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NASCAR officials announced Wednesday the launch of a new digital broadcasting platform that will be home to live streaming events not typically covered by regular broadcast television.

nascar-logoNASCAR made the announcement in conjunction with AMA Pro Racing and IMSA.

Live event coverage will begin on Thursday from the quarter-mile dirt oval at Daytona International Speedway with AMA action. will be the official home for AMA Pro Road Racing and AMA Pro Flat Track events in 2014.

The site also will provide coverage of selected IMSA and NASCAR’s touring and weekly series events, including the Whelen Modified Tour.

“This is a great opportunity to bring all the action from the track right to the fans,” Michael Gentry, chief operating officer for AMA Pro Racing said in a release. “ is a revolutionary platform that gives race fans all over the world unprecedented access to watch their favorite series wherever we race. This is fantastic news for all of our AMA Pro Road Racing and AMA Pro Flat Track fans.”

The site will offer fans multiple coverage viewpoints with live timing and scoring for events and audio directly from the tracks for no coast.

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series tracks such as Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va., Lake County Speedway in Painesville, Ohio and Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wash. have committed to live streaming of weekly events. At this point, none of the three NASCAR sanctioned short tracks in Connecticut will offer broadcasting of weekly shows on the site.

Stafford Motor Speedway chief operating officer and general manager Mark Arute said he learned of the new platform through news stories on Wednesday and was still gathering details on how it works. Thompson Speedway general manager Josh Vanada said he is looking into the track participating in the program.

“This really is going to be ‘Fan’s Choice,’” George Silbermann, NASCAR vice president of regional and touring series said. “The partnership between AMA Pro, IMSA and NASCAR means the fans will have access to more racing than ever before. They will be able to choose from a variety of series and tracks, and be able to follow their favorite drivers virtually wherever they race.”

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  1. Andy Boright says

    If it was really “fan choice” TV it would be covering the types of races MAVTV does.

  2. Stafford wasn’t even contacted by Nascar about this program? What a joke. I bet even if Sid and crew offered their services to Nascar for free, they would dismiss them.

  3. Love it!

  4. Would be cool if they covered the mods at thompson. Then i wouldnt have to pay there outrageus ticket food and camping prices.

  5. Daryl, outrageous by what standard? Your made up beliefs of what things should cost in your head? Cmon man, do you really understand what costs are involved to bring the WMT into ANY track, let alone the upkeep and facilities? Do you expect the track just to eat the cost? If they did that, it would quickly become the next Riverside, Westboro or Norwood… GONE! It costs a lot of money to bring the Tour to town. With the new roadcourse, the track has had to ramp up it’s grounds keeping and most likely bring in new employees. You know, because it’s a business and all… Those employees need to get paid, and oh yeah by the way since the track really is a business in the end, so it needs to make a little money too.

    I’m not sure where people seem to get the idea that it’s so unreasonable to charge for things when running a business… Quite honestly, the prices are not all that outrageous if you put it into perspective… Thompson had the cheapest 1 day event ticket for the pits and most of the big shows locally. Stafford is $40, Waterford is $35 and Thompson is 30 for 1 day shows.

    The thing with Camping at Thompson is completely understandable too… It’s no longer an unused grass field you are parking on… It’s part of the road course… the $4.5mil road course. If you happened to swing by the Big T after the World Series last year, the place was TRASHED because nobody seems to have any respect or care enough to clean up after themselves. Maybe now people who didn’t give a damn just won’t show up. That’s a win win for the track. It took them 3 days to completely clean the facility after the world series… It ain’t done free, so why waste 3 days of employee productivity unpaid? It makes sense.

    Their food prices are also not much different than Waterford or Stafford. And it’s better food.

    God do I love people who just have to find a reason to complain about everything. You are a prime example of what a pussified state this country is in today…

  6. Dingus $30 for a tour race at thompsom ? How old are you? Enjoy your roadcourse the common man been priced out.

  7. “Thompson had the cheapest 1 day event ticket for the pits and most of the big shows locally. Stafford is $40, Waterford is $35 and Thompson is 30 for 1 day shows.”

