Legends Cars Returning To Weekly Action At Stafford Motor Speedway

Officials from Stafford Motor Speedway announced Friday that the INEX Legend Cars will be part of weekly Friday night competition in 2014 at the track.

Legends cars compete at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Stafford Motor Speedway)

Legends cars compete at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Stafford Motor Speedway)

The Legends have not competed at Stafford regularly since the 1994.

The Legend cars will compete 14 times on Friday nights at Stafford in 2014.

“We are excited to have US Legend Cars here at Stafford Motor Speedway,” Stafford Motor Speedway assistant general manager David Arute said in a release. “This is a great opportunity for the up and coming drivers to get exposure and experience at our venue. The feedback from the drivers is very positive so it looks like it will be a good field of cars.”

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  1. Nice move on the part of Stafford. I’d like to see a New England track add the NEMA midgets to their regular schedule. The midgets touring schedule is pitiful,

  2. Good for the LC guys. Not good for the Bowl.

  3. justwanarace says

    WOW HEY HAW. GREAT NEWS!!!! I cant wait. See Ya soon. Thanks David

  4. I disagree Paul… I think Waterford can benifit from this. With The Monday night go kart series that runs at Stafford, it gives those kids another step before a full sized race car… And with seat time being so important… The graduates of the karts can go on to run legend cars Fridays at Stafford and then Wednesday and Saturdays at the bowl

  5. Rich: I just see the numbers going down for the bowl. Some might just make the switch to Stafford and not return to Waterford since drivers and teams know their is another track in CT they can race at now.

    Only thing I can see that would keep the Bowl LC numbers as high as they been in the last few years is that Stafford is a half mile. That’s some fast speeds and a grater chance of blowing the motor or get into a bad crash.

    But we will just have to find out and see right Rich? Time will only tell.

  6. Bob Freeman says

    If I recall correctly, when the Legends last regularly ran at Stafford, they did not run the full 1/2 mile. I believe the Stafford press release indicates that during a 2013 off night visit, they ran the “mini” mile.

  7. Bob is correct…the legends, at least in the past, have always run the “Manafort Mini Mile”, which is the a section of the frontstretch and pit road joined by two corners. It’s smaller than Waterford, and no banking.

  8. Just a fan, man. says

    I don’t see how Waterford can survive all the issues going on their….Good for the Legends cars, is gives them a place to go after they pull up to the Bowl one day and there is nothing but padlocks on the gates.

  9. sick of it says

    The monday night exhibition race was a joke, eventually went to single file restarts cause they kept wrecking. Track is to small typical pile up in the corner kind of reminds me of the bs @ the beach.

  10. As a race fan I don’t know why anyone would rather watch a lc race on the mini mile over the speedbowl.

  11. Sick: It was an “exhibition” race, what did you expect. I think it was cool to see the legend cars back at Stafford, I am sure now that they know they will be racing a full season at Stafford they will race smarter.

    It should be cool to see more drivers have the chance to race on Friday night especially younger drivers I cant wait for the 2014 season to start.

  12. this is really a bigger issue for Seekonk which has, or had run the last few years, a friday night enduro show with legends as their headliner. I dont think there is enough legends to support both Seekonk and Stafford on Friday nights which means short fields at both.

    I am not too excited, I have seen the legends on the mini mile and it’s just too small a track to have a good show. The addition of legends is just going to drag out an already too long show. Stafford has adopted a policy of running the sk’s last which means you are stuck there all night to see their best division. Didn’t Stafford drop the Pro Stocks years ago citing the shows were running too long? At that point they had 4 divisions (dares, lm, ps and SK). Well with the addition of the legends they now have six, (dare, llm, lm, skl, sk and legends). It looks like they aren’t too concerned about the fans and length of show anymore. Another track back gate track.

    Hopefully, Stafford runs the Legends early around 5.30 before the start of the regular show and they don’t increase the ticket prices. They do that I will keep an open mind about the addition.

  13. I don’t think most of the guys want to race Waterford to be honest with you. Most have no choice, there really isn’t anywhere else closer to go. Stafford will be less stress on the engines. a ffriend of mine has his kid starting in these next year and they were going to go to Waterford but with Stafford adding them, they may make a couple appearances down there on their off weeks. I think allot of these cars will be there next year. Sounds like nothing but good news to me. More racing…woohoo

  14. Xtra Distance says

    I wonder if Stafford will increase the grandstand admission price when they extend the legends race by two laps. I was not a fan of the $20 to see the limited late models run a few extra laps. I also wonder if Stafford is looking to the Legends cars to supplant some of the lost Carquest money…

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