NASCAR Working To Ensure Mod Tour NHMS Shootout Doesn’t Interfere With Stafford Speedway Show

It’s the road race within the race weekend for some NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour drivers competing in July events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Whelen Modified TourWhelen Modified Tour qualifying on Friday afternoons typically means an extra challenge for the division’s drivers who also compete regularly in the Whelen All-American Series SK Modified division at Stafford Motor Speedway, which run its weekly shows on Friday nights.

Last year six Whelen Modified Tour drivers were also regulars at Stafford Speedway, meaning after late afternoon Modified Tour qualifying, they had to race back to Stafford to make the show at the half-mile oval a little more than a two-hour drive from Loudon, N.H.

When NASCAR announced Saturday that they were adding a special 25-lap Whelen Modified Tour shootout to the schedule on Friday July 11 at NHMS it added another wrinkle for those looking to get back to Stafford.

Most of the drivers who are regulars at both Stafford and on the Modified Tour are expected to also be qualifiers for the shootout event. NASCAR announced that the shootout will offer invitations to former race winners, former series champions and reigning Rookie of the Year award winners from the Whelen Modified Tour and Whelen Southern Modified Tour.

That group would likely include Stafford Speedway regulars Ryan Preece, Doug Coby, Ted Christopher and Rowan Pennink.

NASCAR spokesman Jason Christley said the sanctioning body hopes to create a schedule for the event that takes into account that numerous drivers run regularly in the weekly division at Stafford.

“There’s no schedule at this point,” Christley said. “The desire is to work on a schedule that makes it possible for drivers to be at Stafford for racing on Friday night. I know that we’re going to work with the track to make sure it’s the best schedule for everybody involved.”

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  1. The SK’s at Stafford will put on a better show in the 20 miles they race, then the Tour Mods at NHMS in 25 miles.

  2. amen !

  3. What about fans who would like to attend both events as well?

  4. How many fans really drive to NHMS for qualifying, then back to Stafford and then back to NHMS. I’d say not too many. Seems like not much thought has gone into this event if they don’t know the details yet. Most Cup weekends are planned down to the minute. My honest opinion is nobody considered the Stafford factor until people on this board brought it up and now everyone involved is trying to come up with a plan B. I could be totally wrong but from the outside looking in that’s what it looks like.

  5. Boring on both ends says

    Ahh yes. the big question??? What boring 1 groove race track will I go to??

  6. years ago when cup racing was popular – stafford did not run on friday before NH. Stafford should either ditch the sk’s on this friday or run an alternate day of the week. I think the sk competitors would like to have a week off during the season to regroup and enjoy family time on a friday

  7. SKMOD,AL B…Really you think 20 at Stafford[a place i love going to]will be better than shootout in New Hampshire,i think not!!

  8. Give the SK drivers the night off in July, they deserve it.

  9. Put your glasses on next time you go to Stafford to watch the sks. Besides everytime the mods run at nhms they are the show to see. I’d rather watch the mods anyday over the Boring cup

  10. “Boring on both ends”… what race are you watching? Neither Stafford or NHMS are one groove for the Mods.
    “Steve” and “RSMod” – A week off? Are you kidding!!??

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