Relive Saturday’s Scary And Controversial SK Mod Feature At Waterford With Sid’s View

Sids View Logo FixThe question from so many race fan, and even race team members and drivers has been common over the last 24 hours.

Where is the video?

Saturday nights tire-flying incident at the Waterford Speedbowl early in the 35-lap SK Modified feature has the racing world talking, and waiting to see just how scary the whole deal really was.

Scary enough that starter Rich Keator and assistant starter George DeCoster were hitting the deck for safety on the flagstand to avoid a flying right front from the car of Craig Lutz.

Now here’s the real deal, with a lot of bonus action to go along with it. One fact holds true, the Sid DiMaggio and the gang from Vault Productions never let anybody down when it comes to bring the Speedbowl action back to life on screen.

Check out the video from Saturday night’s SK Modified feature at Waterford below.

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  1. I hope they give Lutz a break on the fine…Getting that car back to the track should be enough….

  2. That was way to scary and preventable. I think a fine is justified.

  3. I recall a small 10 year old or so girl being killed at a dirt track maybe 10 years ago. The tire came off, over the fence and landed on her. Anyone building a race car knows what is supposed to be on it. Rocco too. They got lucky. That would not be the way you want to make career headlines, saving 100.00 but losing a life.

  4. After looking at the spindle/hub personally, a tether would have done nothing in this instance. The spindle broke in half completely. Only part of the spindle may have stayed attached if anything at all. The wheel would still have gone for a ride. A similar incident took place with Jeff Rocco on the back straight last season where his wheel came completely off. Tethers WERE present for that incident.

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