silk.
    My good buddy DarealGoodfella I’m sure as a fellow geezer appreciates being able to view the race as well although as we know he has an image to protect so can’t admit it. Me not so much. I have the Pat’s tonight in their first exhibition game and the MMTTS all evening Saturday. I’m “spazzing out” baby and not ashamed to admit it.
    Thanks again.

  14. Hillary 2024 says

    I wonder if flo brings their own equipment and personnel? Sids View will be there doing their thing. Would make sense if they could work together for the production.

  15. Hillary 2024,
    There will be an independent production group on site at the track that will produce the event broadcast for Flo.

  16. Hillary 2024 says

    Well since no one else wanted to bite on Doug’s comment, I will. As of today 34 entered. In todays climate isn’t that excellent? In general modified numbers are down across the board aren’t they? Besides the lites at Stafford which are amazing numbers. What’s the highest number of tour type mods this season? 30 something?

  17. “In todays climate isn’t that excellent?”

    Yes. It is.

    A certain tour modified entity doesn’t seem to get the “in today’s climate” qualifier like others do, though. Which is kinda why some of us like to poke fun at the other series and their fans.

    Everyone loves to say how the NWMT car count is down this year (objectively its not BTW, it’s average is essentially flat). But some don’t seem to bat an eye that Stafford or tri tracks are down massively. (to lazy to do their math, but its probably approaching a ~10 car drop)

    The tour modified fan base in general needs to temper their expectations on car count for at least some time. the “scene” will be in trouble if they cant.

  18. with chances of thunderstorms – hope they move up the feature

  19. Hillary 2024 says

    Keith Rocco filling in for Beers is a cool story in so many different ways. From who used to drive for the owner, to the number and colors that just so happen to be what Keith’s dad ran back in the day. Rocco had battled with Christopher and that team for years. Now he’s driving for them.

  20. It’s possible Bemer can’t sell it now because the property is tied up as security for potential verdicts in the many civil cases still pending against him.

  21. Rich,

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