Chasing Oscars: Rolling Out The Red Carpet Premier Of Sean Foster’s Short Track Racer Video Series

At Waterford, Tom “Speedbowl Sid” DiMaggio and his Sid’s View crew have turned producing videos of track action and the short track lifestyle into Spielberg-esque art.

Sean Foster (Photo: Nicholas Teto)

The Sid’s View webisodes from the Speedbowl have become must see stuff around the Southern New England racing scene.

Now Stafford Motor Speedway SK Modified division driver Sean Foster of Willington is ready to bring his own slant on the racing life from on and off the legendary “House That Jack Arute Built.”

The first episode of Foster’s “Short Track Racer” video series debuted on YouTube Tuesday. From the looks of the things Foster is ready to bring race fans a look at all aspects of life as a short track racers. Be warned, it’s a little blue with the language, but then again, it would be authentic Foster if it wasn’t.

So check out below as the fun and frivolity kicks off with Short Track Racer

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  1. That was enjoyable to watch. All the swearing dumbs it down, makes you appear to be ignorant and I don’t think you are. You have a nice voice, your topics are interesting and you are pleasant to watch. Looking forward to more…..if I have to I can hit the mute button.

  2. Solid debut Mr Foster! No need to bleep out anything for me. I will be watching for sure…

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