Melissa Fifield Heading To Whelen Modified Tour Full-Time For 2014 Season

Melissa Fifield said she has dreamed of competing on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour since she began racing at 12 years old.

(Photo Courtesy of Melissa Fifield)

(Photo Courtesy of Melissa Fifield)

In 2014 she will make that dream a reality.

Fifield said Wednesday that her family owned team will move from competition on the Valenti Modified Racing Series to the Whelen Modified Tour for next season.

“I’ve always wanted to race on the Whelen [Modified] Tour, since I was very little,” Fifield said. “That’s been my main goal ever since I got in a racecar was to do that. With the some of the opportunities that have come up, I’ve decided I’m going to give it 110 percent and go as hard as I can there.”

The 21-year old Fifield, of Wakefield, N.H., began in karting at 12 years old and spent five years running Allison Legacy cars before joining the Valenti Modified Racing Series in 2012.

She qualified for 16 Valenti Modified Racing Series events over the last two seasons.

“We have been exploring sponsorship opportunities,” Fifield said. “With the TV coverage that [the Whelen Modified Tour offers], it’s presented a little bit more opportunities with the Tour than it did with MRS. I was really planning on staying on the [Modified Racing Series] for another few years and then some opportunities came up for me to make the move now so we decided and go ahead with that. We are stepping up our equipment and we’re definitely going to be a lot more competitive than I was in MRS.”

Fifield will become the first female driver to compete regularly with the series since Renee Dupuis ran all 14 events in 2010. Dupuis, of Glastonbury, who has made one start with the Modified Tour each of the past three seasons, has 114 career starts in the division dating back to 1998. Dupuis has also made 11 Whelen Southern Modified Tour starts over the last three seasons.

Fifield’s father Ken will continue as her crew chief. She said the team likely won’t make it to the Whelen Modified Tour’s UNOH Battle at the Beach exhibition event at Daytona International Speedway in February, but she will be ready for the season opener on April 6 at Thompson Speedway.

Fifield said she isn’t worried about making the jump too fast.

“I’m pretty confident,” Fifield said. “I believe in myself as a driver. Definitely with stepping up the equipment game, that definitely plays into a lot of my confidence factor. On MRS I didn’t have the top equipment. I had a pretty old chassis and we were down on horsepower. Things have changed for us with our new equipment.”

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  1. This is interesting news. I wish her luck.

  2. why?

  3. Better have deep pockets.

  4. Rob Bouchard says

    Real deep!

  5. Sharpie Fan says

    Better get a spotter.

  6. that’s the problem to many deep pockets and no drivers

  7. The interesting part about this story is that a team is leaving the mrs for the wmt, seems backwards….

  8. That isn’t backwards, there is far more prestige and better opportunity in the Whelen Mods.

  9. I wish her luck, but you would think that running in the top 15 and be within a half-second of the top cars of the VMRS would be a goal to hit first.

  10. Why not just step your equipment up and stay in MRS. It’s probably cause almost everyone qualifies everytime they bring There car to a Whelen tour race. MRS you can’t do that, you actually have to make it in the race through heats

  11. is this the #07 car that was always a lap or so down in the Valenti Modified races this year?

  12. mod22 is 100% right !

  13. Very well said Fred, my thought’s exactly the whelen tour doesn’t have enough cars to send people home so she will at least get more track time than she does in the MRS

  14. coors light says

    there is a minuim speed at every track tho,or you get black flaged

  15. Sadder by the day says

    What a joke the “tour” will be in 2014. Pay more than $20 to watch a tour race next year and you are getting ripped off. They need to change the name. Maybe call it the lil rich kid circuit. Or maybe call it The Tour, Real racers wanted. Richie Evans and company would be ashamed to say that they were ever a part of this “tour”, Its easy to see why they have 95 caution laps every race. Got to go see how much money my mommy and daddy have. Maybe I am a “race car driver” too.

  16. So she’s the latest believer in the alchemy that TV time equals money…

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