Heading South? Who’s In And Who’s Out For Whelen Modified Tour UNOH Battle At The Beach In Daytona

NASCAR announced Wednesday that tickets are now available for the second UNOH Battle at the Beach at Daytona International Speedway on Feb. 18.

NASCAR Modified Tour cars line up for the running of the Battle at the Beach last February at Daytona International Speedway (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

NASCAR Modified Tour cars line up for the running of the Battle at the Beach last February at Daytona International Speedway (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Now the question is, just how many team of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will be making travel plans themselves to put on the show for those ticker buyers?

The UNOH Battle at the Beach this year will include a 150-lap non-points Modified event bringing together the Whelen Modified Tour and Whelen Southern Modified Tour on a temporary track on the backstretch of Daytona International Speedway. The event will also include a 150-lap K&N Pro Series East points event.

Last year 15 Whelen Modified Tour regulars made up the 33-car field for the event with Steve Park winning the race in a backup Mike Smeriglio Racing entry.

NASCAR hasn’t put out an official entry list yet for the event, but it’s not difficult to put some of the pieces together.

RaceDayCT has reached out to a majority of the division’s regulars or part-timers.

As of now RaceDayCT has confirmed seven drivers are going to the event, led by 2013 series champion Ryan Preece and 2012 series champion Doug Coby.

Also confirmed to be heading to the race are Donny Lia, Rob Fuller, Tommy Barrett Jr., Eric Goodale and Cole Powell.

Justin Bonsignore said his team has not decided if they will make the trip yet. Like Bonsignore, Ken Heagy said he is waiting to see an entry blank before making a decision. Series veteran Jamie Tomaino said he’s “50-50” on going or not at this point.

Ron Silk, the 2011 series champion, 2010 series champion Bobby Santos III and 2008 series champion Ted Christopher lead a group of series regulars that won’t be making the trip.

Also on the list of series regulars or newcomers who have confirmed they will not be racing at Daytona are Rowan Pennink Woody Pitkat, Matt Hirschman, Ron Yuhas Jr., Ed Flemke Jr., Rich Pallai Jr. and Melissa Fifield. Part-timers Keith Rocco and Chuck Hossfeld also confirmed they will not attempt to make the event.

Mike Smeriglio Racing crew chief Phil Moran said the team does not plan to run a second car at this year’s event.

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  1. Josh paradis says

    That’s what happens when you don’t listen to anyone when they say this race makes the division not look good at all. It’s a disservice to the division and to the fans and when NASCAR tries to shove that down our throat of coarse no none wants to go.

  2. scott rapoza says

    Well there it is the temp. line up weak huh?

  3. Steve Planchon says

    I agree with Josh 100%. They continue to run the mods into the ground and it seems like that for years.

  4. Chris Fleming says

    We are planning to make the trip once again. It was a great trip for us last year. We must get the funding, which shouldnt be a problem, but you never know. Luke Fleming will once again drive the family owned car.

  5. Ha!

  6. Daniel Kirkman says

    if they would just listen to the fans and move this race to New Smyrna. instead of running a joke of a race on a track I could create in a mall parking lot. we’d all be happy. but since brian france has his head so far up his A**. whatever the fans wont will never be done.

  7. Does anyone know if TC will even be back full time on the tour? If so in what car?

  8. Well with so many teams not going, at least they won’t have so many expensive race cars climbing all over each other in the corners on their make shift race course. Lets face it, these teams have to have really deep pockets to make this trip.

  9. darealgoodfella says

    What about the Southern Tour teams, any news on who is going and who isn’t?

  10. John Jr.,
    Right now, TC is looking.

  11. coors light says

    wsmt car 11 not going

  12. Shawn, any news on TC and James Galante possibly getting back together?

  13. 7NY,
    Haven’t heard anything on that possibility.

  14. Bobby "GASTYME" Richards says

    Maybe they will allow some of the New Smyrna Mods to compete. But by the time you buy a “TEMP” Nascar license and all the entry Fee’s it get expensive….So with a GRAND to start they are not saying much. As I have always said this Race with all the TV MONEY and gate money should pay 50 GRAND to WIN! (Maybe the Cost of one Commercial?)
    With a Good SIZE TRICKLE DOWN on the MONEY ladder.. I’m thinking with that you would have to run a Consi!!

  15. sold 1 car to 46 wmt team

  16. Sharon Talman says

    Went last year…not going this year!

  17. I think you just might might see a #13 in the field this year

  18. All the races on that garbage course last year made the respective divisions look bush-league. And the attendance looked non-existent on TV. At the time, I figured that anyone with a brain would see that it was a bad idea that should never be attempted again. Apparently, the brain trust at NASCAR doesn’t fall into that category. ‘Nuff said.

  19. darealgoodfella says

    The course layout stinks, that was proven at last year’s event. The three tire piles didn’t work to define the turns. The cars cut to almost a straight line right after the entry tire pile heading to the apex tire pile, which resulted in the hairpin turn, extremely slow turns, and the funnel effect at the apex tire pile, which then caused the accidents. Also, the turn speeds were slowed down too low because of this apex tire pile turn, which required the crazy rear gear.

    Define the turns with a constant radius arc, use a line of single or double layer tires to define this arc in the turn and this could be a decent course. This turn design will allow the cars to roll through the turns. If this turn definition was to be officially announced, I think teams that are presently not going would change their mind.

    The way the course was set up last year was a unacceptable. All races were horrible. The lack of teams showing up is simply proof of that. Way too much equipment was wrecked.

  20. I do not blame anyone for not racing in this race.It is a makeshift track not suited for these high powered cars , no room for passing and for a televised racethe purse is pathetic. Last year it made the tour look like a bunch of red neck yahoos. and the cheap shot steve park took to win was outragious. Stayhome boys save your stuff for a real race.

  21. Daytona is tearing down the backstretch grandstands next year. Phoenix will be installing them out there. Once that happens I would imagine this event goes away.

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