Jeff Smith Joins Late Model Lineup At Thompson Speedway Thursday

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

THOMPSON – The face so noticeably missing from the Waterford Speedbowl Late Model division lineup last Saturday appeared Thursday at Thompson Speedway.

Jeff Smith and his Late Model team arrived at Thompson Speedway Thursday afternoon ready to run tonight’s 25-lap feature for the division.

Smith, and longtime regular Waterford and the 2011 Late Model champion at the Speedbowl, said his team is taking a break from the shoreline oval.

“We wanted to come up here anyway this year at least once,” Smith said of running at Thompson Speedway. “I enjoyed it last year coming up here.

“Right now we’re just taking a break from Waterford because we’ve been tired of all the drama and stuff that’s been going on there for the last couple weeks, or I should say the whole year. I figured it would just be a nice break to come here and get our head cleared of everything and start fresh. So we’re not going to be there this Saturday either, and we’ll just go from there. If we feel like going back, we will, if not then we’ll stay here.”

Smith said he isn’t worried that the next event at Thompson isn’t until July 30. Smith, of Old Lyme, said he has surprisingly enjoyed spending less time focused on getting to the track.

“I actually found it’s nice,” Smith said. “I can actually get stuff done around the house instead of having to work on the car all the time.”

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  1. Thanks for abandoning a division that’s down to 10 cars. I appreciate it. Cut the “taking a break” BS and just say you can’t handle losing to Rocco.

  2. Isn’t Rocco at thompson

  3. Andy da woodchuck says

    Wow a Jeff Smith hater. This is a first.

  4. Jason
    Me leaving the bowl had nothing to do with Keith beating me. I raced him at Thomson. It shows how smart you are and if I recall you took two weeks off as well is it because Keith is beating you?

  5. just another fan says

    Jason First of all who wants to race at a track that is going under and doesn’t pay their drivers. Secondly who wants to race where dirty drivers race with out penaltys. Stop your crying and grow a pair.

  6. great job jeff keep up the hard work ,I see some wins in the future,dont let people ,,,17 get to you,i think he needs a lollipop,keep digging a Thompson trophie is a nice one to have on the mantle good luck…..

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