New Ingredients: Recipe For Scott Cook Is For Return To Late Model Division At Stafford Speedway

Scott Cook

Scott Cook

The calling card for more than 20 years for brothers Scott and Jimmy Cook when it comes to their racing team has been fun.

More times than not in 2012 driver Scott Cook and crew chief Jimmy Cook left Stafford Motor Speedway after Late Model features miserable.

Week after week the team struggled to the find the way up the pack in the hotly competitive Late Model division. They shut things down a few weeks before the end of the season.

“When you’re not having fun doing it any more, you need to regroup,” Scott Cook said. “We’ve been doing this together for 23 years, and you have to be having fun when you’re doing and we were just weren’t having any fun.”

The Cook brothers made the decision to take the 2013 season off, reformulate the team, the car, the program with a goal of returning for 2014.

Jimmy Cook (left) and Scott Cook under their Late Model at Stafford Motor Speedway

Jimmy Cook (left) and Scott Cook under their Late Model at Stafford Motor Speedway

That restored mission begins this weekend at the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway when the Cook Brothers Racing team returns to the paddock at Stafford.

“The 2012 season, we just didn’t have good luck,” Scott Cook said. “We just struggled week in and week out. Jimmy and I sat down and said ‘Why don’t we take a year off and start from scratch for 2014.’ We made a lot of changes.”

“To keep down the emotions and excitement of wanting to come back, I think I only went to Stafford three times [during the 2013 season] and it bothered me to sit in the stands. But I knew the best thing for us was to regroup.”

Scott Cook, who has been racing in the Late Model division at Stafford since 2001, has one victory at the track, coming on June 1, 2007.

Scott Cook said he’s excited to be adding his 15-year old son Chase as an integral part of the crew for 2014.

“I’m real excited, Jimmy is excited and my son is now going to be helping us,” Scott Cook said. “He’s been doing a great job with us. We’ve got a few new guys coming on board. We’re ready to go. We’re eager to see where we’re at. It’s a tough competition up there though. Having Chase with us brings young blood into it and he’s very competitive. It brings moral up a lot. He’s good to have around the shop. He’s funny, he’s cool, he’s relaxed. Jimmy and I are excited to have him with us every week. Right now our goal is to get top-10’s. It’s a new car. It’s probably going to take us a few weeks to shake the bugs out.”

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