Fans To Decide Format For New SK 5K Event At Stafford Motor Speedway

Want to have a part in deciding the format for Stafford Motor Speedway’s biggest SK Modified event of 2014?

Stafford Speedway 5K AdStafford Motor Speedway officials are putting the decision making process in the hands for the fans for the inaugural SK 5K on July 4 at the track.

“We are really happy to give the SK Modified drivers a chance to race for some extra purse money,” Mark Arute, COO/GM of Stafford Speedway said in a release. “They put on the best racing in the country week in and week out and we thank them for that, but we needed to throw a curveball at this event.”

The event will pay a $5,000 winner’s purse and includes over $27,000 in the total purse.

Fans will play a direct role in the event by deciding the entire race format, from lap count to qualifying procedure through voting on Stafford’s website. Voting will take place until the evening of the event. Voting will begin in late March.

Before the voting begins, Stafford Motor Speedway management is encouraging fans to offer their suggestions for what should be on the voting ballot for the event through the track’s social media outlets (Stafford Motor Speedway on Facebook, Stafford Motor Speedway on Twitter).

“When we announced the purse for the SK 5K a few weeks back we really enjoyed hearing all the input on race format,” Arute said. “So we thought why not leave it completely up to the fans. We hope people weigh in and throw some ideas out there on what we should include on the SK 5K ballot.”

One of the voting options will be the number of laps that the race will be. At the conclusion of the voting the top three lap counts, as voted on by the fans, will be put into a hat and the driver on the pole for the SK 5K will select at random one of the three lap counts.

The entire random lap selection process will occur when the cars are on the grid right before the SK 5K race is about to begin. The drivers and crews will have no time to prepare as they will not know the race distance until the cars are on track ready to go.

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  1. SECT.D ROW 25 says

    Dumbest idea in the history of SMS.

  2. Ha Ha, tell us how you really feel.

  3. SECT.D- Why? Stafford’s schedule is always the most boring of the area tracks. Always the same number of laps for each division and only a few touring series. Waterford’s always switching things up. Seekonk’s got their Triple Crown races for each division. Thompson is doing the 2 sprint races a night for the selected division. Why do you want nothing different week-to-week? It’s good for publicity and works for someone like me who goes to only big events.

  4. Sean Foster says

    Anybody who dislikes this idea is either:
    1. A driver who doesn’t understand race promoting and fan interest.
    2. A crew chief who doesn’t understand race promoting and fan interest.
    Or 3. Stubborn and close minded people.

    I love it, bring it on.

  5. This sounds interesting. What would be cool for them to do for qualifying would be the new style NASCAR dose. a 30 minute Knock out qualifying. Then the top 10 or 15 would do a single heat race to determine the top starting spots. I can’t wait to see what will we will be able to vote on.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    My personal wish is for an original Sizzler style 80 lap go. If nothing else 150 laps tops
    200 lap short track events are boring because you have to just ride to get to the end.
    SK’s wouldn’t make it. As a crew member not knowing the number of laps is a concern.
    What will be the tire and pitstop rules? but…… if they do this it should be a lucky fan drawing a number from a hat or spinning a wheel or something like that out on the S/F line. Really make a show of it.

  7. Guess I won’t be sitting in section d row 25 any time soon. This is awesome for the fans and teams. Change isn’t a bad thing unless you fall into the categories Sean pointed out. Crews will have a general idea how many laps when the voting starts. They won’t be completely blind to what is going to happen. I don’t see it going more than 150 laps because they had the sk 150 up until a couple of years ago. If I had to guess I would say it’ll be a 100 lapper with at least one mandatory pit stop. I would keep the heart races provided they aren’t taking every car for the main. Other than that the only thing I wonder is how many cars they will start for the race.

  8. SECT.D ROW25 says

    Look at what fan voting has done for the Cup All Star race.took a great event and made a joke out of it. Cars on the grid not knowing the distance? what? Arute says himself,and I couldnt agree more ,the Sk show is the best you can get anywhere. Its awesome. So you have this flawless Sundae that you just put a five thousand dollar cherry on and now its going to sit in the sun til the guests arrive. I can only imagine the condition it will be in come July. I will be there one way or the other. BTW I bet Foster votes that you have to run the front stretch with all 4 in the dirt.Come on Spring.

  9. Sean Foster says

    I like 100 laps, 50 lap competition caution, small payout for top 3 at lap 50, and invert top 6.

  10. Single car qualifying, invert the entire field. 50 lap all out brawl to take home the 5k, and double points, how is that for a topping. Top ten in qualifying get a bonus. This is an awesome idea I cant wait for this race.

  11. Sean Foster says

    Haha. Touche, SECT D.

  12. Well first you need to determine if this is a point race (hope not) if it is, then handicap must be in place for qualifing and feature. How is this for time trails – the first 5 teams coming up with $100 takes time trials and winner takes all…. fun for the teams and fun for the fans. Feature should be 80 laps and if you choose to start 20th or further back there would be a $1000 bonus to win $500 for second place. no pitting for tires unless flat. Now if there are no points you draw out of a hat for starting position for heat races. redraw for feature line up – same time trial format… and any outsider that wins gets a $1000 bonus. if there is more than 30 cars have a Non-qualifier race pays $500 for first the rest gets $200 bucks. Also only have two support divisions that day

  13. More than 30 cars? B Mains? Its just a regular Friday night show with a little extra $$$ on the line. Plus, they have to squeeze a fireworks show in. Unless you want to be there until after midnight just add a few extra laps and let’s go racing. Qualify like any other Friday night.

  14. Johnny Hancock says

    Why not make it 238 laps? One lap for every year since I signed the Declaration of Independence…

  15. In the dirt says

    50 laps is nonsense for 5k. It really needs to be somewhere in the 100 lap range, otherwise it would a competition of the strongest front bumper.

  16. A normal SK feature at SMS is 40 laps. So my proposal would be to run qualifying heats same as usual. Then run a 40 lap feature. After that have a 15 minute break to work on the cars, as needed. Then invert the entire field and run a 2nd 40 laps. Say if 30 cars started the 1st segment, the 1st place finisher would get 30 points, 2nd place 29 points, and so on down. For the 2nd segment, no matter how many cars were able to restart, the 1st place car would still get 30 points, 2nd place 29 points and so on again. The tie breaker would be the top finisher in the 2nd segment. The drivers would not be able to “dog” it in either segment because you win by accumulating total points.

  17. Stuff Peppers says

    After the fan vote for distance they are going to take the top 3 and toss them in a hat and then draw to see if the race is going to be? 76, 80, or 100 laps. That is $#@%&*# up! Why have a fan vote and then not take the top vote? Stafford plays games to try not to give the fans what they wan’t and hope they can have a shorter race! Jack Arute likes to play favorites, and the fans are not on his list. I think Ted Christopher is at the top. That is his BOY!!!!!

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