Three Whelen Modified Tour Shows Highlight 2024 Schedule At Monadnock Speedway

(Press Release from JDV Productions)

Three NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Events; Full Slate of House Divisions Racing Headlines Another Year at New Hampshire Oval

Monadnock Speedway and JDV Productions announced this evening the full 2024 event schedule for the Winchester, New Hampshire oval. 

The schedule begins with the JDV Open on Saturday, April 20, 2024 and ends with the return of the Winchester Fair event on Saturday, September 21. The schedule includes 20 events spanning from April through September, including house divisions, touring series dates, special events and more.

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will return to Monadnock Speedway for three dates in 2024: the third annual Granite State Derby on May 4, the third annual Duel at the Dog on July 20 and the second annual Winchester Fair on September 21. 

The first competition laps on the brand new track pavement will be on April 20 with Monadnock’s house divisions in action. The Mad Dog Modifieds, Super Streets, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks, Six Shooters and Mad Pups will be racing. The Mad Dog Modifieds were previously named NHSTRA Modifieds, while the Super Streets were previously NHSTRA Late Models and the Young Guns have been renamed to the Mad Pups.

The house divisions will each have special events throughout the year – headlined by a Triple Crown Series, a Monadnock Salutes Pure Stock special (May 18), 15th annual Firecracker 100 (June 29), the inaugural Six Shooters Showdown (July 13), Mini Stock Meet (August 3), Mad Dog Masters Challenge (August 10) and Super Street Summer Shootout (August 17). 

A full 2024 Monadnock event schedule can be found by visiting and

“We’re excited to work with the great teams that make up the Monadnock Speedway house divisions, multiple touring series divisions and others to be sure the 2024 season at Monadnock is one to remember,” Josh Vanada, owner of JDV Productions, said. “Our team will look forward to releasing more and more information as the season draws closer. The new pavement at Monadnock Speedway is going to make the racing better than it has ever been and we look forward to showcasing it to dedicated, loyal race fans in 2024.”

Additional special events during the season will include the 53rd annual weekly racing opener on May 11, the second annual Winchester Open Modified 100 for the JDV Open Modifieds on June 8, the inaugural 350 Super Thunder in the Mountains on June 15 and the 53rd annual championship Saturday on September 14, where all house division champions will be crowned.

The only two-day show of the season will be the finale weekend on September 20 and 21. On Friday night, September 20, a new winners night for house divisions will require drivers who enter the races to have never won a Monadnock event before in that division. The season officially concludes on September 21, with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour’s Winchester Fair and more.

For touring series classes, on top of the Whelen Modified Tour in town three times, the NEMA Midgets will visit once, the NEMA Lites three times, the Evolve Pro Truck Challenge twice and the Pro 4 Modifieds five times. Additional touring series divisions include the R&R Street Stock Open, Little Webb’s Super Series and the Senior Tour Auto Racers.

Open Late Models, Open Mini Stock, Big Wheel events and more are also on the calendar. JDV Productions and Monadnock Speedway will release additional information throughout the winter months about the 2024 racing season.

For more information on Monadnock Speedway’s 2024 season, visit and follow the track on social media. For more information on JDV Productions, visit and follow JDV on social media for the latest news.


  1. so im guessing the will be 200, 250, and 150 laps based on the schedule and what they were last year.

    I like the differentiation of races. wonder if they get a tire for the 250 lapper.

    Monadnock x3
    Thompson x3
    Riverhead x2

    My tour schedule prediction as of right now based on some tea leaves.

  2. Is that a giant vacuum I hear from up north. Vanada sucking all the modified life out of every other track in the state?
    I’d love to enter the NWMT schedule prediction contest but you can’t fight the Zig on all matters concerning the Tour. That projection looks really solid. Perhaps 2 at Thompson for a total of 16. Less can be more so fewer would be better.

  3. No track should have 3 races period. Langley stinks. I’m bitter about no Lee date. This tour is becoming more an Atlantic series than the north. Hate to see this go the route of the old Busch North series. Is the Tour brass getting afraid of the SMART tour?

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    I am very HAPPY for the THOMPSON predictions…. Also happy for the
    SMART TOUR RISING FROM THE ASHES….. It was D E A D as nascar southern tour….. NOW IT IS ALIVE AMD WELL and loaded with TALENTED former NASCAR STARS, Established WINNERS as VETRANS …and YOUNG TALENT COMING UP THE RANKS !!!!!! Love the SMARTY”S TROPHY”S TOO …. !!! watched many of the SMART TOURS Races this YEAR

  5. Fast Eddie says

    two at Seekonk would be nice, the 2nd one being 200 laps…

  6. Langley is still a weird choice IMO. But it is what it is. it could make sense as april/october date, but doesn’t really seem like there will be much room in those months. Say what you want about the car counts for that race, the fan support has been pretty decent. Southern tracks don’t really have the car counts some up here do, so i don’t think the fans are as bothered as the people sitting on the couch are.

