Penalty Announced For No. 99 SK Modified Team At Stafford Motor Speedway

SMS-LOGO-HOME-PAGE-2012Stafford Motor Speedway officials announced Tuesday that Rowan Pennink, drive of the No. 99 SK Modified feature at the track, has been disqualified from his third place finish in Sunday’s 40-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature.

According to a release from the track, Pennink, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., was penalized for violating rule 20E-12.3 Coil Over Shocks of the 2014 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified rulebook.

The violation was found in post race tech inspection.

Pennink was dropped to the 29th place finishing position in the 29-car field.

Rookie Chase Dowling of Roxbury was moved from fourth to third place in the final running order, behind winner Ryan Preece of Berlin and second place Danny Cates of Chaplin.

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  1. Known cheater says

    Very sad, heard he had konis with schrader valves in them. I guess u could call them double adjustable. Seems silly to dq him for a run of the mill 150 dollar shock, but let guys run Penske and jri shocks. I suppose they technically meet the price limit….until you put base valves in them lol. The tech inspectors at stafford should do their homework and take some of these shocks apart. They cost way more than 300, I’ve paid for them in the past. They wont do anything about it though, as long as it’s just Ted, Preece, and woody that have them.

  2. Guy who knows says

    Last time I checked…. Preece runs Gold Pro Shocks on that sk. Since you seem to know shocks so well, why don’t you explain to the racing community how you can cheat a pro shock? Oh wait…. You can’t.

  3. Doug DiPisa says

    It’s a rule infraction. He made it a double adjustable shock. And the rules in black and white, say no double adjustable shocks.

  4. just a voice nothing special says

    worst part is the officials really don’t have a clue there on what they are looking at. And as far as Preece is concerned the arrogant little winer who bought that ride in the nationwide series and not given a ride should not even be involved in this conversation.

  5. Do they not do pre race inspection these guy’s make changes trying to skirt the rules however they should this should have been noticed prior to the race in my opinion

  6. Charles Richter says

    Sounds like a shocking discovery to some that enforcement of the 300 shock rule is poor at best…

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