Stoppage: Rain Brings A Halt To SK Modified Feature At Thompson Speedway

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoTHOMPSON – On and off showers through the evening at Thompson Speedway finally put a dagger into the event during just before the halfway mark of the scheduled 30-lap SK Modified feature.

The race will be restarted with 13 laps complete on May 29.

Woody Pitkat of Stafford was leading the field when the rain brought out the final yellow flag of the evening. Keith Rocco of Wallingford was running second and Ryan Preece of Berlin third.

Two previous rain delays had slowed the progress of the show before the SK Modified feature.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series headlines the card on May 29 at Thompson. The SK Modified division will run their normally scheduled 30-lap feature that night along with the conclusion of tonight’s feature event.

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  1. That’s it? Where’s the rest of the racing report? Taking a rainout on Thursday night’s features? Heard there was a fight in the pits. Limited Sportsman qualifying was like watching practice. Personally, I prefer heat races. Parking was horrible. Car count was low, but consistent. Thompson’s payout may be better than other area tracks, but it’s difficult to understand why these cars keep coming back. As a fan, I’m offended when I see what they will never enjoy at the facility. It’s a real kick in the gut. Sort of wish they would just cut-off all the circle track racing, because it feels like they are just keeping us interested enough to give a boost to the coffers.

  2. Car counts were low and racing rushed and crappy because of the CRAPPY FORECAST “d” Be smart.. a real race fan cares about the racing not the usual jurks fighting in the garage. I never miss a show, BUT the weather was awful and i like a short distance away. I never would have thought they would have tried to force that show in. My biggest complaint is Thompson making their own self look bad by running a show on a rainy night when a lot of drivers didnt make the trip because of the weather.

  3. Selective Reading says

    I believe there are 4 other stories posted on this site form that event, does your mouse work?

    There was no fight and/or fights but if YOU heard that it must be true.

    In a related note I heard a person in the pits at touring events has illegal age materials on their computer but that’s just what I heard from multiple sources so it must be true.

  4. Selective Adding says

    Car Counts?!?

    So Thompson on an admitted “bad weather day” had:
    Mod- 17 cars
    Late Model- 19 cars
    Limited- 26 cars
    Mini- 18 Cars
    Lite- 7 Cars
    for 87 cars total

    And Waterford last week had:
    Mod- 18 cars
    LM- 11 cars
    Street- 15 cars
    Mini- 14 cars
    Lite- 10 cars
    for 68 cars total

    Math isnt my strongest subject but even i cAN see the difference there

  5. I love how everyone has to find the faults of Thompson Speedway… People should look in the mirror. You sit and bitch on the computer… How about get off your ass and support these tracks before they disappear…

    As was said… Thompson has the highest car counts they have had in probably 10 years… And they KEEP GROWING.

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