    I like Lee, but it seems like almost every modified entity has had issues making it work. I kinda wish that was the track in the NE that got repaved instead of Monadnock. It’s just too abrasive, and that means you either need a lot of tires or need to put around for 75% of the race. Neither is a great option. It kinda works at Richmond and Wilkesboro due to the status of the facility, and Wilkesboro won’t even be like that anymore.

    Claremont was fine. It was good for variety, but otherwise wasn’t very noteworthy of a track.

    If wall doesn’t return, that one hurts the most. Had a decent local scene to pull from. And had great crowds. I really hope it’s not a sign on the longevity of the place.

    I wouldn’t say Vanada is sucking up the modified races in the state, as they were pretty much his to begin with. Just moving the focus to one track, arguably the best in the area. It could help with car counts too. not so much full time level ones, but area teams might be willing to focus on those 3-4 modified shows there. Especially if the short track cup returns. If there is ever a year for there to be more equal of a footing, it will be this one with the new pavement.

    IDK if I would agree that no track should have 3 races. The “glory” days had 2 tracks with 4 races. i guess it depends if its “your” track with 3+ or not.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    It was great when Stafford had 4, Thompson had 3, NHIS had 2, and the Speedbowl had 1. That was about 1/2 the WMT schedule for a few years, and they were all day trips for many fans.

  8. Suitcase Jake says

    Fast ED , I think it was Thompson with 4 and Stafford with 3 for many years and I believe that is why Thompson leads all tracks with like 160 Plus Nascar Mod tour shows… Maybe Shawn could chime in with the NUMBERS of races held at those two Conn. Tracks …????

  9. Does anyone know how much the winners purse is on the SMART modified tour?

  10. Suitcase Jake,
    For many years Thompson and Stafford both hosted four events annually on the Whelen Modified Tour schedule. Thompson has hosted 152 Whelen Modified Tour events since 1985. Stafford has hosted 135 Whelen Modified Tour races since 1985.

  11. OK I’m in. Consider this one not informed but more pie in the sky. Designed specifically to reign in the excesses of 2023 with regard to travel, provide more room for weather issues plus the health of tour mod racing in general while maintaining the balance of longer vs shorter sized tracks.

    Monadnock x3
    Thompson x2
    Riverhead x2
    One @ Lee, Clairemont or Seekonk
    Oswego or Lancaster but not both
    North Wilkesboro

    In 2023 nearly 40% of the races were long distance that’s self destructive. 5 races long distance, 33% of the schedule but three less then 2023.
    50% of the tracks larger in 2023, 53% for this suggested schedule.
    Less is more, especially less travel.
    And yes I understand it’s not about balance of travel as much as what tracks are willing to work with the NWMT.

    PS-Does time heal all wounds? If so is there any chance Creepy Bruce’s Speedbowl pops up on the NWMT schedule?

  12. Doug,
    If I was to post my “guess” at the remainder of the schedule it would line up exactly with what Zig posted on Oct. 16, except I would have Richmond as a maybe.

  13. As I said mine was pie in the sky. If I was betting I too would bet on the Zig.

  14. What zig13 profferred is very plausible. The schedule remains kinda the same with Monadnock replacing the usual three Stafford races.

    Back in the day, people complained about going to Bristol, but now there’s far more travel, and no Bristol.

    Carry on.

  15. Fast Eddie says

    Thanks Shawn, I guess Suitcase and I were kinda close! And all three schedule possibilities sound good to me, 7-8 races in New England would be cool!
    Doug, I don’t think Lee has a chance without a repave and not for nothing, Claremont may be in New Hampshire, but it’s WAY UP in NH. I still think WMMP would be a good option as well.

  16. Thought the Tour was “dead”

  17. Hal 9000,
    Who said the tour was dead?

  18. The Tour haters on this site have been telling us that for years…..Ask the well informed “Mudbus” for one.

  19. THREE races at Monadnock in NH? For the once-top modified tour? Joining up with a track and promoter that thinks six-plus divisions of ten cars each is good racing because there’s new pavement?
    It may not be dead yet, but I’d say it’s in hospice.

