Thompson Speedway To Charge Fee For Race Event Overnight Camping

Thompson Speedway officials announced through a posting on Facebook Thursday that the track will begin charging for overnight camping at the facility starting with the season opening Icebreaker April 5-6 Icebreaker.

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoThe track will charge $50 per event for camping at the facility.

Below is the posting from the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Facebook page.

Dear Fans & Competitors,

Camping has always been a significant part of motorsports in general, but more specifically at the major events that we host here at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. This is why we are pleased to announce that this tradition will continue. Through the years the cost to maintain and keep the area safe with maintenance staff, security, and cleanup has risen significantly. In addition to that, the number of individuals who have chosen to camp has grown beyond what we had ever envisioned. Therefore, in an effort to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience for our campers, we will now be charging $50.00 per event for overnight parking.

Space will be limited, so we recommend that you reserve your spot early. We will begin taking reservations on Monday, March 3, for the Icebreaker. Reservations can be made by logging onto and reserving your spot online, or by calling the office at (860) 923-2280.

Early drop off for the Icebreaker will also continue, however, it will only occur during specific times. Those times will be posted on our website on Monday, March 3. Please be sure to check our website periodically, as it will be the place where we post future information about camping and all other event information.

All of us at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park thank you for your business through the years, and we look forward to continuing to improve the amenities and services that we have to offer you.

We look forward to seeing you at the track in April.

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  1. I have been camping with you for 20 yrs and I have no Problem paying for a spot.. Here is my input. Is security going to enforce a quiet time.

    Some of the drunks get loud all night and I get mad when it happens I always park by the driving range and that problem is a minimum in that parking spot.
    I pay to park a loudon and they have a place for the animals and there partying. Are you going to do something similar?
    If not how can I be assured my stay will be pleasant and quiet as possible. Will you have a phone number for security 24/7?
    All I want is some sleep say between 11 and 7 am no generators or loud drunken BS all night.
    I would be happy to help in any way just write me anytime for my opinion on any rules you might want to impose .
    sincerely David Gochee

  2. Somebody’s gotta pay for that road course

  3. Yes and if you want top shelf racing and a top shelf venue you got yo pay. Thay need money to pay drivers and cars to show up and put on a good show aswell as a great race trac to race on.

  4. Daryl davis says

    Highest ticket prices highest beer and food prices now the track but now wish they had just bull dozed it and given the races to other tracks.thompson managment u suck

  5. Sharpie Fan says

    So for those drivers and crew members who choose to camp out so that they have a place to unwind after the races without drinking and driving, or so that they can get a few more hours of shuteye instead of being up at dark-o-thirty in order to be in the pits when they open, Thompson is now going to burdern competitiors with an additional premium besides that which they pay at the pit gates? How about a competitors’ camping area like they do at Loudon? Or a discount if you get both a pit pass and a camping spot?
    Otherwise good luck with the wine and cheese crowd.
    I hope none of the other CT tracks follow suit. But then of course they have their weekly racing events to help pay their bills.

  6. Andy Boright says

    I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I have to pay $55.00 for a one day ticket to the World Series (a much water-down World Series compared to past seasons).

    Most expensive short track in the Northeast bar none!

  7. I dislike the idea of paying to camp but can understand the need IF there is going to be security as well as a separate, quiet family area. What I don’t agree with is competitors having to pay to put on a show. It is not like the purse structure at these events at the Big T are paying the already ridiculous costs of fielding a car. Those that actually enter a car to race should at least have a reduced fee for camping. Not to mention that Thompson already has the highest Pit Pass, beer, and overall concession prices of all the local tracks for tour events.

  8. Josh paradis says

    I guess jay c’s pizza and Walmart will have two busy parking lots.

  9. Charging for overnight parking is fine and dandy, seen as they have stated that the cost is for security and clean up it will however bite them, now if anyone who pays for the overnight parking has any vandalism done to their property the track or their insurance is responsible for any damages done. To say its for clean up costs just means now more people will disrespect the property and not pick up after themselves, I mean why should they? they are paying $50.00 for some the track to cover the costs of cleaning up their mess. And yes NHMS has the “party lot” or “X lot” not sure about how they police it but i would assume its a larger scale then how Thompson plans on policing their event, for the amount they are going to charge and bring in what they should do is have some real security guards and or hire the State Police to do patrols, nobody respects the clowns they have there for security now. I do agree that they should separate the camping areas to accommodate all that choose to pay the money to camp, if someone is going to pay $50.00 and they expect a peaceful quiet time they deserve that, after all they are paying for it now, just like those that wish to party a little and enjoy a good time with friends they also deserve that if they are paying for it, as far as the generator issue I dont think telling someone they cant run their generator to power their camper between 11-7 is right or fair especially when it provides them with heat, you dont get that at many campground because they have “hookups” Thompson will not have hookups for power. I will say over the past few years the partying has declined at the track it seems more people try to get more sleep then party anyways, it seems most of the partying is already confined to the area by the road and by the pit entrance area, you will always have the drunks that walk around and are loud but you get that anywhere you go whether its the grandstand area, camping area, a hotel or a normal campground.
    They do need to have a set of generic rules in place for the ice breaker, however they need to give it a run and see where they need to improve for the future and I do like the idea of giving a discount to those that purchase pit passes, they are already paying enough to put on a show for you they shouldnt have to pay the same for camping as say someone that goes there to just camp and does not even purchase a grandstand ticket let alone paddock pass.

  10. scott rapoza says

    Tenting is a thing of past??

  11. I think charging a fee for the 2 big events, the Ice Breaker and World Series is good for the track and the camper’s. However, charging for the weekly races or special summer events like the Bud 150 is wrong. There just not that many campers, and also they are just camping over nigt. If nothing else it should be at a much reduced price. Some people that would come from out of state for these shows are fust not going at all.

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