Thompson Speedway Officially Announces Resignation Of Director Of Competition Jeff Zuidema

As was reported Saturday by, Thompson Speedway officials on Monday announced the resignation of Jeff Zuidema, the director of competition at the track.

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow Logo“We are sorry to announce that Jeff Zuidema, our Director of Competition, will be resigning due to ongoing and worsening back conditions,” read a statement on the Thompson Speedway Facebook page that was also distributed to the media. “We wish to thank Jeff for the work he has done in improving our oval track program. He has invested countless hours and amounts of energy into his work, and has been a great asset to our company. We wish him well, and hope he finds effective treatment for his chronic back condition. He has long been, and will continue to be, a friend of both Thompson Speedway and the Hoenig family.”

Zuidema confirmed Saturday that he had left the track, but said he did not want to comment at the time. The track released a prepared statement from Zuidema on Monday.

“I’d like to thank the Hoenig family for the great opportunity and confidence they have shown in me,” Zuidema said in the release. “Unfortunately, I find myself having to resign my position as Director of Competition at Thompson Speedway due to ongoing and worsening back conditions. I hope you all will continue to support all of the efforts made at Thompson Speedway. I have always said that the greatest people in the world are racing people and I truly believe that. I hope to see you all at Thompson Speedway in the future as a spectator. Thank you for the years of support and some of my greatest memories.”

Chronic back issues also forced Zuidema to give up his competitive career in motorsports and move to the management side of racing.

Zuidema, a former Thompson Speedway regular and 4-time division champion at the track, was named the racing director at the facility in Dec. 2012.

After the conclusion of the 2013 season, Thompson Speedway officials announced that Zuidema was being promoted to director of competition and Scott Tapley would take over as racing director for the 2014 season. Tapley, the former racing director at the Waterford Speedbowl, is also the series director for the Valenti Modified Racing

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  1. Sad, very sad. I hear that former long-time employees are returning. They were corrupt in the past, what would be different now? Sure will miss Jeff.

  2. Tony Leckey says

    That’s an awfully bold statement to make without elaborating Didi. What do you base that statement on? I for one would surely love to know.

  3. Tony – As DW says….”sperience.”

  4. Tony Leckey are you trying to defend management at Thompson Speedway??? are you trying to say the place has not been looked at as a joke by fans and competitors over the years???….Well I’ve been going to Thompson for 35 years as both a Fan and several as a driver and sorry to say Tom but the place oozes incompetence from gate to gate…..I love the track itself but they can have it…..I have many other hobbies / passions and will have no problem finding something else to do……..P.S. It’s not a race track when you have 1 car out there at a time racing against the stop watch………..Shame on the Hoening’s that are responsible for this current JOKE of a ” track “.

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