  20. Hal 9000,
    One thing I really can’t stand about the world we live in today is people who go through life thinking anyone that doesn’t agree with their point of view must be a “hater”.
    I think this kind of thinking started in politics about a decade ago and has sadly permeated life in general in this country.
    So many people now just entirely lack the ability to have civil dialogue and/or debate about any topic whatsoever. Your comment here is a perfect example of that.
    I think there’s at lot of people on here who have been very fairly critical of the direction of the Whelen Modified Tour in recent years and have offered fair arguments and points on why they feel that way. And there’s nothing wrong with having opinions on something that aren’t just glowing praise.
    Some people think the series has taken a downturn and have expressed why they think that way. Does it mean those people “hate” the Modified Tour because they openly express critical opinions of the direction things are going? Absolutely not. But again, we operate in this society now where so many people (like you Hal 9000) feel like you have to pick one side or the other and then go all-in on the side you choose. You have to be all-in on something or a group of people (like you Hal 9000) just immediately paint you as a “hater”.
    In recent years I’ve offered some points critical of the direction the Whelen Modified Tour is going and how it has effected the series negatively. Do I hate the Whelen Modified Tour? Absolutely not. Do I want to see it go away? Nope, not at all. I operate a business covering short track racing in the Northeast. Why on earth would I want to see a series struggle to stay relevant or go away entirely? But, that doesn’t mean I’m just going to say everything is wonderful just for the sake of saying it as some means of declared support. Sugarcoating reality only serves to make real issues worse. If you just ignore reality and just keep saying everything is wonderful, then the real problems will just be ignored and get worse and worse.
    Having the attitude that just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion makes them “a hater” is such an immensely intellectually immature way of going about life.

  21. Fast Eddie says

    Get Serious, Josh Vanada has nothing to do with the weekly car counts at Monadnock until 2024. And I would bet besides Stafford and Seekonk, you would be hard pressed to find a racetrack in the Northeast that has not been affected by lower car counts than what they had in the previous decade. The only other ones possibly not affected are Thunder Road and WMMP, but I’m not certain of that. My comment is based on the twelve tracks I have been to at least once in each of the last two years.

  22. Crazy in NY says

    What zig13 profferred is very plausible. The schedule remains kinda the same with Monadnock replacing the usual three Stafford races.

    Back in the day, people complained about going to Bristol, but now there’s far more travel, and no Bristol.

    Carry on.
    Hmmm Monad +3
    Stafford -3
    No Bristol ?? OMG how are we going to survive?
    yet…TTOM has to “grow” or evolve as the buzz word now is or it’s the end.

    I get it now…..BMUS

  23. Shawn once again you have No clue. When someone who shows joy in past issues the Tour has had and mentions not feeling bad if Tour went away is what I and most others would call a “hater”. It has nothing to do with agreeing with me. I’ll try to dumb it down more for you next time.

  24. “Hater” has become a colloquialism. It can be used to define people that inflict pain and suffering on others or a person that criticizes someone’s hair style and everything in between. It’s a sloppy, inexact adjective that’s ubiquitous in all of American society without regard to race, gender, religion or age. I don’t know what the origin is but it sure got bastardized by social media.

    “So many people now just entirely lack the ability to have civil dialogue and/or debate about any topic whatsoever. ”

    “So many people” for sure who could disagree with that but not all the people. There are probably far more ingenuous, fair minded folks willing to see more then one side with the skills to consider context and nuance. The problem being whether it’s in the halls of Congress, news media, social media or right here in the humble RaceDayCt comment section hyperbolic, unequivocal, often times bizarre statements get the attention. That leads to equally strong unbending responses. The informed, reasoned observations appear to be ignored because they don’t piss any one off. But ya know what, they aren’t like the tree that falls in the forest nobody sees or hears they are important. Like the tree that eventually can be harvested to keep a body warm in the winter, many of the unspectacular comments are remembered and appreciated far longer then the flame throwers.

  25. Hal 9000,
    You said: “When someone who shows joy in past issues the Tour has had and mentions not feeling bad if Tour went away is what I and most others would call a “hater”.” Ok, now show me the examples of comments made here where someone said they wouldn’t feel bad if the Tour went away. I’m not trying to agree with you, I’m trying to show that you have this simple go/no go mentality. If someone doesn’t say everything is great with the Modified Tour they’re a “hater” in your eyes. If they don’t offer unbreakable support and praise then they’re deemed “a hater” in your eyes. And I do enjoy how the person who doesn’t have the courage to use a real name is declaring who has a clue or who needs comments dumbed down. Come back next time with a spine you coward, and also all your examples of people on here saying they wouldn’t feel bad if the Tour went away.

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