Ronnie Williams Climbing To SK Modified Division At Stafford Speedway For 2014 Season

After two years in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford Motor Speedway, the itch to compete in the track’s premier division was too much to ignore for Ronnie Williams.

Ronnie Williams in victory lane at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Stephanie Kimball/Stafford Speedway)

Ronnie Williams in victory lane at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Stephanie Kimball/Stafford Speedway)

Williams, of Ellington, will join the rookie class in Stafford’s SK Modified division for 2014 in a car sponsored by NAPA of Tolland and AdviceOne.

“I think we decided that we ran really well this year in the SK Lights and we were a contender every week,” Williams said in a release. “We had a couple nights with crashes but for the most part we were getting podium finishes and we got a couple of wins, so that’s why we’re moving up. Of course I’m a little nervous, I’m going to be going up against the best drivers in the Northeast like Ted Christopher, Ryan Preece, Keith Rocco, and the list goes on and on. But at the same time, it’s going to be pretty cool because I’ve been watching some of these guys race since I was two years old so I feel like we’ll have a lot of fun this year.”

Williams had four victories over the last two seasons, finishing sixth in the SK Light Modified division standings both years.

Williams’ family has purchased the former No. 89 chassis that was raced to victories over the last few years at Stafford by Whelen Modified Tour regulars Rowan Pennink and Woody Pitkat. Williams will also have the steady strength of longtime SK Modified crew chief Stash Butova behind his efforts.

“It definitely feels good to know we have a good car, it’s up to me now to see if I can do something with it,” Williams said. “The pressure is on but I’ll have Stash helping me out and I think we’ll have a fun year. Stash is like a god of race tracks, he knows what to do with the car, I tell him and he does it. I know he’ll have the car right and hopefully we can put the car into victory lane. Stash has worked with Frank Ruocco for years and they’ve won a championship together so I can maybe get some help from Frank if I need and having Stash helping us out is definitely a good thing.”

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  1. Stash is a god? Which SK car did he work on that ever won a race with a driver that didn’t arrive at the track in a Ferrari? Pretty sure he’s never won a SK race without a billion dollar budget. Nice to know Hitchcock gave him $500 for telling you guys to buy his car. I’m sure the SK Lite will sell for $20,000 though. Anyways, have a merry Christmas.

  2. stash butova says

    first off you are right.. we would have never won any of the races if frank did not drive his Ferrari to the track.. makes sense to me.. normally I would never respond to nonsense like this that you wrote but why would you come on here and lie? why would you say bob gave me 500? are you trying to start trouble? jealous?. I hope you realize that people like you is what makes some of this world what it is.. hope things change for the better for you and you have a good holiday..

  3. Stash has been in more car drivers wallets than the taxman! I’m surprised he doesn’t wear a mask when feeding this nonsense to anyone new to racing with a pulse. He’s no better than a common day Nigerian pirate the way he preys on these folks.

  4. walter puchaleki says

    good luck Ronnie I know you will get a handle on that machine. jt said good luck

  5. how could you say this about someone that works as hard as stash dose i know for a fact that this is not true. stash is the best guy out there he is always willing to help anybody and he knows his stuff inside and out.

  6. Kelly Iverson says

    Big Red: You are hearing this right from OUR mouth… Stash MADE NO MONEY on the deal. The car was for sale and Ronnie himself called, Stash just came to check the car out since he is Ronnie’s crew chief. I also normally don’t get involved in BS, but I just wanted to set the record straight… But like we all know it wouldn’t be racing with the DRAMA… Now END of story!!!!!!

  7. stash you theman forget the bs this person obviously has no clue have a merry Christmas and a happy new year good luck the sk division at Stafford is tuff

  8. I have to tell you that Stash has not only helped me and my son personally but has helped many others at the track none of it for money. I think you should ask yourself (Big Red) what type of person are you? If you feel that strongly about your feelings stop being a coward and talk with him directly. I have to ask are you just bashing him because you do not have the level of success that he does. If you are a racer you should know that racing takes more than just money. Do us all a favor follow the golden rule if you do not have anything nice to say than don’t say it. YOU ARE WAY OUT OF LINE WITH YOUR COMMENTS!
    Glenn jadedo@

  9. I don’t know stash personally but I can tell you I hear nothing but great things about his willingness to help anyone out. He helped my cousins daughter out last year in the Kart series without asking and without any payment of any kind. He just wanted to help. All I can say is he is on or been on allot of race winning or Great running teams. I’m pretty sure the Williams are not the type of people to be taken besides he also helped tyler hines out last year as well, amongst others I’m sure in some capacity. So if I had to guess I would say this “big red” person is either jealous or is couch racer. Keep on keepin on stash.

  10. Mission accomplished.

  11. Ahhh option number three .. an idiot!

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