Disqualifications Strip Josh Galvin And Ken Cassidy Jr. Of Wins At Waterford; Four DQ’ed From Mini Stock Event

New Speedbowl LogoWATERFORD – There were no victory lane celebrations Saturday night at the Waterford Speedbowl for Al Stone III and Chris Ivory, but they proved winners nonetheless by the time the lights went out on the shoreline oval.

Stone, of Durham, was declared winner of the 25-lap Street Stock feature after Josh Galvin was stripped of victory for illegal shock issues with his car.

Galvin had celebrated his second consecutive win in the division prior to the issues being found in post race inspection.

It moved Norm Root Jr. of Old Saybrook to a second place finish and Greg Moran Jr. of Preston to a third place finish in the feature.

In the Mini Stock division, Ivory, the third place finisher on the track, proved to be the only driver finishing in the top-five of the 25-lap feature who wasn’t disqualified.

Winner Ken Cassidy Jr., second place Garrett Denton, fourth place Ian Brew and fifth place Nick Pappacodo were all disqualified for illegally modified spindles.

Cassidy, a five-time division champion, had celebrated his first victory of the season before the issues in inspection.

It gave Ivory, of Oakdale, his first career victory. Doug Curry of Groton, who finished sixth on the track, was moved to second and Ray Christian III of Groton was moved to a third place finish.

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  1. If Rocco was one of these four you’d have 30 comments already.

  2. Doesn’t pay to cheat, just for a Win. They deserved what they got.

  3. So true Dino. Or if it was a Mr.Rooter car. Oh wait…….

  4. What is it with these guys ,or is it the track. Its turning Waterford into a joke.

  5. Jim, Waterford is just doing things right finally and I along with many applaud them for this. The mini stock DQ’s are a black and white issue. It says Stock and Unaltered spindles. These guys were shaving down the spindles to gain camber which is in turn an advantage obviously. Their argument is that because it has been allowed for years, it should continue to be allowed.. But guess what… There is a new dog in town running tech and going by the rule book, the way it should be done. If there was a gray area in the rules, I could understand the anger and outrage, but it’s black and white plain and simple.

    As for the SS DQ, all I heard was illegal rear shocks. I was not at the track and do not have any idea what was illegal about them.

    It’s unfortunate that it happened to anyone because maybe this stuff has slipped through the cracks or been allowed to happen over the years but with someone new in charge, if you want to cheat you may end up paying the price. It never pays to cheat…

  6. harry hyde says

    dingus you are a moron.. you talk about things being done right and then claim you were not at the track. typical of what’s wrong at Waterford and Thompson. incompetent, inconsistent application of the rulebook . they will interoperate the rules however they want. its no wonder Stafford has the best car count. there is a much more equal playing field there. Stafford will soon add minis ..its all over but the crying for Thompsons oval and Waterford.. way to run a business into the ground. P.S. everyone passed tech in LM and SK.. bullsh*t they are too stupid to figure out what makes em run..

  7. How is that turning Waterford into a joke? By enforcing the rules? Maybe the drivers will get that the track will not tolerate cheating anymore and play by the rules. That’s fine by me.

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