    I don’t believe I specifically singled out the tour races. I stated they have the cheapest 1 day event prices in general including the big shows. But since you want to go there… $50 for 1 day tour show for pits at Thompson, 55 at Waterford, 55 at Stafford… Want to keep complaining? Then we could go to MRS… 45 at Stafford, 40 at Waterford… 35 at Thompson How about the World Series… Do you want to complain about that? 3 days… 16 divisions… 25 bux per day value… Cheaper than ANY racing event in the country for the amount of racing you get. That’s $4.69 PER RACE! I’m sorry if that’s just so expensive for you… Even if you factor in the $50 camping fee… It’s STILL the best value around…

    Still cheaper than NHMS
    Still cheaper than going to see the Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Giants or whatever team you like

    Should I go on? I think I have adequately proved my point. Is that too big a word for you?

  8. Ites 45 for a one day tour show at stafford….lets get those numbers straight dingus

  9. In the pits? I think not.

  10. Not unless they changed it, but I don’t attend that snoozefest on Tour nights anyway so Maybe I am mistaken there. Regardless… Thompson is FAR from the most expensive around.

  11. Anyway, Have fun debating among yourselves about how cheap you all are. Race tracks are businesses. They have to make money. Nobody goes into business to break even or have a loss. There are extreme costs involved. NASCAR requires tracks to PAY THEM (which I never understood) to bring the Tour and their Sanction name to that track… You should be mad at NASCAR for running the price up. They are the ones with their heads up their asses. NOT Thompson, Stafford and Waterford.

    Everyone wants to complain about money money money… But what if you had to drive out of state to go see a race because all our tracks were gone cause they went bankrupt? Then what would you complain about?

    Want to talk about pricing the average guy out… How about we look at the rules for each track. But that is another discussion all together.

  12. Good thing we didn’t get off topic to much.

  13. Right Fred? Crybabies want a public forum to complain and do not use common sense in their thought process… Had to straighten them out a bit hahaha! Everyone is so damn cheap these days it just blows my mind…

    To get BACK on topic… FansChoice.TV is an awesome idea. I agree with some things I have heard people say about blackout areas for specific race so not to hurt local attendance, but at the same time I really believe that those who attend their local tracks regularly are diehards and will want to be at the races anyway. It’s about time NASCAR stepped up and showed it’s appreciation for the local racing and lower divisions. I hope that they are able to get some shows at tracks across New England shortly.

  14. I really don’t care what they charge to get into the pits. I don’t go in there cause I want to see racing not a bunch of whinning going on about who bumped who. The only time I want to be in the pits is when two highly intelligent people get into a fist fight over a bump and run. Other than that shut up and drive

    I understand the thing but I don’t understand why all nascar sanctioned tracks were not asked to participate or if they want to participate. Not saying they can have every single short track in America but you have two legendary track in ct and one honorable mention. Sid and his crew do any amazing job at Waterford and now Thompson I don’t see why there video could not be used to showcase the ct tracks. Sean foster as well.

  15. Dingus you must work at thompson no wait your a politition.your the same guy that wants the middle class to pay all the taxes while the rich find loop holes and pay little.put some gas in your 40 foot mobilehome and check out some other tracks and get your facts straight.a family of 4 at thompson is crazy priced.

  16. Family of 4 at ANY live entertainment facility in ANY part of the country is “crazy priced”… Welcome to life in the 21st century bud! I know, it sucks for you to have to pay for something in life… Life should just be free.

  17. Fred, why Sid, Sean and anyone else who does video at or for the local tracks don’t find a way to come together for something like Raceweek use to be, even if it’s a privately hosted show. I know it would take a little money for them to get started but this is a really tight knit community with a lot of old school diehards that would love for something like that to take place. Maybe FansChoice.TV will pick something up from them? All we can do is hope. It would be great to see coverage of the northeast go national. I do believe we have one of the strongest racing communities of any region of the country.

  18. It doesn’t have to be sid or Sean, they’re just a couple of options I guess. Stafford and Thompson I’m pretty sure already video tape there racing with commentary so I far as I see it they just have to submit the videos. Just a thought

  19. Thompson does not have a videographer anymore. I believe that is the purpose Sid and gang will be serving up there for the 2014 season. I am really excited to see what they are able to do up there. Hopefully they will have access to the infield areas for some different shots.

  20. Ya I didn’t know for sure I know they used to. Because a couple years ago a super late model took off one of there cameras in the front stretch. Either way I think they should be all over them to get there stuff on the air.

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