Synergy: Waterford Speedbowl And Thompson Speedway Working To Align Rulebooks

It’s a situation that the management teams at the Waterford Speedbowl and Thompson Speedway look at as a victory for competitors, team owners and race fans locally even before the first lap is turned in state for the 2014 racing season.

Whelen All American Series LogoManagement at both facilities have worked together during the offseason to align rules packages for each track’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series divisions.

With Thompson running an abbreviated seven-event schedule in 2014, it opens up an opportunity for competitors in five divisions at each track to compete regularly at both facilities.

“We had our tech guys talk directly and we agreed there was more to be gained by having these rules,” Waterford Speedbowl owner Terry Eames said. “So we encouraged our tech guys to specifically look, division by division, at what we needed to do to change. We both made a series of changes. There was definitely some give and take. But I think we found that things were easier to manage than we thought. We just needed to take some action.”

The only event between the two facilities that will conflict this year is Icebreaker 2014 weekend at Thompson April 5-6. Waterford opens its season with Blastoff weekend March 29-30. The Speedbowl runs its first Saturday night event of the season on April 5.

Of Thompson’s five mid-week shows this year, three will be Thursday shows and two Wednesday shows.

“I think the benefit for competitors is that they have choices,” Eames said. “I think sometimes the choice is not about ‘Where am I going to run my car.’ but ‘What cars can I buy or what parts can I buy?’ It just makes the fleet more compatible. I think if you look at other parts of the country it’s proven all over that it works out.

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  1. NewtownJack says

    Weren’t all 3 speedways aligned on rules years ago?

  2. Its about time the powers that be got their heads out of the sand,Maybe they wouldn’t be in so much trouble with car counts if they learned to work together long ago.You should be able to run A car at all three tracks. How about A new tri track series.

  3. Whelensk13 says

    The only question I have now…. Is Rics Cafe the new post race hang out??

  4. Whelensk13,
    Why not? Works for me.

  5. I

    are the tires going to be the same for the modifieds

  6. Just a fan, man says

    Stafford wants nothing to do with aligning rules…..I think they are insecure about the quality of racing on their 1 groove race track and having cars that could race at 2 other tracks during the week with little changeover could cost them some cars…..JMO

  7. Why is there 3 different roof rules for the SK’s for the three ct race track? All 3 tracks are NASCAR.. where is the NASCAR rep?

  8. Sounds good to me.

  9. I remember hear this over fifty years ago.

  10. I remember hearing this over fifty years ago.

  11. They put the Thompson Mini’s out of business. They changed the tire rules so that not only do they need to buy at least one set of tires and all new wheels. Going from an 8 inch tire to a 7 inch makes no sense.

  12. I always thought that the Stafford and Waterford sk rules were close to the same.

  13. Hey Bob 7″ hoosiers fit the 8″ wheels just fine. I just mounted four of them for my mini stock. From my understanding the tour mini’s are also running the same tires on 8″ wheels. I think the changes are good and the benifits of being able to run three differant series out weigh the cost for me.

  14. trying to see if Thompson Mod motor will be allowed at Waterford?

  15. I think the sks at Waterford and Stafford are the same. Thomson was the only track to be different. If I remember correctly the crankshaft used at thompson was different. I could be completely wrong though. I have a friend who is planning on running Thompson and stafford next year so they can’t be that far off.

    I really think the “synergy” they are trying to make is when Thompson shuts out weekly racing completely they will have somewhere to go. Just my thought

  16. .. this just in.. pigs seen flying over the Bolton meeting house..

    I direct you to this thread from the MSS archives.. (my 2nd post)..

  17. I also have heard the Thompson sk was the most different from the rest. On a side note, does anyone know what Todd Ceravolo is doing this year?. I know the speedbowl doesn’t agree with the motor he has in that car and he’s always mentioning how they make him cut down on power when he races there. From what I’ve heard that’s the reason why he doesn’t win much with that car.

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