SK Modified Driver Todd Ceravolo Suspended By Waterford Speedbowl For Punching Competitor Kyle James

Todd Ceravolo (left) and Keith Rocco celebrate in victory lane at the Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Mark Caise/Waterford Speedbowl)

Todd Ceravolo (left) and Keith Rocco celebrate in victory lane at the Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Mark Caise/Waterford Speedbowl)

Waterford Speedbowl SK Modified driver Todd Ceravolo has been suspended by track officials for punching fellow division driver Kyle James after the two wrecked together during Saturday’s 35-lap feature for the division.

Track owner Terry Eames confirmed to RaceDayCT Wednesday evening that Ceravolo, of Gales Ferry, has been suspended for the next two events at the track and fined $500.

Hot tempers on track spilled over into the pits. Some of the heated exchange in the pits can be seen from footage on a Vault Crew Productions Webisode video from the event Saturday (see below).

Ceravolo said he wasn’t surprised by the penalty, just surprised there was no penalty for James.

“I didn’t swing the first punch,” Ceravolo said “Whether or not [race director Patrick Williams] was told the truth, I’m not the type that gets in a scuffle and goes crying to the teacher per se. I don’t go whining to anybody’s parents, I don’t go crying. We hash it out amongst ourselves. If you want to go out in the woods and settle it that’s fine too. I’m not one to get beat up and cry about it or beat someone up and whine about it or get people in trouble by the principal per se. Apparently he did. That’s the type of guys he is I guess.”

Ceravolo said he was punched first by someone from James’ crew following the event.

“Someone from his crew punched me, I don’t know who it was,” Ceravolo said. “I don’t know who hit me, they hit me from behind and then went running off like a coward. That’s when everything got started. Until then, he got out of his car running his mouth, came running over toward me and I was running towards him. Then his guys came around, none of mine got involved, which is the way it should be. I didn’t wreck him, he wrecked me. Whether or not it was intentional, I don’t know. OK, sorry, it’s over with, that’s racing. You wreck cars every week.

“I didn’t plan on going back for another month anyways. … As far as the penalty to me goes, it’s a moot point. My bitch is, [there’s no penalty for him].”

James said nobody from his team hit Ceravolo.

“I pulled into the pits and I kind of knew there was going to be words exchanged,” James said. “… Todd is kind of a rough guy to get along with, especially because he thinks he’s never wrong. I knew there was going to be an issue. I was getting out of my car and he was already coming toward me. I got out of my car and I stood right there and he came up and grabbed my firesuit and we just kind of shoved eachother and then he threw the first punch. There was nobody behind him at all.”

James said before he could punch back former track official Rich Keator had grabbed him and SK Light Modified driver Paul French had grabbed Ceravolo.

“Those were the only people that touched anybody besides Todd and I. I’m sure he’s going to sweeten up his side of the story because nobody wants to get in trouble, but unfortunately it is what is. It’s what everybody saw.”

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  1. Dr Massengil says

    Does Ceravalo call James a ‘cleansing device’ that begins with the letter ‘D’ just after the 5 minute mark of the video

  2. *Sigh*…. man, do I miss “Madhouse”….

  3. Why Is Todd upset with KJ? Maybe I’m wrong but it didn’t look like he did anything wrong.

  4. cry baby award goes to .... says

    Todd doesn’t have a clue were his car is on the track around others he’s been like this since 1997or so when the wrecking ball came on the seen I can recall a few occasions where he hid in the truck from someone lol ceravolo is one of if not the biggest cry baby out there

  5. Rob Bouchard says

    Ceravolo wrecks the poor guy and then punches him too!! Nice guy

  6. Must have a bad temper. If you remember he was accused of throwing a punch at Scott Tapley a couple years back, when he was race director at the bowl. Wonder if he’ll come back to the bowl to race this year.

  7. Marty Lyman says

    Good video if you mute it !!!

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