Breaking News: Scott Tapley Out As Series Director With The Valenti Modified Racing Series

Scott Tapley oversees a Valenti Modified Racing Series drivers meeting at Thompson Speedway in 2013

Scott Tapley oversees a Valenti Modified Racing Series drivers meeting at Thompson Speedway in 2013

Five races into the 2014 season and the Valenti Modified Racing Series is looking for a new series director.

Scott Tapley confirmed to RaceDayCT on Monday afternoon that he has left his position as series director for the Valenti Modified Racing Series, effective immediately.

Tapley said he and series owner and president Jack Bateman came to a mutual decision to part ways after recent matters involving rules interpretation issues with the series. Tapley described: “Philosophical differences” between  himself and Bateman of late.

Tapley, who also serves as race director for the oval program at Thompson Speedway, had been the series director with the Valenti Modified Racing Series since November 2012.

Tapley, who was the former racing director at the Waterford Speedbowl before taking the series director position with the Valenti Modified Racing Series, said issues between he and Bateman came to a head at Saturday’s event at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway.

“There were disagreements on how series management wants to have their rules interpreted,” Tapley said. “I can’t in good conscious continue to the do the job the way things were being run. I wish everyone in the series, all the drivers and teams, the best. It was great getting to know them.”

Bateman was not immediately available for comment on Monday afternoon and there has been no official announcement from the series concerning the change. The Valenti Modified Racing Series, which sanctions events at all three Connecticut short tracks, is back in action June 20 at Stafford Motor Speedway.

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  1. I’m sorry you and Jack couldn’t work this out to everyone’s satisfaction. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  2. Tony Leckey says

    It seemed to me that the VMRS had been picking up serious momentum not only as a viable alternative to the WMT but as an equal to that long standing NASCAR touring series. Their car counts have been consistently as good as the WMT and from everything I have read the entertainment value may have very well exceeded that of the WMT. It seems to me that this is a lose-lose situation for the VMRS and everyone involved and comes at what seems to me to be a critical time for that series. It’s a shame.

  3. Race Fan says

    Sounds to me that some people like to “bend the rules” and he couldn’t continue in a position where his name is being stamped on something as “safe” when it isn’t. Good choice on his part!

  4. Next should be there tech man bring somebody in that knows what they are doing. not a suppose engine builder that works with mike petit hmm on the the side. in the camshaft department.

  5. just another failed attempt at trying to be a race director,he should stay up north where he belongs,maybe he could have a successful career running a lemonade stand,regulars get a half cup full, his buddies get full cups…that’s the tapley way I hope the management at Thompson opens their eyes soon and send him packing

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