Fourteen Race Schedule On Tap For Whelen Modified Tour In 2014; Non-Points Event Added In Loudon

Seven tracks across four states will play host to the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship chase in 2014.

Whelen Modified TourNASCAR released the division’s 2014 schedule Saturday as a prelude to the evening’s Touring Series banquet festivities at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.

The schedule features eight events in Connecticut next year at the state’s three NASCAR Whelen All-American Series sanctioned tracks.

The schedule also features two non-points events for the division. The first non-points event is a return to Daytona International Speedway for the exhibition Battle at the Beach on Feb. 18. The second non-points event is the addition of a new 25-lap shootout at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The event, on July 11, will feature a limited field and is only open to past Whelen Modified Tour and Whelen Southern Modified Tour champions and race winners, along with 2013 Sunoco Rookies of the Year from both divisions.

“The passionate Modified fans take their racing very seriously,” George Silbermann, NASCAR vice president, regional and touring series said in a release. “This year’s calendar will give those fans ample opportunity to enjoy the thunder of the Whelen Modified Tour cars along with its many stars at tremendous racing facilities.”

Stafford Motor Speedway will host the division four times, Thompson Speedway three times and the Waterford Speedbowl once.

The series open its season on April 6 at Thompson Speedway and also closes its season at Thompson Oct. 19. The division also visits Thompson Aug. 13. The series makes stops at Stafford Motor Speedway on April 27, May 23, Aug. 8 and Sept. 28. The lone visit to Waterford for the series will take place on June 21.

Beyond the Connecticut events the division will have its regular two points races at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, N.H. (July 12, Sept. 20), two events at Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway (June 28, Sept. 13), one event at Bristol Motor Speedway (Aug. 20) and one at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. (July 19).

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  1. Once again another stellar schedule ! Look at how they cram all those races in for august . The tour is a joke . If I was Silbermann I would be ashamed of this schedule.

  2. huh…

  3. Why would the non points race be the day before the actual points race at NHMS? Is anyone going to want to risk wrecking in an exhibition race and missing the points paying race?

  4. Sean do you really think nascar cares ? I agree with you though they should put it on Sunday before the cookie cutter race right ?

  5. The points race schedule is the same as last year. Why the hate? What is the big deal with having three races in Aug? They have plenty of off weeks built into this schedule. I would agree that Thompson and Stafford running 5 days apart when there is really no apparent reason to do so is a little questionable. I still think the the WMT needs another signature event on the schedule. Richmond, Martinsville, a spring Bristol etc. The WSMT schedule looks solid. They actually have one more points race than the north and they visit a lot of interesting tracks.

    I don’t quite understand the NHMS invitational. Its before the points race and depending on who is invited and what time they run it there are always a bunch of teams racing back for the Friday night show at Stafford. The fact that they put it on the southern schedule was a bit amusing too. Who is going to drive 2000 miles to run 25 laps. Will Newman get an invite to the money show?

  6. I was on the tour when we went to Richmond and that was when you had 20 + races . That schedule is a joke . The problem is the other series has stolen away from the tour and nascar has no way to get them back. You have guys running both series and nascar used to threaten them , now they just gave up . Art Barry gone , Carl and Charlie gone , should I go on? No hater here jmo .

  7. The tour was different back in the day. You didn’t have teams running up and down the east coast in 250000 thousand dollar haulers. They had them on open trailers or tow trucks or whatever the had. These teams are part of the problem with cost, I’m not saying nascar isn’t pricing people out of it either but This never used to be about who had the biggest…… Trailer…

    It was about men.. or women showing what they could accomplish by building there own cars maintaining there own cars and the work they put into them. The reason you had 60+ Modifieds at events is because most people could afford to do it. Heck my grandfather and uncle owned several modifieds through the years and they didn’t make allot of money. They built there own frames made there own bodies, built there own engines and tires were what they were.

    I would love to see a 20+ race schedule with 50 mods showing up. but teams are already spending more than there making by a wide margin. And now most will go down to Daytona on a spendfest and by all accounts cone back with a bashed up racecar. So to ask why teams are leaving or just not bothering to run at all anymore is easy. Why would a track owner or fan pay almost double to have the tour mods come in and run 75 parade laps and 75 caution laps when you can get the other tour mods to run 75 green laps guaranteed at half the price.

  8. VRMS is a second rate car says

    Please don’t compare a VRMS mod to a Nascar Tour mod. Tour mods are twice the car a Valenti or whatever they call them today. Faster and better looking. The only reason the VRMS has a chance to live is because Nascar is so messed up. If Nascar and the Tour ever got it together there would be no Valenti Mods.

  9. Do you have any facts to back up that the tour car is faster ? The 00 car ran a few years ago at stafford in both series and was very competitive at the tour race. Forget about the tour getting it’s act together . The vmrs series is a direct result of nascar’s neglect . Jmo

  10. VMRS…So a MRS mod and a nascar mod are different? Differemt looking? Faster? Please tell me where you get this info from? The cars practically the same. Hence boehler is running both series next year…A 600hp tour engine and 600hp Mrs engine are the SAME. Maybe ones a dry sump vs a wet sump but Ughh

    Jim.. the 00 was out there for the fall final last year with the whelen tour just to prove your point for you. And btw it was Joe Brady’s vmrs car, so I guess that makes them the… Same .. huh weird

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