Thompson Speedway Saturday Open Practice Cancelled

A winter’s grip that doesn’t want to let go has caused the first cancellation of the 2014 local racing season.

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoThompson Speedway officials announced Wednesday that the open practice session scheduled for Saturday on the facility’s oval has been cancelled due to weather concerns compounded by construction issues.

Thompson Speedway is in the midst of major renovations for the development of the soon to be open road course at the facility.

The open practice will not be rescheduled.

Thompson officials did announce that NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and Whelen All-American Series inspectors will be on hand at the track from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to perform courtesy inspections and sell NASCAR licenses.

Thompson Speedway opens its oval track for competition with the running of the Icebreaker April 5-6, with optional practice for specified divisions on April 4.

For more information check the Thompson Speedway website.


  1. Get used to it. says

    “cancelled due to construction issues”……In other words, oval track racing taking a back seat due to the road course. Don’t worry, real soon there will be no more oval track racing at Thompson to deal with.

  2. Get Used To It (Or Ted, Or Am I blind, Or Just A Fan, or Goodfella, or whatever other name you’re using next week),

    I missed in my story where it said “cancelled due to construction issues”. Is this a different story you’re quoting from?

  3. Shawn, you just can’t make some people happy brother. I guess (insert this week’s name used here) would rather send the drivers out on a track that isn’t finished and put them in danger. People just want a reason to complain…

    Fact is, this has been one of the worst winters in a long time. Probably second only to 2010 in the past 10 years or more. The cold temps and snow really make progressing with construction. If some of these people would stop and remember, Thompson was originally thinking of not running the Icebreaker this year… The fact that they are not going to be ready should have been an expected possibility for ALL racers as far as open practice goes. It’s unfortunate, but construction of any type does not always stay 100% on schedule. Trust me, I am disappointed too, but I have driven by there at least 100 times through the winter and they are almost always out there working away trying to get it done, snow or no snow. Just takes a little longer when you have to move snow in order to move dirt.

  4. Someone who actually goes to the race track says

    Sorry Shawn. I must have confused your article with the article of someone who actually goes to the race tracks they write about………..If I may ask, What does ” compounded by construction issues” mean????……..I mean what does it really mean?? Not what Thompson wants you to say it means……..and I never used the name goodfella…That must be one of the other 10 people that visit your ” website”……..Of course I’m guessing you wont respond and this comment wont be posted.

  5. Someone Who Actually Goes To The Track (or one of the other multitudes of Nicknames and fake e-mail addresses you use to constantly leave comments): I wasn’t aware that I didn’t cover events at Thompson Speedway. When was I not covering events there? That said, here’s the wording from the release, if it’s what you really are so desperate to see: “Due to weather constraints compounded by all of the construction taking place at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park … ” Here’s the wording from my story: “… the open practice session scheduled for Saturday on the facility’s oval has been cancelled due to weather concerns compounded by construction issues.” Nowhere in either of those places does it state “cancelled due to construction issues” as you wrote in your last comment.

  6. Shawn it’s the see what you wanna see approach.

  7. Thinking of my next user name says

    Along with dwindling car counts over the years the other thing that has dwindled is qualified people covering regional motorsports…..Anyone can take a Nascar or race track press release and copy it word for word and put their name on it…. I can buy aspirin but that doesn’t make me a doctor…..Great job Shawn aka copy and paste.

  8. Mr. Anonymous,

    Despite your hallucinogenic opinions of my work, I just want to thank you for visiting and keeping the hits up on the site, it’s greatly appreciated. Have a great day Goodfella, and welcome back buddy.

  9. who is goodfella? says

    Seriously, I’m NOT goodfella……and I come on your site every 2 weeks to get your every 2 week story…..If I want current news I go to Speed 51 or the chrome horn……Need to call this site Plagiarism bi-weekly….or copy and paste monthly.

  10. Goodfella,

    Again, it’s good to have you back, we all missed you. Thanks for the kind words and keeping the traffic flowing here. Appreciate it.

  11. ::popcorn::

  12. I don’t know what is better the popcorn comment or the incoherent babbling. Haha

  13. still not goodfella says

    Sorry Goodfella….as you can read I tried to set him straight but I guess if he doesn’t have a Nascar press release to write the story for him he gets confused.

  14. Again Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous,
    Thank you for coming visiting the site, have a great day. We appreciate that you like coming back again and again.

  15. still, still not goodfella says

    I’m sure you do appreciate all 10 of the people who visit the site.

  16. Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous,
    Yes, I really do appreciate them, especially when they come back over and over and over again to leave comments with their anonymous email addresses and user names like you do. The 10 of you must come back thousands of times each day, that or my analytics service must be really giving me some exaggerated numbers. Whatever it is, I guess it works. Again, thanks for coming back, we really do appreciate it. Once again have a great day.

  17. mr./mrs. anonymous says

    Thousands each day!!!???? lmao…..Must be the same people running numbers for the White House on Obamacare.

  18. Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous,
    Again, thanks for coming. Appreciate that you keep coming back. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

  19. Shawn please tell me your website has a counter that makes a cha ching noise when someone comes on it. Hahaha

  20. Fred, Vatican-esque chimes ring throughout the RaceDayCT offices when a comment is posted.

  21. Ken Ouellette says

    Thompson made a good decision,with all the frost in the ground after such a harsh winter. Race cars will cause the track to rut in the corners due to the G forces and heat in the grove

  22. So the first F1 race over the weekend was exciting. Anyone seen it? 😀

  23. Well, I know he isn’t getting his up to date info from the chrome horn. Nothing but tumble weeds over there.

  24. Serious race fans do not bicker like teenage girls. Please get back to racing news and related comments now.Thanks.

  25. Whats it cost to get into practice 35 40 bucks? Haha just messin with ol dingus

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