Todd Szegedy Excited For His Replacement On Modified Tour; Still Unclear Of Racing Future

It’s not often in life that one gets fired from a job and then helps to find their new replacement.

Todd Szegedy celebrates a Whelen Modified Tour victory in September at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Todd Szegedy celebrates a Whelen Modified Tour victory in September at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Though, in a strange way, that’s what ended up happening for NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Todd Szegedy.

On Nov. 8 Whelen Modified Tour team owner Mike Smeriglio III announced that he was parting ways with Szegedy as his driver after eight years together.

“I’m good friends with Doug [Coby],” Szegedy said. “[When] I was laid off from my ride, I called Doug the next day and said ‘Doug, you better call Mike.’”

On Wednesday Coby, the 2012 Whelen Modified Tour champion and 2013 series runner-up, confirmed he would move from his ride with the Wayne Darling owned Modified Tour team to Smeriglio’s for 2014.

With Coby, Szegedy sees big things happening for his former team.

“I really believe they are going to be a force to be reckoned with and I really believe they’re going to win races,” Szegedy said. “Doug is a very motivated guy, Michael Smeriglio is a very motivated guy and Phil [Moran] is a motivating crew chief. Everybody on that team is awesome.

“I believe they can get it done. I know Doug is psyched about it. I know he was torn on the decision he made. He left a winning race team. Him and I have talked quite a bit over the last couple weeks. I give my support to him. There’s no hard feelings whatsoever and I hope they have success. And I really believe they will. I think they have the potential to win five or six races next year without a doubt.”

For the 37-year old Szegedy, the future in racing at this point is still unclear. The 2003 Whelen Modified Tour champion said, despite having the desire to continue competing, he has made little effort in looking for opportunities over the last month.

“I haven’t talked to anybody yet,” Szegedy said. “Nobody has called me. I’ve had a lot going on. My house is for sale and I’ve been focused on that. [Doug] Coby is my listing agent. He’s doing a pretty awesome job. I’m keeping my options open. I do need to make some phone calls and see if there’s anything out there. I don’t even know what’s out there.”

Over eight seasons with Smeriglio, Szegedy finished worse than fifth in the standings only once, in 2013, when he was sixth in the final standings. He was the series runner-up in 2007 and 2011 and had a third place finish in the standings for Smeriglio in 2008.

Szegedy said he isn’t focused on exclusively going after a Whelen Modified Tour ride.

“I would race anything,” Szegedy said. “As long as I’m having a good time and having fun with it that’s all that matters. I would do [SK Modifieds] in a second. … If I had an opportunity to get in an SK I would do it. … I’d love to do some road racing if I can. I really love road racing a lot.

“I do want to go racing for sure. I do love racing. I’ve been doing it a long time. But if nothing happens and nothing comes about for next year I’ll be fine with that. I always keep my options open. I don’t necessarily have to run full-time. If I get the chance to run a part-time schedule I would do that too just to keep sharp and active in the racing world.”

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  1. Some one should put him in a SK at Stafford. He would put on a heck of a show

  2. Todd, Call Wayne. Now.

  3. Isn’t the 3 running a part time schedule too. That might be a good fit if TC doesn’t return.

  4. Todd in the 3 or 52 would be a great combo. Hopefully we see his face at track in 2014 behind the wheel of anything.

  5. Todd is a class act – both on and off the track.

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